Bolan-Beaty Boogie Visit Protogenesis Purple


Diane: So what do you want to talk about tonight?

Marc: The moon.

Diane: What about the moon?

Marc: It’s especially lovely tonight. Shall we go see it?

Diane: I would love to!

(So Marc grabbed my hand and off we went! The moon WAS lovely with a mist around it. But Marc kind of tricked me because it wasn’t the moon he really wanted to show me at all).

Diane: What is that on the other side? What is that? A purple and blue mass of something?

Marc: It is gas and particles. It probably wouldn’t be considered an “intelligent” life form to humans.

Diane: But this is physical (meaning not from the spirit world)? (What I was seeing was an absolutely HUGE mass of purple and blue particles that was about a third the size of the moon.) Where is it going?

Marc: I don’t know.

Diane: I wish I understood more of what goes on out here.

Marc: Well I don’t know what half the stuff is called that is out here.

Diane: Can you ask?

Marc: You can but with stuff like this, I often don’t get a response. All I know is it’s traveling somewhere else. It has its purpose. It is a collective mass of energy but it has intelligence. It would be hard to offer you a reference for it.

Diane: Being human sometimes seems limiting yes, but can you try?

Marc: Well imagine a fish bowl….what are those little fish – guppies. They keep multiplying and expanding, but they don’t increase the size of the fish bowl.

Diane: So you’re staying this mass cannot expand its dimension and just keeps replicating itself?

Marc: Oh it could expand but this particular one just doesn’t.

Diane: Are they an itinerate life form?  They are physical but don’t ever take physical shapes as we know it?

Marc: No they are what I call a “gypsy life force”. I call them “Protogenesis Purple”.

Diane: Have you run across them before?

Marc: Yes, I see them all the time.

Diane: Do they have a mission or purpose?

Marc: You mean “to seek out new life and new civilizations”? (He smiles). Not that they have shared with me. They just exist and never stay in one place.

Diane: Do they transmit down to earth?

Marc: Not that I’m aware of.

Diane: Why are you showing me Jimi Hendrix? What does it have to do with him?

Marc: Nothing. I just think of his “Purple Haze” song every time I see them.

Diane: So do you know what their origins are? Are you saying it never really expands its size?

Marc: I don’t know their origin and they are forever expanding but not outside their energy mass.

Diane: Are they some kind of explorers?

Marc: As far as I know, at some point, they might create a planet or star – but who knows where or when. (Marc stated again that this didn’t come from them. It’s only an assumption on his part as he said it could just choose to stay the shape it is forever.)

Diane: It’s massive!

Marc: Yes. It’s hard to comprehend how massive it is I bet.

Diane: So as far as you know, it’s been traveling around with no plans to stop?

Marc: I don’t know its intentions. It just goes about its business and doesn’t respond to any inquiries on my part. You know I just wave and let it go by.

Diane: So it isn’t defensive?

Marc: Not at all. It acknowledges me but then moves on.

Diane: Interesting…

Marc: Yeah nice dudes.

Diane: Dudes?

Next time we visit Locus One and I was amazed and delighted to discover what is going on there! Check back with us soon!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

March 2, 2017

3 responses to “Bolan-Beaty Boogie Visit Protogenesis Purple”

  1. Gosh that was interesting. When you are having these experiences with Marc, are you asleep or are you awake? Are you meditating and you feel your consciousness is whisked away to where he takes you? After you have the experience, do you feel like it was a dream?

    I know we can travel around in spirit as Orb beings. I was told by the Yeshua Colletive that he and I and a group of Orbs travelled around galaxies bouncing the energies with our presence

    • I’m completely awake. I guess you could explain it like that – my consciousness is whisked away. I meet Marc where he is at and then we go to other places. I had a reading once and the reader told me that he could see what I’m doing but didn’t have any idea how I’m able to do it. LOL I guess I’m not completely sure myself, but it works for me. Marc told me that it’s something I’ve been working on for many incarnations. It doesn’t feel like a dream but reality – just like anything I would do throughout my day. Gosh…it sounds like fun to be an Orb being!

  2. Very cool. Sounds a bit like someone going to a different universe like a parrallel universe or different timeline and experiencing everything there and coming back, kind of like a day dream but it’s real 🙂

    I usually connect with my spirit peeps via intuition and sometimes with a Pendulum and also just sitting at my laptop or having a pad and paper and receiving whatever I hear telepathically. I also love many signs and sychroncities like music, triple numbers, orb pics etc etc…

    I really admire people who can trance-channel, that would be interesting. I’ve had a few sessions with a trance-channeler who brought in a few energies. It’s the coolest way to speak with spirit 🙂

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