Bolan-Beaty Boogie Talk About The Song Writing Process

Marc handwritten lyrics

Diane: I wanted to ask you how the song writing process went for you. I know you told me before that it could be fast, but any other details?

Marc: Well I liked to be alone really. It was better that way. I could connect to my muse. I didn’t know then where I was pulling all this down from really. It knew it wasn’t all me.

Diane: Did you get into a trance state?

Marc: Sometimes…..sometimes it felt like that.

Diane: Now do you know where you were getting all your inspiration?

Marc: Oh sure. My higher self was one. I was calling from the great poets – anyone and everyone. I was a magnet for artists to use (he means pulling from those who had already passed over). I was psychic and a very clear channel. That’s one reason I was able to write so much in that short amount of time.

Diane: How did it work when you got to the studio then?

Marc: Well it was already in my head – how I wanted it to sound – already worked out. So it was just a matter of turning that into reality – bringing it from the ether into cosmic energy onto the earth plane – making it real.

Diane: Was that often a struggle?

Marc: Sometimes….sometimes not. If it worked after only a few takes, that was fine. I didn’t need to do a bunch of retakes.

Diane: Did you like working in the studio?

Marc: Yeah it was okay. I had to have that step – that process – so I could get the music out to people. I would rather be on stage though if I had a choice. That’s where I really shone – did my best work – presenting Marc to an audience!

Diane: I know that Bob Dylan was a big influence on you. What did you admire about him so much?

Marc: Pure honest poetry – from the Gods – literally! He has been a poet so many times in his past lives. I just felt a similar vibe with him – like we were connected.

Diane: Ballrooms of Mars is one of my favorite songs. Can you tell me what it is about?

Marc: Ballrooms of Mars was a kaleidoscope about evil and men and their lusts in life and what happens to dreams that don’t come true. It’s about fantasy and how sometimes that isn’t always the best place to be. Sometimes you just need to keep it real.

Diane: Thanks Marc for stopping by!

Marc: My pleasure.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

March 22, 2016

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