Bolan-Beaty Boogie Talk About Afterlife Meditation


Diane: So have you been doing any of your gypsy exploring recently?

Marc: No…I’ve been staying here for awhile – closer to earth so we can more easily talk. I’ll probably go further afield next week. I get hit with a lot of energy this time of year (around the anniversary of his passing).

Diane: Where will you go?

Marc: Some place serene – probably in the mountains – do some meditation. (Marc showed me a place that looks much like Taktsang Dzong).

Diane: Is meditation there the same as it is here?

Marc: Very similar. Obviously we don’t have the physical component so meditation, in a way, can be even more calming.

Diane: Why is that so?

Marc: Well man, the physical body is an amazing thing but it can be heavy. There are many shackles that you lose when you cross over borders. It isn’t as if you don’t retain your personality as you know it, but that expands to encompass so much more. To have access to all the lives you’ve ever led. Man, it’s a trip. I thought I had a few of those down there as Marc but nothing compares to the knowledge and beauty that is here. Plus you have the chance to speak with the greatest minds who have ever lived. It’s a huge thought repository – not to mention the art and artists.

Diane: It sounds wonderful.

Marc: It is….it is. Earth has its great points as well…what a pleasure ground.

Diane: Have you been giving any concerts there?

Marc: Just playing for myself and Spirit (his dog).

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

September 8, 2016

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