Bolan-Beaty Boogie Receive a Pep Talk for All of Us from the Pleiadians

Jerieuse ShipMarc and I have been in contact with a Pleiadian named Jerieuse for about six months (yes folks, they really exist). She travels in what she calls a “scouting” ship – a small silver job (i.e. your typical spaceship) and has told us that the larger ships stays out of sight. The ship is manned by Jerieuse and a crew of two males. They travel all over the world (though this particular one stays mostly in the US) and monitor the earth’s atmosphere and record any changes. My connection to Jerieuse is that she is a “future” incarnation of my Mother from my current life.

Marc contacted me as she was anxious to talk with us.

Diane: Marc is Jerieuse back?

Marc: She is….yes she is.

Diane: Is Jerieuse meeting us here or are we meeting her?

Marc: We are meeting her.

I grabbed Marc’s hand and we were whisked away! This adventure took place over the Adirondacks, but we’ve also visited her over Phoenix and the Pacific Northwest. She said that the ships like to stay around mountains as there is usually a good deal of cover for them. We alight aboard the ship and are met by Jerieuse.

Jerieuse: Welcome Diane! Welcome Marc! On earth time, it has been awhile since we last met!

Marc: It has. I got the signal that you want to meet again?

Jerieuse: Yes there are some interesting things happening that I want to update you both on. Please relax.

She takes us to a small room that contains only a desk and three chairs. The interior of the ship is white with accents of silver and gold. Today she is wearing a one piece white spacesuit (but she has a pale lavender one that I covet – LOL).

Jerieuse: So I would like you to know that we have been bringing our ships (the large ones that are usually kept far away) closer to your earth’s atmosphere and have been lowering defense mechanisms (force shields) more often.

Diane: In layman’s terms, what does this mean?

Jerieuse: It means that your atmosphere and its energy is rising to the point where it is not so difficult for us to approach you. It isn’t as dense as it once was.

She showed me a spaceship and it looked like it was heading into a strong gust of wind – being pushed back. Obviously physically the ships can go wherever they want, but she is telling me that the wind represents our disbelief or fear of them. This has always kept them out of reach from us as they respect our wishes.

Diane: So you’re saying that the these energies have eased up?

Jerieuse: Yes!

Diane: Is this a temporary thing?

Jerieuse: It’s too soon to tell, but I thought it was interesting enough to let you know. In fact, at this time, it has been the easiest for us to get our ships here. It has enabled us to be able to lower our force shields and cloaking devices more often.

Diane: Why is that? Wouldn’t you still want to keep those up?

Jerieuse: Because the energy has ascended to the point where we are being welcomed on a conscious level. This could be the start of more open communication between our two worlds.

Diane: But surely this has been happening for a while?

Jerieuse: Oh yes, of course, but lately there has been a significant shift that we feel is very exciting. It is, in part, due to the light workers on your planet, as well as all the efforts of the spirit world and ETs communicating with you.

Diane: That is exciting! Will this lead to any real disclosure coming out soon or visits on earth that can be definitely proven?

Jerieuse: I wouldn’t say that at this time, that will happen. But I did want to give you the news that we are seeing a difference on our end, and it’s due to the efforts of those on earth who wish to communicate with us. I thought you should know.

Diane: This is interesting because although I know many are awakening spiritually and getting the word out there, there also seems to be a lot of unrest and people who still don’t believe you exist.

Jerieuse: You are correct when you state this, but these activities are causing a shift in the atmosphere and are gaining a slight edge over the lower vibrational energy. We are seeing changes – not everywhere – but in large areas. It is a breakthrough.

Marc: By large areas….how large?

Jerieuse: In the US, we can see the rising vibrations that are permeating through particular cities. It’s also being enlarged over oceans. There are still countries on your earth where not much has changed.

She showed me a thick fog hanging over certain areas where organized religions play a large part in the belief systems of the people.

Diane: So will this change our day-to-day existence?

Jerieuse: It can for those who are working for a change – for those of you who are ready and willing to communicate with us. If you are interested in connecting to the spirit realms and your divine selves, this would be a good time to take advantage of it.

Diane: Is there a chance that this could reverse?

Jerieuse: There is…but we are seeing such improvements that even if it reverts back a bit, we are still gaining ground.

She said that they are actually expecting it to revert back a bit in the next few weeks.

Marc: So you contacted us so Diane can let our readers know to not stop what they are doing. That it really IS making a difference?

Jerieuse: Yes exactly! All your efforts are not in vain.

Diane: This is great news that I’m sure many will like to read. Most of us are still waiting for the day when we can openly interact in our physical world with you and wonder if it will be in our lifetimes.

Jerieuse: That is difficult for even me to say because that outcome depends on earth’s consciousness and the beings upon it. But for the mean time, I think you will definitely be seeing more people awakening and being able to access us more clearly. The fear about whom we are and that we mean you no harm is calming those who were once uncertain. This development is due, in part, to those of you who are saying that you are interacting with us and are obviously still alive and well. It will be impossible to reach some, but that is their choice.

Diane: How will that work? Wouldn’t the vast majority of us on earth need to be accepting in order for you to show yourselves?

Jerieuse: Yes, before full disclosure is realized, larger pockets…much larger pockets will have to be open to us, but what I’m saying here is we are seeing a rapid expansion that you should all be proud of achieving.

Marc: Thank you Jerieuse for letting us know about this.

Jerieuse: You are welcome Marc.

Diane: So what mission are you on now?

Jerieuse: We are tracking where the density is thinning the most and how large an area it is.

Diane: Where are you seeing this?

Jerieuse: Mostly over major cities where people who are open to these kind of ideas and in remote areas like Antarctica and Peru. There are places where we have been visiting for a long time where the people do not live in fear. They do not have internet and news programs that lower their vibrations. They live in tune with the land, nature and respect the planet.

She was showing me people like sheep herders – nomads – who live off the land and do not have much contact with society and technology.

Marc: Okay great! Diane let’s go but again Jerieuse, thank you for turning us onto this new vibe you’ve found!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

July 14, 2017

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  1. I wonder which country in particular have higher vibration, or where the citizen have high consciousness like maybe the nordic countries? Maybe you can try asking next time.

      • Thanks Diane. I really enjoy reading your blog very much and glad that you share your experiences and journeys through many different dimensional realms with us.

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