Afterlife Q & A with Marc Bolan – Marc Answers Your Questions

Marc in Leather Jacket

I have received questions for Marc in the past, so I asked him if he would answer some of them for us. Being the wonderful guy he is, he said yes. (As the MC, I had the honor of making up a few questions of my own!) Alison Ailfinn Allan (the wonderful medium from You Tube’s Alison’s and Kari’s Shiny Show and Ascending the Path) graciously agreed to go through the questions with Marc after the fact and validate what he told me. She was also able to get additional info from Mr Bolan that we can share! Here’s what we got:

  1. Who was your favorite Muppet character? Kermit the Frog
  2. What did you always say about him? Alison heard “FOZZIE BEAR!” and I got something like “Hey Fozzie can you get that” every time the phone rang
  3. Did you have pierced ears? No
  4. Who was your first love? Lucy (I realize that’s not the expected response, but there was a Lucy in some way, shape or form that perhaps only Marc knew about.)
  5. Did you like coffee? No. Alison got a “Yuck” from him. LOL
  6. Did you drink tea? Yes with sugar
  7. What was your favorite wine? French Bordeaux
  8. Did you wear aftershave? Yes. Both Alison and I got that Marc was very sensitive to scents and had allergies. I got that he was less sensitive to natural scents like flowers and preferred them.
  9. Did you ever meet Michael Jackson? Yes
  10. Did you have a favorite tree? Yes
  11. Did you give this tree a name? I got “LOTR” and I couldn’t figure out what that was until he elaborated “Lord of the Rings”. Alison said that it was a sycamore and was being shown the scene in the book/movie where Saruman has the trees pulled up.
  12. Did you have a tattoo? Alison said yes and it was on the high left side of his derrière (or it could have been a mole.)
  13. Did you own any board games? Monopoly. Alison also got Yahtzee.
  14. Were you a big letter writer? No
  15. Did you send out postcards? Yes. He told me that he would often “blow off” writing to most people, but he always made sure that communications were sent to his Mum. Alison said that he often got other people to do the actual writing for him. He also told me that he would sign them with aliases of famous people whom he admired like Rudolph Valentino and Elvis.
  16. Did you have a dog? Yes. Alison got that the dog had brown/gold curly fur.
  17. What items would you normally have in your fridge? Champagne and take away containers from restaurants. Alison saw Chinese restaurant containers with noodles and gravy. (Marc didn’t cook that’s for sure.)

Thanks very much Alison and Marc for going through the questions. I had so much fun!

Marc and I just went to a rehearsal of a theatrical event that Dave Bowie did in order to promote “Bowie TV”, the system he is developing to enable clearer communication between the spirit world, ETs and ourselves. We are hoping that you will all put medium hats on and give your input as to who the entertainers were at the event – so check back with us soon!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

June 27, 2017

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