Bolan-Beaty Boogie Talk About Past Lives and Equality (A Chat)

Earth through clouds

Diane: I believe that you want to talk about having past lives that weren’t in the public eye. What did you want to say about that?

Marc: Well just this…that we are all immortal beings. My coming now as Marc might bring  attention to this fact, but that doesn’t make me more important than anyone else. That doesn’t mean that everyone shouldn’t have a voice and be heard equally. (Marc would like me to say that this viewpoint is one that he felt strongly about when he was here as well). I’ve had many lives where I was just an “average Joe”- as you Americans say –  on the street.

Diane: So you want to say that we are all equal in the physical and spiritual realms?

Marc: Yes that’s right. Everyone deserves to be heard no matter who they are. The spirit world needs mediums like yourself who can help get our message and information down to the people on earth.

Diane: What kind of information needs to come down?

Marc:  Are you kidding? So many souls down there are living without any hope – in fear. Suicides are going up. If they can believe that there is an afterlife where they can come and be happy – their current situation may not look so grim. Life isn’t the end. It is a continuation of a long stream of consciousness that you are always expanding. You never stop creating.

Diane: Well it was definitely interesting for me when you arrived. A rock star loved by millions shows ups and makes his presence known.

Marc: You have to take your blessings when they arrive on your doorstep. I’m here to bring the funk into this situation. Yeah as Marc I was always shaking it up, but I remember the fear of hopelessness – like how can you change your situation in life? Sometimes it helps to have someone like myself come into your life. I had my son’s soul come in when he did to shake me off that pedestal. His entrance really humbled me because I was so in awe of the whole process (of child birth).

Diane: Anything else you would like to say?

Marc: Yes that in the afterlife, you are free to make choices just as you did on earth. No demons here to get you or guys in red suits with pitchforks and pointed ears. You can create your own universe.

Diane: You have shown me several environments that you have created there. When we spoke with Alison, I think you called them “bubbles”. How are you making them?

Marc: It’s a form of energy manipulation. It isn’t hard if you know how to do it.

Diane: Obviously they are as real as anything here?

Marc: Yes of course. They are as real as anything in the physical world.

Diane: Thanks very much Marc for sharing your thoughts with us today!

Marc: As always…. a pleasure Diane.

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August 26, 2016



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