Bolan-Beaty Boogie Travel to Locus One (A Space Art Repository)

Painting Collage

Diane: Okay Marc…so where are we going today?

Marc: Locus One.

Diane: Who or what is that?

Marc: It’s a space station in the Pleiades.

(I think it travels but that’s where it happened to be when we visited.)

Diane: Okay take me away! Why are we going here?

Marc: Because it’s an interesting place to go and you will enjoy it.

(Several seconds later, we arrive.)

Diane: It’s taking me awhile to focus in on anything!

Marc: You are trying too hard….breathe (he meant calm down). Okay…ask yourself why you aren’t seeing anything.

Diane: Blue background coming into focus.

Marc: Right. What is down by your feet?

Diane: It looks like little short grass and a pathway. (It isn’t always easy to focus on these kind of environments right away). Oh okay – silver round buildings.

Marc: Yes – this is constructed.

Diane: By whom?

Marc: The Galactic Federation.

Diane: What for?

Marc: It’s a meeting place for ETs and spirits.

Diane: So this is a ship of some kind?

Marc: Yes.

Diane: I’m seeing paintings and artwork – why?

Marc: This is a repository for great works of art that have been destroyed. Replicas are kept here. I thought you might be interested in knowing about this since you love art and studied it.

Diane: Yes I am. (I have an Art History degree). Are these replicas or originals?

Marc: If they can, they are made from the energy of the originals.

Diane: Is it limited to only Art from earth?

Marc: No….any Art that was ever created that was destroyed can be viewed here.

(Marc explained that he meant Art that had some kind of social significance. For instance, if your Aunt Tilly painted a watercolor of a bridge and it got ruined, no, that probably wouldn’t be here. I asked him who decided what Art came here and he explained that it depended on the energy associated with the piece. Everytime a piece is viewed or studied, it collects that energy and if it is significant enough, those pieces are filtered out and sent here.)

Diane: Okay, now I’m seeing large rooms that have cubicles. This looks like a library and I see beings looking at holograms of Art?

Marc: Yes….but you can also create a physical replica of the Art too if you want.

Diane: So this is the physical world we are in?

Marc: Yes.

Diane: So spirits and ETs are both welcome?

Marc: Everyone is welcome here.

Diane: This is wonderful!

Marc: I thought you would like it.

Diane: What if someone wanted to see the “Mona Lisa”?

Marc: Well that wouldn’t be here because that is still in the physical and anyone here could just go down and see it for themselves.

Diane: What if they didn’t want to bother?

Marc: That’s hardly a bother.

Diane: It’s wonderful to know that great works of Art are never truly lost.

Marc: No, the energy is taken here.

Diane: Who is responsible for collecting the energy? You mean ETs or spirits are picking up ashes – say of something that got burned?

Marc: Well remember Diane, that energy cannot die. Everything changes form – whatever form it was in can be molded back to this – converted for lack of a better term – back to its former energy. (Marc explained that sometimes this doesn’t always work for each item and if that isn’t so, then a replica is produced.)

Diane: Wonderful Marc! Thank you for showing it to me! Can we speak to someone here?

Marc: Let’s see….okay…we have Podeus here.

(He appears to be human – a young man with glasses. I was kind of surprised to see glasses on him because you wouldn’t think that would be necessary but he may have just been showing me his studious occupation.)

Podeus: I am humanoid – just not from your time period.

Diane: Are you from earth?

Podeus: No but I am familiar with it. It is very similar to my planet and we share some of your DNA.

Marc: Podeus….what is your job here?

Podeus: I am an Academic Advisor.

Diane: What do you do?

Podeus: I give lectures about the objects that we have here. Since many of the pieces were destroyed through wars or acts of aggression, we teach the hazards of what violence can do – not just to the living – but to creations such as these. Art can be an uplifting, spiritual awakening for many and we must not neglect our responsiblity to preserve it.

Diane: So who comes here?

Podeus: Students….anyone who was instrumental in having the pieces destroyed to begin with – from earth – dictators – Hitler – beings who started wars that caused mass destruction. It is a place of learning for their spiritual growth. When colonies were being made – intergalactic wars were unbelievably destructive. Of course that was a long time ago in your time space reality.

Marc: Okay Podeus…thank you for your time. I think that’s all the questions we have for now.

Diane: Yes than you so much.

Podeus: My pleasure. Please come back or feel free to access any of the holograms. We will always be delighted to assist you.

Diane: Wow Marc! That is a crazy place! Thank you so much for showing it to me!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

March 9, 2017

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