Bolan-Beaty Boogie Visit the Zoldack Nebula

Zoldack Nebula Small

So Marc and I have been to some fascinating destinations, but this is the oddest so far!

Diane: Where are we going and why does it appear to be taking longer than normal?

Marc: It takes a little longer to get here.

Diane: Where is this?

Marc: It’s the Zoldack Nebula.

(I wasn’t seeing anything very clearly.)

Diane: What is here? I’m not seeing anything yet!

Marc: Focus

Diane: Still not getting anything. Assistance please…

Marc: We are inside a nebula. Describe what it looks like now.

Diane: Okay…it’s a lot of greys, with a peach light glowing in the center. Very calm…the sense of liquid moving….

Marc: Right! Now you’re seeing static lights?

Diane: You mean the sparks?

Marc: Yes.

Diane: What are you telling me? (He was sending me information telepathically without words)….it’s like a receiver and transmitter?

Marc: Yes, it’s both. It’s receiving and sending out messages.

Diane: What is this? Is this a spirit? Can we talk with it?

Marc: Yes of course. That’s why we are here.

Diane: It’s so quiet, but I feel like there is a lot of activity going on around us.

Marc: Ask some questions.

Diane: Okay….Zoldack Nebula…..who are you? Are you physical?

Zoldack: Currently we are a bridge between the physical and non-physical worlds. But we reside in the physical at this specific point in time.

Diane: Can you explain that please? Are you saying that you are a spiritual being that is residing now in the physical realms?

Zoldack: That would be a very general translation. If you could imagine an avalanche spinning down a mountain,and the energy that entails going on to infinity. That would be an apt description.

Diane: Marc….can you add something to that?

Marc: Okay…this is a spirit being that is transitioning to the physical.

Diane: Wait….so we aren’t in the physical right now?

Marc: No….not really.

Diane: Wouldn’t its manifestation be instaneous?

Marc: Not if it doesn’t want to be.

Diane: Okay Zoldack….how would you describe yourself….male….female?

Zoldack: We don’t associate ourselves with such labels. That would be too limiting for our purpose.

Diane: What is your purpose?

Zoldack: To expand into the physical and create.

Diane: Where are you planning on doing this?

Zoldack: The space that we shall occupy will not be discovered by earth beings until 3200 of your years.

Diane: So can you tell me if there are multiple beings which encompass the whole?

Zoldack: Yes we are a nomadic group of beings. It would be difficult for just one being to have enough energy to do what we have set out to do.

Diane: How long have you been planning this – if you had time?

Zoldack: In your earth time, we have been in creation for one million years.

Diane: It takes that long and you aren’t physical yet?

Zoldack: Again…it would be hard to fathom the magnitude of our quest.

Marc interjected here (thankfully).

Marc: It is physical now. We are talking to it while it is still planning in the spirit world.

(Okay that blew my mind!)

Diane: Do you have anything to say to the people on earth?

Zoldack: We have love for the beings on earth and are aware of their light. Beings upon your planet are both celestial and infinite. We honor their journeys.

(This is a lot of energy to channel!)

Diane: Do you know when you will be 100% physical? (I meant when will it be fully expanded.)

Zoldack: Not determined.

Marc: But you must have some idea?

Zoldack: Not determined.

Diane: Marc…is it just going to go on forever?

Marc: No it has a stopping point eventually – I would imagine.  I guess it could decide not to but I don’t think it will.

Diane: Gosh…this is interesting. So are we inside something that will one day be a star system?

Marc: At some point…it will collide with other energies for its own version of the “Big Bang”.

Diane: So will it be in search of these other energies?

Marc: Ask it.

Diane: Zoldack…will you be searching for other energies that you need for your desired physical state?

Zoldack: We will be on a gradual path for just such a purpose.

Diane: Okay great we got an answer. Did we get an answer for how many beings are making this up?

(Marc showed me it in spirit form. This being has many, many, many fractals  – but when I look at them, they are all joined by a single cord which stretches out to infinity.)

Diane: So this is a big undertaking?

Marc: Massive!

We left, but I wanted to ask Marc why it was so calm and quiet inside. He likened it to the eye of a tornado.

Diane: How did you even think to take us there?

Marc: I do my homework. I get around, you know. I’ve been busy since I left earth.

The next evening, I asked Marc if he could explain further.

Diane: Can we just talk more about Zoldack?

Marc: Yeah…what do you want to know?

Diane: Okay..can you confirm…when we were talking with it…was it in the spirit or physical form?

Marc: Well now it’s physical, but we were talking to it in its dress rehearsal phase. When it was planning on what it was going to manifest into being.

Diane: So that’s why it didn’t really know yet when it was going to explode?

Marc: I don’t think it had a predetermined time frame but it had an idea.

Diane: So how did we end up in the nucleus of something that wasn’t yet physical?

Marc: It’s all who you know Babe!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

March 31, 2017

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  1. Fascinating adventure! Thanks Marc & Diane for raising our vibrations and opening our hearts to the endless possibilities of the universe. Frickin Awesome!!

  2. Bring on the B-B Boogie!! These are fantastic voyages- I feel as tho I’m right there with you guys but I’m super jealous I can’t experience it as you do Diane. I’m still honing my skills, but it’s my intention to fully open myself to energy thru Reiki. I can’t wait till your next adventure- do more please!! Peace ✌🏽 and Love ❤️ from my hearts to both of yours

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