Bolan-Beaty Adventures Travel to the Mysterious Quadrant X

Quadrant XFX

Imagine ETs so elusive that they are only known by a specific vibration. There is not a discernible word for them in any language. Marc took me to get closer to the mysterious beings who exist in “Quadrant X”. Marc is fascinated by them and follows them around the cosmos.

Diane: Okay Marc…do you have someplace you would like to go?

Marc: I have dozens…hundreds I would like to take you to!

Diane: Okay….let’s go somewhere.

Marc: Are you ready?

Diane: Yes! Where are we going? (Marc takes my hand and off we go!)

Marc: It’s a place I call “Quadrant X”. You can call it anything you like as there is not a known word that I can give you. Okay….we are here.

Diane: Seeing nothing…all black.

Marc: Slowly open your eyes (non-physical) and look.

Diane: All I see is white! Is this snow?

Marc: Focus!

Diane: I can hear strong wind. Is there really wind here or is that an illusion?

Marc: Diane….there is wind in places other than earth.

(I looked down and I was wearing furry boots!)

Diane: Is this a past life we shared (and those have been many!)?

Marc: No…this is your current time.

Diane: It looks like you have on an orange parka with brown fur? (OMG he looked adorable!). Why do you have that on?

Marc: Effect!

Diane: Oh geez….okay… the snow looks like it’s ending and up ahead I see what looks like a frozen ocean. It’s so large I can’t see where it ends! What is this?

(I see stairs leading down to the icy water.)

Diane: Marc…where do these stairs lead and who walks down them?

Marc: Ice babies! They boogie in the snow!

Diane: Come on….be serious!

Marc: Okay they like jivin’ a chill in their bones…..

Diane: Do they have bones? Be serious for two seconds!

Marc: Okay…the beings who live here can transform the water from liquid to solid.

Diane: What do you mean? Right now it looks frozen.

Marc: Yes but they are able to liquify it and then this will be water again.

Diane: So what happens?

Marc: They have been doing this for more years than humans have been on the earth. They are adept at being able to change their environment.  Originally, it was a defense mechanism to escape their enemies.

Diane: So these are ETs?

Marc: Well duh….(He didn’t say it like that, but that’s what he meant. We tease each other all the time.)

Diane: Thanks! You know what I mean. Are they around? Can we talk to them?

Marc: Isn’t very likely. Not the most affable of beings that I’ve run across. They are the most interesting – almost.

Diane: Are they still being hunted by their enemies?

Marc: Well no …. but they still don’t make themselves known. I came across them, but I’ve never really communicated with them.

Diane: Well then how did you come across them if they are so elusive?

Marc: I heard about them. They are like folklore.

Diane: Do they know we are spying on them?

Marc: Oh sure…they are extremely evolved. They know we aren’t a threat to them.

Diane: What are they called?

Marc: They are considered nomadic aliens, but I’ve never known what they are called. I only know where they are located by their vibration.

Diane: So basically they have an underground city in this water?

Marc: Yes.

Diane: I don’t feel cold here.

Marc: You aren’t traveling in your physical body.

Diane: Yeah I know that but why the winter garb?

Marc: Effect…I told you so you can get the feel of the chill.

Diane: I’ve never heard of beings like this Marc.

Marc: They are rare and not always easy to find. They move around quite a lot. They are amused that we are taking such an interest in them.

Diane: But they won’t communicate with you?

Marc: No…they haven’t yet and I’ve been following them around for a while.

Diane: So I’m just trying to figure this out. Let’s say one of them walks up to the edge of this ocean – does it turn liquid for them and then it will go solid again?

Marc: I’m not sure because I’ve never seen them do it.

Diane: Can we walk on this since it appears to be frozen?

Marc: I have but other than the steps leading down, it just turns black (and you can’t see anything underneath). The steps are used merely as a guide to the entrance. There are many entrances all around.

Diane: So if you know they are amused at us being here, you are communicating with them to some degree?

Marc: Yes…they will allow that much to come out. (They will also allow Marc to sense their vibration so he can locate them.)

(They were also communicating with me. I could only see the shape of a head and shoulders (rather human looking and I’m not sure if that was just for my benefit) grayed out and by the vibration they were sending me, I could feel their amusement. Kind of like a parent watching a child play with a toy. So they seemed friendly enough, but they were fully aware of our limitations.)

Diane: So is this a planet?

Marc: Yes, but it’s not one that would be familiar to you.

Diane: Can you describe what their vibration is like?

Marc: Not really. It’s almost too much for me. They are the highest beings I’ve run across who are still physical.

Diane: It seems like communication and knowledge about them is on their own terms right?

Marc: Yes. They are experts at cloaking themselves.

Diane: In their atmosphere, they can control the temperature which allows them to change things from solid to liquid?

Marc: Yes.

Diane: Okay well thanks Marc for taking me to see them. I hadn’t a clue beings like this existed.

Marc: Good luck doing the painting for this one!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

April 26, 2017

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