Bolan-Beaty Boogie Chat with Primrick (A Reptilian – and Marc’s Friend)


Primrick is a young Reptilian who Marc has taken under his wing in the past. Marc often talks about the “follies of youth” in his poems and he likes to inspire and help them – whether they are young in age or soul development. Primrick had never communicated with a human before, and he was so excited that we will be reading about him! He said that he was going to rush back and tell all his friends at home because he knew this would bring him a bit of notoriety. Marc sent out the request that I start illustrating some of our stories (thanks Alison!) so I’ve dusted off my paintbrushes and did his portrait.

Marc: Diane, I would like you to meet Primrick!

Diane: Who is that?

Marc: He is a fellow traveler in the galaxy.

Diane: Sure I would love to meet him. Where are we?

Marc: Saturn

Diane: Where is he? (I could see Saturn’s rings far off. It is completely black and desolate. We are seated around what looks to be a little campfire).

Primrick: Hello Diane! Nice to make your acquaintance. Marc has told me so much about you!

Diane: Nice to meet you Primrick. He hasn’t mentioned you to me before.

Primrick: Well…Marc has been traveling all over. He never stops in one place…well until he met up with you again. He knows a lot of characters, and I’m sure you will meet them all eventually.

Diane: I hope so. I’m trying to focus on what you look like. (This was so adorable…..he sat upright really tall and turned his head from side to side so I could tune into him better – like you would in front of a mirror. He looks Reptilian with green skin, purple eyes with chartreuse pupils and is wearing overalls.) Where are you from Primrick?

Primrick: Quasar 5 – many light years from your galaxy.

Diane: (Hmmm..never heard of that!) How did you meet Marc?

Primrick: We came acrosss each other in our travels together.

Diane: When was this?

Primrick: Oh that doesn’t matter! We don’t have time. Marc…do you remember when we went to the Galactic Council and asked that the moon be moved because it was in our way? (Marc wants to point out that he was just accompanying Primrick on this one to keep him out of trouble.)

Marc: Yeah..that didn’t go over too well did it.

Primrick: No. Are we banned from there?

Marc: I don’t know….I don’t think so.

Diane: So Primrick, what do you do?

Primrick: Not a whole lot Diane.

Diane: Well why not?

Primrick: I guess I’m not focused like you and Marc. I guess I just kind of take things as they come. I like to travel and meet other beings. I’m a friendly kind of guy.

Marc: He tends to get into some kind of trouble though.

Diane: Are there galactic police out here? Is someone watching you?

Primrick: Well it all depends on what you are doing. Any kind of destructive or antagonistic behavior will be reprimanded. I don’t go that far…not like others.

Diane: How do you travel? Do you have a ship?

Primrick: Where would I get something like that? No…I’m a thought-focused traveler. I think and I’m there. Sometimes I don’t know where I want to go and I just say “take me………” and I go! Sometimes it isn’t the best place to be, but I can get out right away.

Diane: What is your planet like?

Primrick:  I’m from a star!

Diane: Oh! What is that like?

Primrick: Pleasant enough, but I don’t like to stay there for very long.

Diane: Do you get lonely?

Primrick: No I have too many friends all over many galaxies. (He sent me the feeling that he really misses Marc but didn’t want to admit it in front of him.

Diane: Sorry Marc I’m asking all the questions.

Marc: That’s okay. I already know everything about him.

Diane: So do you just go from one galaxy to the next having fun? Do you have a purpose?

Primrick: Not now I don’t. I suppose at some point, I might take up some kind of life purpose. My parents would like that. They are patient with me.

Marc: Primrick is still young.

Primrick: Young? I’m 350 years old (in human terms).

Marc: But that is young for your race right?

Primrick: I guess. (Just like any teenager, Primrick wants to be considered mature.)

Diane: So where are you off to next?

Primrick: I’m heading home after this. I’m expected for a family celebration (and he doesn’t seem very excited about it.)

Diane: What kind of celebration?

Primrick: It’s kind of what you would call an equinox…like a harvest festival.

Diane: So you eat on your home? What kind of things?

Primrick: We have “powerballs”. You can collect your subsistence and take that in. (He is showing me a gold energy ball that you can fill with whatever you want and then consume.) You can also choose to eat normally.

Diane: What kind of things do you eat? Plants?

Primrick: Yes plants and small….what would she know them as Marc?

Marc: Fish

Primrick: I tend to just do the powerball because it’s faster.

Diane: Do you have any siblings?

Primrick: Yes a younger sister and an older brother.

Marc: Primrick is on what you would call a sabbatical after his studies.

Diane: Oh….so what we would call his “year abroad”?

Primrick: Yes…at some point… I guess I’ll have to make something of myself.

Diane: You mean get a job? Do you have jobs on your home?

Primrick: Oh sure.

Diane: What are you going to be?

Primrick: Well my Father wants me to go into his line of work but that isn’t for me. (I am getting the impression of something like a city planner. I’m not sure if they really have jobs like that or he just wants to imply “boring” and that’s how my brain is reading it.)

Diane: What do you want to do?

Primrick: I want to do something creative like be an artist or actor.

Diane: Oh you have actors?

Primrick: Well….I would probably have to go to another planet or star as my home is very practical. (He is showing me that it’s more agricultural – not a place for excitement.)

Marc: Okay Prim…I think that’s about all the time we have. It’s great to see you again and I’ll check back with you soon.

Primrick: Great! Thanks Marc. Safe travels.

Later on…..

Diane: Gosh Marc, I felt kind of funny leaving him alone like that.

Marc: Oh he’s okay. He is still trying to figure out who he is and what he wants to do with himself. He gets into scraps but his intentions are never malicious. He just doesn’t always think through his actions before he does them.

Diane: He seemed very sweet.

Marc: Yeah…he’s a nice guy. We’ve had some great travels.

Diane: He seems like he is really missing you….

Marc: He probably is, but I told him that I would be focusing on our work together. He has a supportive family. He’ll be fine.

Diane: Okay great to hear that.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

March 25, 2017

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  1. Omg!! That was amazing😁 I really enjoyed the conversation. I’m going to read many more and possibly all of them that are posted…it will be good reading for my soul!

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