Bolan-Beaty Boogie Talk About Old Friends and Born to Boogie


(Marc’s film Born to Boogie was recently released again in Britain and I wanted to check in with him about it and talk about old friends.)

Diane: What do you think about the rerelease of Born to Boogie? I read that the theatres were full.

Marc: Isn’t that great! Who would have thought that after all these years, people would still come out to see me, Ringo and Elton! I love film. I wished that I could have stayed around a little longer to direct.

Diane: Do you still talk with your friends like Ringo and Elton?

Marc: Yes when I can. Elton is really busy with his kids and charity work, but I’ll put a thought into his mind and he’ll remember something we laughed about. I was always a big kidder.

Diane: What is Ringo like?

Marc: The most generous guy you’ll ever meet. He really wanted me to make it big in the States. I felt bad when Born to Boogie didn’t really pay off. Friends meant more to him than money. He wanted me to have my time in the spotlight. He really did believe in me….he really did.

Diane: How did it feel coming after the Beatles?

Marc: It was a great time for me. The Beatles had gone their separate ways and the country was looking for their replacement. I think many people were shocked that I was the next big thing. This little guy with the funny hair and voice.

Diane: And you were REALLY big!

Marc: Biggest thing in Britain for a few years. I couldn’t open a magazine or paper without seeing my mug plastered all over it. It was great.

Diane: And you feel you deserved it?

Marc: Yeah sure. I had worked really hard. I wasn’t professionally trained. No one could have worked harder on image. In the beginning, while other people were out at parties, I was in my little room trying to figure out how to play a guitar. Sure I nicked a bit here and there from other people, but when it came to the finished product, that was all Marc Bolan.

Diane: Do you still visit friends and family?

Marc: Sure I do. I’ll give them advice and tease them about something we laughed about. Most of them only think that they are remembering something from the past. They don’t necessarily put two and two together that it is really me. There are a few people who are tuned in and realize that I’m communicating from where I am. They are sensing the vibe that I’m sending out while the others haven’t quite updated to me now, but the feelings are the same. Either way it’s cool.

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October 3, 2016

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