The Shiny Show = Friends, Spirits and Fun!



For anyone interested in spiritual conversation with like minded people, check out Alison Ailfinn Allan’s Medium Facebook group page at:


We were very flattered recently to be asked to share our blog with the readers on both pages and have received such wonderful comments. Thank you everyone for your warm welcome!

Bolan-Beaty Boogie

3 thoughts on “The Shiny Show = Friends, Spirits and Fun!

  1. Love your interviews, can you do an interview with princess Diana? I’m also interested in you having interviews with all of Henry the eighth wives on their own. The interview I saw was mostly Anne Boleyn and Henry speaking and the others were keeping quiet in the background. I would like to hear more about anne Boleyn as well. If you speak to Henry the eighth again,can you ask him if he had McLeod syndrome,I read somewhere that it might have been what caused his shift in behaviour towards the latter part of his life. Also did Anne Boleyn have RH negative blood which would cause one healthy child being born and then the mother would have problems giving birth to any more children


    1. Hi – Thanks but I believe you might be thinking of Alison Ailfinn Allan who does the Shiny Show? Alison asked me to post about my blog on her pages but I am a different medium. You might want to send her a message with your questions.


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