Bolan-Beaty Boogie’s Afterlife Interview with David Bowie Part 2

Dave & Marc on Stage

Diane: So what about our visit with Bowie a few days ago. Can you tell me what “Bowie TV” is again?

Marc: Well it’s a way of communication between our dimensions.

Diane: And is there a specific goal? Is this why he is grouping celebrities together for afterlife interviews with mediums down here?

Marc: Yes that’s an aspect of it. The goal is so that we can better and more easily communicate with earth. By gathering as many people who can hear and see us, the wave lengths will get stronger. It takes an extraordinary amount of energy for us to communicate – at least on the scale that we are envisioning.

Diane: How will this work again?

Marc: Well the plan is to group as many people and spirits together at one time using forms of telepathic energy bands or positive light energy – healings are another – and capture the frequencies or harness this energy so at some point – with enough users – you will be able to see what is going on here.

Diane: But some people can see what is going on there now. Is it the same thing?

Marc: Yeah but not everyone is not doing what you are doing – coming here to speak to me. Most conversations between spirits and people are done on the earth’s atmosphere. (I have to meet Marc on his vibrational level as he will not come down to the earth’s atmosphere).

Diane: So let me get this straight….Are you trying to get earth beings to come up to your level?

Marc: Well partly…it’s hard to explain as it involves fractured light energy. We are hoping to harness energy from the earth, bring it up here so everyone will be able to see what is going on here – as we can see you.

Diane: What is the purpose?

Marc: To bring us closer together.

Diane: Can other planets do this already?

Marc: Yes, many planets are already doing this especially where the main form of communication is telepathy.

Diane: So basically this is moving us into telepathic communication. Who will be able to utilize it?

Marc: Anyone who has the skill set to do it. It can be learned. Anyone would be able to tap into the energy – much like a tuner and radio frequency. So at first, it will be images and words – someday videos. Dave’s idea is to share theatrical events as well.

Diane: You were showing me huge screens like Star Trek or Wonka Vision with thousands of people on earth looking at it.

Marc: Yes screens like we use.

Diane: We have the cosmic consciousness already. You are saying this is different?

Marc: Yes this is more specific and the power can be great if we are doing it at the same time – so the timing could be arranged. By expanding the power, it will be open to more and more people. You can tap into any stream of thought right now, but this will be focused messages or events that we are looking to send from Spirit.

Diane: So one of the goals is to make it available to people who are not normally doing this kind of work? How would they find it?

Marc: Yes but if people aren’t looking for it and came across it by chance, they probably wouldn’t know what to do about it or would just think it was their imagination.

Diane: Where is Bowie living up there?

Marc: He has a place that looks like his flat in New York – it looks like New York.

Diane: Any other news?

Marc: Yes Spirit lost his yellow porcupine chew toy.

Diane: That dog! Well thanks very much for letting us know about what you are doing over there. We appreciate it!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

October 25, 2016

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