Bolan-Beaty Boogie Visit “Treebeard” in a Magical Forest

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So every time I visit Marc, we meet in different locations – environments of his own creation. When I ask why they change periodically, he just says that they are at “different vibrations” and I get the sense that he is helping me work to a goal. Oftentimes, after meeting in a place for a few months, he changes it and we never return. Once of his new places is this magical forest. I see him sitting up ahead on a twig bench beneath a wonderful tree!

Marc: This was who I was as Marc. This was my kingdom.

Diane: What is this tree?

(He gives me “LOTR”. It takes me awhile to figure it out and I need Marc’s help – which he always gives – “Lord of the Rings”).

Diane: Oh!

Marc: Yes, this is Treebeard. If you wanted to know me as Marc, this would be the best place to start.

Diane: Gosh I know nothing about Lord of the Rings.

Marc: It isn’t for everyone Diane. It fed my soul as Marc.

Diane: You enjoyed “fantasy” right?

Marc: Yes probably more than I should have, but I didn’t care. Plus, even though you may term it “fantasy”, as you can see it exists on other levels. I was never the down to earth, feet firmly on the ground kind of guy. I was pretty much ethereal even when I was on earth. One of the reasons I choose to not live long lives, is because most of my energy is vibrationally at a much higher level and that is hard on a human body.

(He said that isn’t the case for everyone, but it tends to be for him. He explained that sometimes he needed that strong connection to his spirit side in order to have these larger than life existences so he could readily tap into his muse.)

(It is so peaceful here and little winged sprites are appearing – floating around.)

Marc: They have come to meet you Diane.

Diane: How wonderful!

Marc: I’ve been hoping you would discover this place. It’s taken you a few years.

Diane: So is this a place that you as a spirit like to come? After all, Marc was just one of the hundreds of incarnations that you’ve had.

Marc: It is yes, but this is specifically Marc’s realm. Even in my life times that were out of the public eye, I always had some form of escapism. I always had an active imagination no matter who I was.

Diane: And a very creative one!

Marc: Yes, I’m happiest when I’m creating….that never stops.

(I’m seeing some deerlike creatures approaching, but they really aren’t as we know them. They are smaller in stature with little wings on their back. I feel like I’ve stepped into a marvelous fantasy land!)

Marc: Kind of a mix between Lord of the Rings, the Wizard of Oz and Disney huh?

Diane: Exactly! The air is very misty and mysterious, but everything around us is so alive and loving! Do you come here often?

Marc: I can. I have so many places that I go.

Diane: Does it ever become night here?

Marc: It can if I want it to.

Diane: So are you telling me that as Marc, it was difficult to deal with day-to-day issues? Was it hard for you to be human?

Marc: Yes, at times. It is for everyone though isn’t it?

Diane: Yeah but did you feel out-of-place on earth?

Marc: Yes, often I did, especially in my childhood. I felt somehow different from the other kids. I had so much whirling around my head. As I got older, there were so many ideas for me to pursue ….music, poems, fashion….and it didn’t seem like many of the other people I talked to had the same kind of thoughts. They were more concerned with their jobs and day-to-day existence.

Diane: Did you try to influence other people with your feelings?

Marc: No….I didn’t have the time to want to change other people nor the inclination. I just did my thing, put it out there and if it jived with you….great. I got across to millions of people as a rock star…so I’d say job well done.

Diane: I’d agree! Do you wish that you had more time as Marc to publish books?

Marc: Yeah. I was just on a roll with the music. My book of poetry was huge! Looking back, people who bought it were probably just interested in it because I wrote it.

Diane: Marc, you had your “I’m here on earth side” too because you are showing me that right now.

Marc: Yeah sure I did. I could talk about current events and I had to pay taxes like everyone else. I’m just saying that for the majority of the time, my head was involved in creating – mostly music. I spent a hell of a lot of time down there either in the studio recording, on tour giving a concert or just playing guitar.

Diane: Well I have to say…I’m rather glad that you did because otherwise, we wouldn’t have your wonderful songs to listen to today!

Marc: Thank you.

We get up and walk around a bit. There are three paths leading in different directions, but as of yet, we haven’t traveled down any of them. I ask what is down each of them but do not receive a response. Marc shows me unusually beautiful plants and small animals that I’ve never seen on earth.  We come upon a wonderful yellow flower that looks like a venus fly trap.

Marc: It’s more complicated than that. It survives on nectar that bees collect off leaves from a certain mountain top in the morning.

(He called it “honeydew nectar”.)

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

June 20, 2017

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