Bolan-Beaty Boogie’s Meditations Part 2 Including “Past Life Globe” and more!


Hi everyone and welcome to the second part of “Cosmic Explorer” Meditations. Marc and I are glad that you can join us. We’re going to start off with our “Boogie Basic” preparation techniques. Get comfortable in a chair with your feet firmly on the ground. Make sure that the phone is turned off and you won’t be disturbed. Feel free to play any relaxing music you like in the background. Take a deep breath in and just imagine light, pure, neutral air filling up your lungs. When you exhale, imagine stale, tired air leaving your body. Do that a few times and then relax.

Next we are going to bring in some gold light or suns. Because you are working with energy, it’s always important to protect yourself. See a beautiful gold sun above your head. Now you can envision yourself sitting across from yourself in a chair or you can feel this happening above your head. Feel that this sun is composed of Source Energy and bring it in all around your aura. Now, see the sun being filled up with your own energy and bring that in. This is a great way of calling back your energy to you that you sent out to people and places throughout the day. Go ahead and do this a few times.


Now see or feel a cord going from your first chakra by your spine down to the center of the earth. You can make your grounding cord really fun – with rainbows or polka dots – just make it one with movement – pulling any energy that isn’t yours out of your space and down to the center of the planet. You can also tuck the bottom of your aura into it.


Now we are going to put all those daily concerns to the side with our “Out to Sea” treasure chest. See yourself on a calm beach and up ahead is a treasure chest. Open the heavy lid and see that it’s empty inside. What a perfect space to place all those busy thoughts that can get in the way. Put the photo of a friend in there, the fear of discovery, credit card bills, the emails you have to answer. You can write everything on little fish and put them in there as well. Once you have all the thoughts that are coming up in your mind inside the treasure chest, shut the lid, lock it with a key and turn away. You can access everything in there later when you want to. If one of the thoughts pop into your head again, just tuck it back in there.


Okay now that we have done our basic meditations, let’s start on “Past Life Globe”. First see yourself stepping into a dimly lit small room. See in the middle of the room is an antique globe with a light shining on it. Notice that the globe is standing on top of a long pole that reaches through the floor and into the center of the earth. Now ask your Higher Self and your guides to show you a place where you had a life that is pertinent to the one that you are now living. Then spin the globe. Stop it with your finger and see what country or continent has it stopped on? Does this place feel familiar to you?


Next look up on the wall and see something on it. It looks square. Go closer and let it come into focus. It is a calendar. As you approach it, ask to be shown what year this past life is taking place in? Did you get an answer? Can you get any more information about that life? Do you feel male or female? How old are you? Can you see what you are wearing? What are your surroundings? Ask why this particular life is being shown to you. Are you still working on something from that life? Is it because you want to remember something of value that you learned from that life which will help you now?


Now step out of the room and relax. Take a few deep breaths.

Now we are going to show you “Bouncing Balloon” which will assist you in mocking up things that you would like to bring into your life. First see or feel a balloon coming at you in the distance and notice that it is getting closer. The balloon has a long string attached to it that goes down through the floor. You can make your balloon any shape or color. Marc says that his balloon is Kermit the Frog. Next fill your balloon with the energy of what you would like to accomplish or bring into your life. Is it a new job? New spiritual insight? A new relationship? See or feel what you truly desire leaving your heart chakra and filling up the balloon. How does it feel? Are you excited about it? Or does it feel like even if you do this, you will still never have it? If so, imagine that feeling going down the string, through the floor and leaving. Once you have your mock up in the balloon and it feels positive, see the balloon turning a wonderful gold and show it to Source Energy. Then take a pair of scissors and cut the balloon’s string and watch it fly up to the sky. Know that it is out there for you – working with you to bring you your desire when you are in alignment with it. And then say “bye bye”.


Our last exercise is called “Message in a Bottle” which is part of our “Out to Sea” series. See yourself on a beach again with the sun shining on your face. Feel the warmth of the sand on your bare feet. While you are walking, you notice something up ahead in the sand. As you approach, you see it’s a bottle. Bend down and pick it up. There is a cork on the bottle. Take that off and see that there is a blank piece of paper and pen inside. Think about whom would you like to send a message to. Is it your Higher Self? Is it a love one who has passed over? Is it a guide? Is it someone whom you haven’t spoken to in years? When you are first starting to work with energy, it’s best to contact those whom you already know and love. Address your letter to whomever you want to send it to. Now, write your message on the paper and sign it. Put it back into the bottle, cork the top and throw it out to sea. Wait a little while. Do you see the bottle coming back to you? If not, come back the next day while doing your meditations and see if your bottle has washed up on the shore. When it has, uncork it and take out the message. Did you get a response from your addressee? What does it say? Thank them for their message and relax. Know that going forward, they are always there to connect with you via your thoughts, feelings or even through the message in the bottle.


Now let’s fill up with some more of those beautiful, golden suns. Feel energized and calm.

So that’s the end of our exercises for today! Marc and I hope that you had fun. Never forget how wonderful you are and we’ll see you again soon!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

February 8, 2017

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