Bolan-Beaty Boogie Discuss Politics (A Chat)

Marc thought his song “Painless Persuasion v the Meathawk Immaculate” would make a good companion for this interview.


Diane: Marc, anything special you want to talk about to our readers?

Marc: Yeah, I guess. Seems like there is a lot of unrest there right now huh?

Diane: Yes, I guess things are changing. It seems like there is a lot of division in people, but I wonder if it is all helping us choose what we truly believe in? Are these high emotions on a quest for that?

Marc: Well, I agree with the general opinion outside of earth that humans are going through an interesting time because there is the shift from 3rd to 4th density which is leading some to look at what happens outside of themselves…. and questioning can they control it? Those who have that need are finding it more difficult.

Diane: I remember seeing you in an interview and you were asked what you thought of politics and you said “what I think about politics is absolutely nothing”.

Marc: That’s right. It didn’t matter to me because I knew that I was in charge of my own destiny. I got whacked around by others – back and forth – but that’s only when I had doubts about that. Believe me I had my insecurities, but the force that I had that knew I could achieve what I did was stronger – otherwise it wouldn’t have worked.

Diane: So what’s your opinion now – has it changed?

Marc: About politics? No (laughing)….it’s easy for me to say this or easier – from where I’m at – but yeah man – you have to fix yourself first before anything else. Why spend the energy worrying about situations that may or may not affect you? You’ve got to create in the here and now – that’s where your strength lies.

Diane: Could you give an example?

Marc: Sure…let’s say for instance…you’re writing a poem – being creative – digging deep – wanting to share this inner part of yourself. I was there many times as Marc with my poems – my songs – my music. But in the back of my mind I had this voice saying “Is this going to be a #1? Is someone going to out rank me in the charts? That last hit didn’t make it to #1. Rod Stewart is climbing up behind you”. All this shit went through my head – it would cause a spiral down in my confidence and the energy I had for creating got split up into all these different factors. The worry man will get you every time.

Diane: Okay so what did you do in order to get out of that?

Marc: Well when my son was born, I would go over and look at his face and see him smile. That would snap me out of it – here I had helped create this wonderful person – the thought that a song didn’t make it to #1 seemed irrelevant. Still I had my day-to-day necessities to get through – like you do. Like I said it’s easy for me to say. I guess what I’m saying is you have to find that happy space – that person – the thought – the song – the poem – the place that will take you out of those negative “I can’t do it by myself times”. When I took up the healthy lifestyle – started jogging – I liked that time by myself even though everyone else thought I was crazy. I think so many people there aren’t listening to themselves and that Facebook – does anyone know what they really think or feel? All day long you are bombarded by everyone elses’ opinions. I’m one for listening to others’ opinions but when it comes down to it, I generally follow what feels right for me.

Diane: So any Marc advice that you can give us?

Marc: Yeah man don’t sweat the outside stuff. It might sound selfish but you gotta take care of yourself first. It isn’t really selfish but that kind of statement is generally perceived as such. No one else can do the work for you. What difference do things like politics make if your life is a mess – or your attitude is negative – or you hate this person – or abuse another? You gotta fix what’s going on in your own life first and then look outwards. That’s nothing new I know, but yeah….that’s Marc’s tip for the day.

Diane: Thanks for sharing Marc.

Marc: Yeah for what it’s worth.

(Marc told me that indifference to politics in his incarnations wasn’t always the case. He said that he had lived lives which were greatly affected by it. He had been drafted into armies without a choice, he had been beheaded in 18th century France, and he was a British soldier previous to his life as Marc. By the time he was here as Marc, he said that obviously many government decisions affected him – like taxes he is pointing out – but he understood that he agreed to be here so though he did have to work within the system – it wasn’t going to have the same affect spiritually on him anymore. In some life times, he really felt a strong passion for the beliefs of certain administrations but was usually disappointed. Now he said he realizes that he was looking for something outside of himself.)

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December 12, 2016

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