Question and Answer Time with Marc

Marc with Guitar

Diane: So what was your life purpose as Marc?

Marc: To entertain…to be true to who I was. To feel inspired everyday of my life by creating what deep down in my soul I knew to be true.

Diane: What are you most proud of?

Marc: Knowing that I spent my life doing what I loved most – creating.

Diane: How would you describe your personality in one word?

Marc: Fabulous!

Diane: How did you “read” an audience?

Marc: I could just read the energy in a room. I think a lot of performers can do it, but I was especially good at it.

Diane: Did you ever worry that an audience wouldn’t like you?

Marc: Well in the beginning, everyone (well almost) seemed to love what I was doing. If they didn’t want to listen to me fine (which probably bothered me more than I realized at the time). Towards the end, I did wonder what the hell went wrong. Why was I abandoned by my fans? I was doing my best to write hit songs, but I was putting myself under too much pressure. You just had to keep turning them out to stay on top.

Diane: What traits did you bring down in order to be Marc?

Marc: Tenacity, the love of beauty, humility, vision to see beyond the ordinary and to believe in myself and what I was doing no matter what others said or did.

Diane: Did you have a special mission?

Marc: To entertain….to create. I was constantly creating – that never shut off – whether it was good or bad – what I was doing – isn’t for me to say.

Diane: Did you believe in God?

Marc: Let’s say that I believed in a higher power – a source – because I remembered being there.

Diane: Did you have a life review?

Marc: Man that was fast as I wasn’t there very long. I think the good outweighed the bad.

Diane: What was your greatest challenge?

Marc: Well, I was going to say working with people, but that wasn’t the challenge. The challenge was to get them to work with me how I wanted. I did have some outbursts as you know and I could get angry. I don’t think I kept that under control.

Diane: What was your greatest quality?

Marc: My hair! No really….my passion…my ability to love and create….my sense of humour.

Diane: What were you here to learn?

Marc: To love and be loved.

Diane: Who were the biggest influences in that life?

Marc: Musically – Bob Dylan, Eddie Cochran and Jimi Hendrix. Personally – my Mother.

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March 25, 2016

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