Bolan-Beaty Boogie’s Afterlife Interview with Benjamin Orr from The Cars


For our interview with Ben, Marc kept it brief as his main purpose for coming was to let his family, friends and fans know that he was still reachable. It’s really important to Marc that anyone who would like to come forward and speak to us has the opportunity to be heard – especially a rock star!  For those not familiar with Ben (and I wasn’t either until he showed up here), he was the co-founder, bassist and one of the singers of The Cars (in fact, he sang lead on most of their big hits). He passed over in 2000 from cancer.

Here he is on the Midnight Special singing “Just Want I Needed” from 1978.

Diane: Okay Marc, anything special you have planned for tonight?

Marc: Yes Ben Orr is here if we want to speak with him. It’s been awhile since he left earth and he wanted to try to communicate again with people.

Diane: He has been hanging around me.

Marc: Yes he has. In order for you to get a sense of him – giving you a chance to get to know him.

Diane: Okay Marc, are you doing the hosting job please. I really don’t know anything about him except he was in The Cars.

Marc: Yes he was. They were famous after I left. Ben – is it okay to call you that? Are you still known by that name?

Ben: No, but it will suit our purpose here.

Marc: Okay Ben, you were the bass player and singer of The Cars? Anything you would like to talk about regarding your part in that?

Ben: Well Marc….this is a very odd feeling – interacting with someone on earth again.

Marc: It’s okay ….Diane doesn’t bite.

Ben: I didn’t mean that. It’s just that I’m sensing earth’s vibration and that has been unfamiliar to me for a while.

Marc: Yes that is because this transcription is being sent down to Diane. Do you not visit family and friends down there?

Ben: I do…but this is more physical for me. When I connect with people from that life, it’s more in a “knowingness” sense. This feels a little closer to earth.

Marc: Not that close. I ask Diane to meet me at the vibrational level that I’m at because earth is too uncomfortable for me as well. So Ben, now that we figured that out, what made you want to connect with earth and come on our show?

Ben: Well I heard about it through the inter-dimensional, space oddity guy known as Dave Bowie.

Marc: Yes, I assumed that. So Dave sent you over?

Ben: Yes it got me thinking about the whole communications aspect of this and its possibilities.

Marc: Can you tell us a little bit about your life? What were you up to there?

Ben: Oh that life was one of wonderful self discovery. I started out in the Midwest but ended up traveling all over the world.

Marc: How did you get into music, man?

Ben: Oh you know…friends…it was the thing you did – especially in the 1960s US – the dream to be a rock star. You start off playing in your garage for friends and family. For most people, it’s just a fantasy, but for me, it became a reality.

Marc: What motivated you to want to do it?

Ben: I was an artist. Like I said the theme for that life was self discovery. (He is showing me scenes of him walking through rich green, quiet fields of grass alone). Yes I was in my head. I had a lot going on there. Not just a pretty face (he smirks).

Marc: Oh yeah…you were pretty too like me. I wonder which one was prettier?

Diane: Awww come on Marc….

Marc: Well, I did have my own TV show for a while.

Ben: What does that have to do with anything?

Marc: Well did you have your own show?

Ben: No we were too busy touring.

Marc: I toured!

Diane: Marc…I think this is getting off track.

Marc: Okay….so what inspired you?

Ben: The act of creating. (He is showing me a past life where he is dressed as an artist in France during the Post Impressionist era). Yeah I think I prefer lives where creative forces are most prominent. I usually create solo – by myself – but being in a group like the Cars was a novel experience for me as I was part of the creative process with others.

Marc: How did you like that?

Ben: Well, Ric was my buddy. We were very close. He was the genius of that band, but I think I contributed a lot too. I would have liked to have done more writing. I didn’t have as much pressure as him – not being the front person.

Marc: What have you been doing since you passed over? It was cancer right?

Ben: I picked a rough way to go that time – withering away to nothing. I don’t think I would do that again especially as I saw what it does to the people around you.

Marc: Yeah, sorry man. All is fine now of course right? What was your transition like?

Ben: Well after an illness like that, I needed to recoup and got blasts of healing energy (He is showing me images of him standing in a shower of bright lights coming at him from all sides).

Marc: Are you still doing music?

Ben: No, not so much. I am writing and doing art. I think I prefer that.

Marc: How was the rock star life for you? Was it a bumpy road?

Ben: Yeah at times. The traveling non-stop – the temptations – it’s hard to hold onto your head when all that comes at you.

Marc: Yeah it can be wild.

Ben: I chose to be with a great set of guys. I really miss them on so many levels – even though we didn’t always see eye to eye. But I can still visit them, of course, and we’ll meet up again someday.

Marc: Anything else you would to say to our readers?

Ben: I would like my fans to know that though I left kind of early and I know there is talk about my illness, I’m doing fine. Here I’m still creative, love what I’m doing as much as my last time on earth.

Diane: Ben…are you incarnate now?

Ben: Not now. Yeah…just wanted to check in with people on earth. Thanks Marc for giving me this chance to speak. I would also like to say hello to my family and friends. Although I’m here, I am looking out for you all, watching what is going on in your lives and proud of the journeys you are taking.

Marc: Do you miss the excitement of that life?

Ben: I think about it….yes it was pretty exciting, but I’m keeping really busy here. I’m a bit of a loner so this suits me fine.

Marc: Okay Ben. Thanks for stopping by. Two pretty rock stars signing off!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

January 17, 2017

(Ben stopped by a few hours after I channeled this interview to thank me. He is a lovely, wonderful, gentle spirit. It was a pleasure to meet him.)





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