Bolan-Beaty Boogie Visit David Bowie at an Afterlife Theatrical Event

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Marc took me to see one of David Bowie’s Afterlife Theatrical Events. For some reason, we just went for the rehearsal, but they told me what was going to happen, who was going to entertain and why Bowie was having it. Marc told me that the theme was an homage to the flora, fauna, planets and stars of the galaxy.

We arrive and Dave is on stage with a guitar.

Diane: Marc….so what is going on here?

Marc: Dave has invited us to one of his events.

Diane: Yes, he told us about those before. This looks like a rehearsal though.

Marc: It is.

Bowie waves, greets us….but doesn’t come down off the stage.

Diane: Does this performance have a purpose?

Marc: Yes. He is spreading the word about Bowie TV and is asking for support.

Bowie TV is Dave’s project which is building power on the communication grid between ourselves, spirits and ETs.

Diane: Kind of like “Live Aid”?

Marc: Exactly, yes.

Diane: Wouldn’t everyone over on your side already know about what he is doing?

Marc: Well, maybe, if they wanted to look at that energy. There are so many varied energies here. Dave is trying to get their attention and spread awareness. Just like on earth, you can choose to not be aware of the waves of energy passing between everything. If you start focusing on it, you’ll become more aware of what is around you.

Diane: What does Dave hope to achieve?

Marc: Support. If more spirit and ET energy is on board with this, additional energy will be focused on it. This will then strengthen the lines of communication.

Looking at the stage, it looks like a vintage theatre and the chandeliers are powered by flowers that create their own energy and light up the stage!

Diane: So will there be performances and then he’ll discuss his project?

Marc: I don’t know. Let’s ask him.

Dave takes a break and we go up on stage to talk with him.

Dave: Hello Diane. We haven’t spoken in a while.

Diane: No Dave. What a pleasure to see you again.

Dave bows slightly towards me. What a gentleman!

Diane: Has Marc been helping you with this?

Dave: Not so much. Marc is usually concentrating on his own things – that hasn’t changed.

Marc: Hey didn’t I help you put stamps on postcard announcements!

Marc is just kidding, but he did show me that he was sending telepathic news out to the cosmos.

Dave: You did that?

Marc: Yeah so there.

Diane: I saw you with a guitar. Will you be one of the performers?

Dave: Yes of course. I would actually prefer not to, but word gets out and then it’s kind of expected.

Diane: So are you as famous over here as you are on earth?

Dave: Well everyone here has been famous probably once somewhere, so it doesn’t hold quite the same cachet. But I think I have enough reputation as Bowie to fill the stands.

Diane: Many spirits or beings here probably weren’t on earth when you were Bowie?

Dave: No, I’m sure not. I hope they come based on my reputation for having unique events. If they weren’t familiar with me as Bowie, that’s fine. I’ve had numerous lives in the public eye, so they will be aware of another persona I’ve had.

Marc: Who else is on the bill with you?

Diane: Marc, aren’t you going to play with him?

Marc: I haven’t been asked.

Dave: Marc, maybe you might join me for the encore?

Diane: Marc you love to entertain!

Marc: Yeah but I don’t do that anymore.

Dave: Well, we’ll see. (He winked at me).

Dave was telling me that there were going to be performers who would not be familiar to us on earth. He showed me a beautiful woman with blue skin – an ET – with an elaborate costume that almost looked liked tentacles coming out from around her!

Diane: Is she a singer?

Dave: Yes her name is Minerva. She is very well-known – much bigger than I was on earth. She is known throughout the galaxy.

Marc told me later that she has a very high-pitched voice. He gave me the visual of a mermaid, so I could envision what I’ve read about them. I guess it’s an amazing thing to hear, but apparently humans would not be able to hear it. The only creatures on earth who could hear her would be whales and dolphins.

Diane: Is she the star of the show?

Dave: She will draw a big crowd.

Diane: How did you get her?

Dave: Contacted her agent! No really….I approached her and she thought it was a just cause and agreed to appear.

I was being shown that she comes with a massive entourage (much like the big celebrities here). Some of them were so unusual, I couldn’t even describe them to you.

Dave: I’ll introduce each performer, then come on for an encore.

Diane: Anyone I would know?

Dave: Kurt Cobain, Chuck Berry….

Marc: Little Richard?

Dave: Yeah if he shows up.

Marc: Will it be music and theatre?

Dave: Yes a mix of both. The spirit who was Shakespeare will recite.

Diane: Wow! Sounds wonderful! So how does this work? Does the audience have to be here in some physical form? Many I suspect are not in a physical form correct?

Dave: No but they can choose to be in whatever form they are capable of manifesting. Those with telepathic awareness can choose to view it that way. It will also be sent to various screens for viewing.

We left Dave to carry on. Marc told me later that Bowie is trying to get species that are not so open to interacting with us on earth to come.

Diane: Why wouldn’t beings who could come to this be open to communicating with earth? Surely they must be more evolved than humans?

Marc: Protection of their unique environments. Some still view earth as undeveloped and hostile.

Diane: But they must be aware that every planet/species is on whatever course they are on right?

Marc: Yes but that doesn’t mean that they are all open to interacting with you. Dave is okay with that. Baby steps.

Diane: Hmmm. So he is rallying for humans because he knows us well?

Marc: Yes. We all have family and friends down there still and want to see the planet ascend and make it through the next hundred years.

Diane: If you haven’t had earth lives in a long time, do you tend to lose passion for it and forget?

Marc: Well you don’t have to forget if you don’t want to. Like I’ve said before, your focus can be on whatever you choose.

Though we left the rehearsal, time as we know it there doesn’t exist – so the performance is still going on. If you would like to tune into the rest of the performers, please let us know what you get. We’d love to hear from you!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

June 30, 2017

5 responses to “Bolan-Beaty Boogie Visit David Bowie at an Afterlife Theatrical Event”

  1. Amazing post. Do you astral travel to speak with Marc? or is it in meditation? Are you viewing what they have been creating for themselves in their afterlife? You obviously see a body? In spirit we are non physcial so you are obviously seeing what they present themselves as to you?

    • I don’t astral travel where I’m unaware of my body. But I have to get to a fairly high vibration because Marc won’t come down to earth’s. He did for the first few months, but he has gradually taught me how to get to where he is at. Yes I’m viewing what they are creating in their afterlife. And yes, I’m seeing what they want to present. I’ve known Marc in many lifetimes and he can present himself as any of those incarnations, but as he really likes Marc and I’m familiar with him visually, he usually just stays with him. Great questions – thanks!

  2. Very cool 🙂

    Most of my spirit team don’t really associate with names, but they will present as an energy signature or part of an expression but they are mostly Collective, but I do connect to Michael Jackson and he used to show himself as MJ a lot after he died, but he doesn’t do that now as I feel he is more integrated. I do connect to my brother, sister and Mother who are in spirit and my brother is actually keen to write with me…

    • Yeah I don’t think guides care what you call them. I speak with several Collectives as well. Michael Jackson seems to be connecting to many of us. Did he have anything interesting to say? I too keep in touch with my family in spirit.

  3. Yes, MJ connects with many many. He is all about LOVE 🙂 I had a past life with his soul in Native America where I was a Mother figure to him, he was a child in that lifetime. I was told his energy represents for me the energy of the Ascended Masters in a grounded human form, he gives me that feeling, that love etc and that’s what his energy and mine decided would be his role for me in this life time.

    I’m sure it would have been his role for millions of others too. That’s why so many people feel that beautiful love feeling with his energy.


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