Bolan-Beaty Boogie Muse on…Manifesting Your Desires


Diane: So a new topic for us tonight?

Marc: Yes…there are a lot of discussions back and forth from the spirit world and earth regarding this topic.

Diane: Yes indeed! What did you want to say about it?

Marc: Well…as you know, as Marc, I accomplished quite a lot or more than you would normally consider…you know….fame, money, love (too often in fact!), success….

Diane: Yes…can you tell us how you did it?

Marc: Hope! No kidding….well you set some guide lines when you come down for each life, everyone is pretty much aware of that now….you can veer off course (which can actually sometimes take you on other newly found exciting journeys)….

Diane: Yes?

Marc: It’s all in the attitude man. How many people want to be famous, want to be rock stars? How did I accomplish this when others didn’t? It was an unwavering belief in myself and that I knew I could do it. I could have kept saying to myself “I want to be famous. I want to be a star” and of course I did say that. But what overpowered my “I wish” was that I knew that there was no other path for me but that one. Okay so you could look at your life paths and see many different avenues for you to take. I saw poet, artist, musician, lover, father. What was the underlying theme for me was the passion that I put behind them. If I only put 50% into these things, I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I did. I’m trying to express here, that your thoughts, your knowing that your dreams and passions can be a reality for you is the only way to go. And don’t make it hard. Tonight you were trying to reach me and getting frustrated which put stumbling blocks in the way and I had to tell you to not doubt and release the anxiety. I know it sounds easy for me to say “don’t doubt” – “don’t have fears” because I’m here, but it doesn’t matter where you are. Everyone and everything is manifesting their own realities. The trick is to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible. Don’t you think I had a hell of a time every time I went on stage? I had so much I wanted to share with people. And yeah…it was such a turn on when I saw that what I felt passionately about jived other people as well.

Diane: Any other advice you can give us?

Marc: Yeah….lose the doubt. See what you want and imagine that you already have it. I had people backing me up sure on my career but synchronicity played a big part in it and it’s because I rarely wavered in my belief in what I could accomplish. I would have been pretty hopeless at doing anything else so it’s a good thing it did turn out for me.

Diane: Can you give an example of a visualization or mantra that you may have used?

Marc: With me, it was more of a knowingness – something deeply felt inside – my heart was running that life. It got broken many times let me tell you. Sure I had times when I doubted what I was doing, but that’s when I wavered from my course. I let outside influences put that doubt in me – other people mostly. I could be extremely insecure at times but somehow I always did my best to summon up the courage to go on. I had my fits, but hell, that was all part of the process of finding out what I wanted.

Diane: So what are Marc’s “Tips for the Day”?

Marc: Okay here you go….

  • Love yourself
  • Let passion rule your heart
  • Love what you do
  • Don’t listen to the jerks
  • Do listen to a T Rex record once a day!

©Bolan-Beaty Boogie

December 21, 2016

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