Bolan-Beaty Boogie Talk Under the Gazebo


(Last night, I met up with Marc sitting cross-legged on the floor of a white gazebo in a garden playing a guitar.)

Diane: Anything special you would like to talk about tonight Marc?

Marc: The stars…can you see them – aren’t they the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen?

Diane: What are you doing?

Marc: Rehearsing a new song. (Then he started playing “Broken Hearted Blues” for me. Sometimes it’s hard for me to pick up intricate melodies, so he was giving me the feeling of the new song based on one that I already know.)

Diane: I see you’re playing an acoustic guitar?

Marc: Yeah that’s right.

Diane: So even though there can’t be 3D guitars where you are, you can still play one?

Marc: Yes, you can recreate the tonal vibrations of what a physical guitar would sound like. In fact, as I’ve said before, I’ve been working with Les Paul over here on the bridge and necks of guitars. We send down innovations to people who design guitars which can be used for improving them.

Diane: How will these designers think the ideas came to them?

Marc: Oh that doesn’t matter – in a dream – over a cup of coffee. We just care about improving things on earth where we can. I played a lot of guitars in my life as Marc, so I feel like I can contribute to this. No one played the guitar like me. Many people said he’s a tosser when it comes to the guitar, but I tried putting my soul into that instrument….I really did. I wanted to express myself via that wood and strings. I loved it. It meant the world to me. I may not have been as brilliant as Clapton or Hendrix, but my soul – all of it – went into every song I did.

Diane: Wonderful! Anything else you are working on?

Marc: You mean that is being sent down to earth? Well right now, I’m kind of saving ideas so that we can send them down together but you never know. Fans still ask me all kinds of questions and I’ll send down a response here and there. More to the collective source rather than to a certain individual.

Diane: What is the song you are working on now about?

Marc: Oh you know….love….being in love.

Diane: Are you in love now?

Marc: Of course.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

September 28, 2016

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