Bolan-Beaty Boogie’s Afterlife Interview With David Bowie Who Talks About “Bowie TV” 

Marc & Dave Bowie

(Marc’s great friend David Bowie stopped in to chat with us. He is working on a new communication project that he wants to tell us about.)

Diane: So how have you been Dave?

Dave: Adjusting – but the transition was really fast.

Diane: How does it feel to see Marc again?

Dave: It’s been great. We had our ups and downs, but we really did love each other. I was devastated when he left so soon.

Diane: Marc, did you want to do an interview with Dave?

Marc: I don’t know Dave what do you think?

Dave: What if we ask each other questions? Is that too confusing for you Diane?

Diane: No, who is going first?

Marc: This is my blog…..I’ll go first! So Dave, are you at all jealous that I have an afterlife blog and you don’t yet? Can we say officially here that I was the first one to do this? (He is just kidding him because of their known rivilary down here).

Dave: Yes we can, but I’m working on something of my own. I’ve been rounding up some of the celebrity “superstars” like Robin Williams and Prince. We’re all bonding together and trying to speak to as many people on earth as possible. We should call ourselves the SAET – The Superstar Afterlife Earth Tour.

Marc: And you are heading up this group right?

Dave: Well….more overseeing it. Trying to make it a more united front. Celebrities have been coming down before of course, but with this new organization, we hope to get to more people sooner.

Diane: Would you like to share the focus of this group?

Dave: Over here, they are calling it “Bowie TV” or the ultimate theatre experience for the people on earth. We can already see what is going on down there, but I’m working on a way so more people on earth can see what we are doing here. By grouping energies by planning ahead of time, the combined telekenetic charges would enable us to see what is going on at the same time. So basically it’s building upon the telepathic bandwidth and raising the frequency.

Diane: That’s amazing. How long with this take?

Dave: Not some time yet.

Marc: I’m helping with the project when I can. It’s been a great way for us all to work together. I’m usually a bit of a loner, so we’ll see how it goes! What else should we talk about then?

Dave: I dunno.

Marc: Think of something! We are suppposed to be enlightened beings aren’t we?

Dave: Are we? I thought we were just two rock stars!

(They are just teasing us).

Check back soon as I go into more detail with Marc about this new project.

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October 24, 2016





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  1. chuckle 🙂 I think Marc’s opening line was the best. He was known for winding up bowie. 🙂 Then Bowie took over, But it’s all cool.

      • Good woman Diane. This is great news. “this is my i’ll go first!” Love it. Go for it Marc. Bless x

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