Bolan-Beaty Boogie Talk About Jitterbug Love and Spirit Connections

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Marc asked that his “Jitterbug Love” song accompany this interview.

Diane: Anything specific you would like to talk about today Marc?

Marc: Yes, that as spirits we are all connected to one other. No sense in trying to deny it. We up here wonder why there is so much unrest on earth presently….wondering why there hasn’t been more growth in that area?

Diane: Why do you suppose this is true?

Marc: Energy is a funny thing. You can go forwards or backwards.

Diane: Why would you want to go backwards?

Marc: To relearn a lesson again. It doesn’t seem like people on earth are making great strides in becoming a united front.

Diane: No it doesn’t does it.

Marc: Spirit is using many of its resources – like contacting mediums like yourself – to help with the situation. It usually doesn’t like to interfere but at this point, it has to.

Diane: To bring up closer together?

Marc: Yes, if people can’t see that we are all joined on the physical level, perhaps they can think about us all being joined on a spiritual one. Vibrationally they must look to their higher selves to access this information. People aren’t doing this.

Diane: Don’t we come down here with erased memories for a purpose?

Marc: Yes of past lives but you know who you are always – that you never forget. When you do something wrong, you know it – well most people do. They know what is true for themselves. That’s what accessing your higher self is all about. You are never without your beacon of light or radar of who you are.

Diane: Thank you Marc. I think that may give our readers some wonderful thoughts to dwell upon.

Marc: I hope it helps them yes. They should never feel alone. You can always access higher wisdom if you choose.

Diane: Anything else?

Marc: Yeah, man the earth…it is so important. The pagans understood this and worshipped nature. That is what the people still on earth have to wrap their heads around. I don’t want to sound like I’m preaching because I’m probably not seen as an authority on this. But I can see from where I’m at that something needs to be done sooner versus later. I’m not saying that I’m anymore enlightened than anyone else, but I do have a unique viewpoint from where I am now. Believe me, I’m not the only one people on earth will be hearing from.

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May 22, 2016

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