Bolan-Beaty Boogie Visit The Crystal Cave of Truths

Crystal Cave

Marc is interested in sharing some of the places that he has visited in his “gypsy travels” since he has left earth and asked if I would like to come along with him! He didn’t have to ask me twice. How lucky am I to go traveling with Marc Bolan! We are calling them “Cosmic Explorer” Adventures. We hope that you enjoy reading about them and would love to hear about your own spirit travels!

Our first expedition took us to what he calls “The Crystal Cave of Truths”. I asked him to help with some feelings of frustration that I was going through. I wanted events to be happening in my life faster than they were manifesting.

Marc: I can help you with that!

Diane: Yes please do.

Marc: Envision yourself in a light misty cocoon (protection).

Then I saw a brick wall (fears) in front of me that I had to break down and that wasn’t easy.  I broke it down by visualizing my hand whacking at it with a chisel. After I was done with that one, another popped up so had to do the same!


On the other side of that wall was a calm pool that we swam through. I’ve noticed that many times when Marc is helping me advance towards a goal (one time it was raising my vibration) – we have had to journey though water which I’m told is a form of cleansing.


When I stepped out onto the other side, I was in dry, white robes. Marc motioned us to go forward holding my hand. We were at the entrance to a beautiful crystal cave and inside, I saw a crystal on a stand. There was a light beam from the ceiling shining directly on the crystal. Marc told me to pick it up.

Hand Holding Crystal

He explained that this was where I could access my own personal truths and that becoming aware of them would help me to discover what truly was important to me. This would help me to eliminate some of the frustrations I was experiencing.

When I picked up the crystal it told me my truths were:

  1. To be one with myself
  2. To show compassion
  3. To know myself
  4. To not dismiss my known truths
  5. To hold myself in high esteem
  6. To access knowledge easily from my Higher Self and understand that this is available to me at all times
  7. To focus on achieving my goals and to know that any challenges or roadblocks in my way are there to assist me – not to hinder
  8. Take pride in all I have accomplished and acknowledge how powerful I am
  9. To know that I will never stop learning, creating, being, holding and radiating my Light.
  10. Look with favor upon all whom I encounter and see their Spirit as a light of divine power

Diane: Is that all?

Marc: If that is all you want to see for now then yes.

Diane: So is this place really called “The Crystal Cave of Truths”?

Marc: It has several names – most of which would be hard for you to pronounce.

Diane: Am I understanding you right? Everyone has a place like this of their own?

Marc: Yes in some form or another.

Diane: If they wanted to access theirs, could they use the method we just went through?

Marc: Yes. They might have another entry point or choose to view it differently. After the water, they should be able to visualize what theirs would look like.

Wow! That was our adventure for today and it was a powerful experience for me. If you access your own “Cave of Truths” via this method (or your own), we would love to hear about it!

Next time, we travel to space to see “Protogenesis Purple”!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

February 24, 2017

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