Bolan-Beaty Boogie Visit the Waterfall of Halicon (A Soul Spa)

Waterfall at Halicon3

Diane: Okay so where are we and why?

Marc: This is the Waterfall of Halicon.

Diane: What goes on here?

Marc: Radiance happens here.

Diane: Explain please….

Marc: Energy is stored here and is available for souls to rejuvenate after a harsh life. It is like a spa for the soul.

Diane: Who created it? Where does the energy come from?

Marc: Source creation of course….these waters have been here forever. There are keepers in charge. It is a very important calling for these spirits to oversee the regeneration of the souls who are in their care.

Diane: So souls can come here after they are out of the physical to regroup and cleanse?

Marc: Yes

Diane: How long do they stay?

Marc: For as long as it’s needed.

Diane: So is this in the physical or spirit worlds?

Marc: Well…spirit. Vibrationally it’s too high for physicality.

Diane: How many beings oversee this? They look like monks to me.

Marc: Seven

Diane: It’s beautiful and very peaceful. I’m hearing birds as well as the water running….

Marc: Yes, it’s a transitional plateau from the physical to the spirit realms. It’s comforting for them to have an environment that replicates earth.

Diane: So this would be a place that souls from earth would come? If you were on another planet, you would go somewhere else?

Marc: Yes. There are many such places for spirits like this. I’m just showing you one.

Diane: I’m seeing souls as patterns of red dots. They are floating on the pond. This place reminds me of something out of mythology.

Marc: Yeah…where do you think most of the ideas came from – real places like this.

Diane: What services do they offer here?

Marc: Souls coming back from an incarnation can be damaged in many ways. In order for them to assimilate – to transition back – to function naturally, they can choose to come here and heal.

Diane: But they wouldn’t have to?

Marc: No of course…the choice is theirs. Spirit guides can offer the suggestion, but the choice is theirs.

Diane: So who might come here and what happens if they decide not to try something like this after a harsh life?

Marc: Any spirit from earth can come here. If they didn’t, the transition for them would not be as smooth. They can choose to heal traumas from their latest life here and go on. You aren’t required to keep anything you don’t want. Most spirits take advantage of this, as they want to be in their perfection again. (Marc also mentioned that this specific place was geared towards healing souls just coming back from earth. There are other places you can go even if you’ve been back in the spirit world for awhile. Assistance is always available.)

Diane: That’s an interesting phrase….Aren’t we always perfect?

Marc: Ideally yes…but souls are like sponges. They absorb everything. After a physical incarnation, usually some kind of healing needs to take place. You can hold onto the highs and lows of every life. You can come here and they will assist you to change whatever you like.

Diane: Did you come to a place like this after being Marc?

Marc: I went through a very brief version of this. This is more in depth than I needed. I had to clean out a few things but it only took a matter of seconds – in a time frame that you could reference. I have more that I could clear out when I’m ready.

Diane: Well it’s wonderful to know that places like this exist to help make the transition back easier for us all. I’ve heard about them before and it was wonderful to visit personally. Thank you Marc for showing it to me!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

April 17, 2017

5 responses to “Bolan-Beaty Boogie Visit the Waterfall of Halicon (A Soul Spa)”

    • The key is to work through what you want to experience here fully and with love. But if anyone needs to visit the spa after an incarnation, they are wonderful, supportive places where all souls are welcome.

      • Yeah it’s not always easy though and I think I must have signed up for a real tough life diane. Oh well I just have to remember that eventually it will be over.

      • It isn’t always easy. On tough days, it helps me is to remember that I created this life and I am the only one who has the power to change it so that I am having the experience that I want.

  1. Ive heard about this , when i had sessions with a channel and `the masters of light` they called this place `The halls of healing`. My mother and father both went there as they were very sick when they passed from the physical realm.

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