Bolan-Beaty Boogie’s Afterlife Interview with Michael Hutchence (of INXS)

Michael Hutchence

I had been listening to INXS albums at work recently and about a week ago, I got a nudge that Michael might be willing to talk with Marc and myself. It took him awhile to come forward. Marc says that he is careful of what he says because he wants to protect his family and friends. He told us “They’ve been through enough.” Once Marc assured him that we aren’t into gossip and truly want spirits to come forward with whatever they want to say, he was more relaxed. Ever since this interview, his lyrics have been going through my head “Watch the world argue….argue with itself. Who’s going to teach me…peace and happiness?”

Marc: Okay Diane, I have Michael here. He is still on the fence about doing this, so we’ll see how far he is willing to come forward.

Diane: I see him…he is fidgeting a lot.

Marc: Michael…here is Diane ready to take down whatever you want to tell us.

(I said to Marc…I don’t know anything about him personally of course, but he appears to be shy. And of course he read my mind!)

Michael: It isn’t really about being shy….even though as Michael I could be. It is more about guarding my privacy.

Marc: Okay Michael….we’ve both sensed a bit of reservation but you are here now. Can you tell us what is going on with you?

Michael: Well I haven’t spent a lot of time coming forward and talking about Michael (I think that it is interesting that he uses the third person) – as most of the interest lies in the way of my death and I don’t really see the fascination with that.

Diane: I guess people who enjoyed your music were shocked and tried to figure out what happened.

Michael: I take full responsibility for my actions. I’m not saying one thing or another about it.

Marc: So how important was your music to you during that life?

Michael: Very important. I dug being the rock musician, but I loved words more and digging deep there to find what I wanted to say. That is a common theme in my lives and this time, it took the form of music….popular music.

Marc: What about the life of a rock star? How was that for you?

Michael: How was that for you?

Marc: I think our readers already know my viewpoint on how I felt about that …how about you?

Michael: Well it was an experience! It was a life wasn’t it? I could have done acting too. I really liked that and I had charisma.

Diane: Yes you did!

Michael: What was hard for me that time around was dealing with frustrations and things that were out of my control. Because of who I was, I could change many things, get around many obstacles easier than other people. I really got frustrated when I ran up against someone or a system that I couldn’t change….have them see my viewpoint.

Marc: Was that one of your themes – handling opposition?

Michael: Yes…how to make that a plus situation versus negative – not to take it so personally. Grow from opposite viewpoints instead of letting it get me down at times.

Diane: You were probably under a lot of pressure with that kind of life right?

Michael: Yes…but isn’t everyone to some degree?

Marc: Did you have any spiritual beliefs as Michael?

Michael: I had what I was told as a child, but I was open to hear what people felt…their beliefs. I travelled so much and came across many eclectic people – all with differing philosophies. I was like a sponge soaking it all up. I would take it all in and I didn’t have too much of a filter. I tried to see varying viewpoints. If the subject was a personal one, it was a little more difficult.

Marc: So was there a particular reason that you wanted to come talk with us today?

Michael: Not really…just to get the word out that I’m still here. I know many fans are still grieving my passing, but there is no need. I would prefer they dance to my music – much better energy for me to feel. I really dig it when people are jamming to my music, getting into it – what I was feeling when I did it – it all comes back. I enjoy sharing those kind of experiences with people still.

Diane: So you want people to know that you have access to receive their positive energies when they are enjoying your music? I’ve been listening to some of your albums lately.

Michael: Yeah I know…that’s what helped bring me forward. You’ve been listening to them at work (he is showing me dancing around while baking pies!). Plus I like that you don’t linger on the negative in your interviews and are curious about what is happening “now”. Obviously everyone has their ups and downs in every incarnation, but the down energy is not appealing to hang out in, especially once you’ve moved beyond it.

Marc: What was your transition over like?

Michael: Oh…I spent some time in one of those soul spas you just wrote about. It really was peaceful and calming. I had racked up a lot of stress and since my passing wasn’t…you know…the least stressful way to go….it brought me back to my ideal state of being.

Diane: You are showing me that you’ve had many religious lives in the past…am I getting that right? I’m seeing you as a buddist on top of a mountain.

Michael: Yes…well philosophical. I have a passion for discovering new ways of thinking and using it for my creative pursuits. I’ve lived many lives doing different things but strong beliefs and creating are always paramount.

Marc: What have you been doing since you passed over?

Michael: Resting! (He is showing me an image of him floating down a river). I’m not in any rush to head back to the physical. Maybe someday but right now, I’m just enjoying traveling, looking in on people I knew from that life, and just taking it easy. I don’t have to be anywhere I don’t want to be. I don’t have people telling me this and that. I don’t have fans throwing themselves at me (he smiles a bit when he says that). That did get to be a bit much at times, but of course, I chose that lifestyle.

Marc: Are you creating anything?

Michael: Poems…words are still a passion. Like I said, I still like to travel and see what is going on. Learning is always a turn on for me.

Marc: Okay Michael…thanks for coming to chat with us. Anything else you would like to say before Diane puts her pen down?

Michael: Yes, thank you to the fans for keeping my memory and the music alive. It really does matter to me, even though I got caught up in it all. I communicate with my family and friends already in my own way, so I will keep that personal.

Marc: Great! That’s a wrap!

Diane: Thank you Michael!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

April 22, 2017

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  1. Thank you…I’m about to take a leap of faith in my career, grieving a job I had for 20 years but I need to move on to the next thing. As I was reading your post, I felt that I should listen to “Don’t Change,” so I did and understood that Michael was telling me that it would be okay.

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