Bolan-Beaty Boogie Channel the French Revolution

French Revolution

So Marc and I thought we’d change it up a bit and try something new – namely interviewing important historical eras. Since we were together in the physical during the French Revolution, we decided to start with that. We didn’t know if we’d even get a response, but here goes….(They are speaking about the events in our linear time just to make it easy for us to understand.)

Diane: Okay Marc, so what new angle should we do? Come up with anything?

Marc: How about important events in history?

Diane: You mean like the French Revolution, Custer’s Last Stand, Woodstock, Apollo 9?

Marc: Yeah….

Diane: Can we do that? Well I know we can try. So I’m assuming these events have a conscience but I wonder who or what would make it up?

Marc: That’s what we can find out.

Diane: Okay, since we were both together in the physical during the French Revolution, let’s start with that. Historically, I know a little about it, but not a lot, although the Baroque Period is my favorite time in Art History.

Marc: You don’t have to know anything about it. We don’t want to rewrite or give a history lesson. Just ask for information about it and see what we get.

I asked and waited….

Diane: Marc…do you get anything yet?

I was feeling that the universe wanted to answer our request, yet it was sorting itself out on how to do it.

Marc: Yes…it’s coming closer.

Diane: What are you getting?

Marc: It’s a mass of heavy, dense energy full of turmoil – yet also peaceful at the same time.

Diane: I’m getting that too.

Marc: Start asking questions and see what you get.

Diane: Okay! Um…..French Revolution? Marc…how do I address this?

Marc: Just keep going.

Diane: Okay….French Revolution…will you speak with us?

Marc: It’s trying to figure out how to communicate with you. It’s running through options to see what will work. Try again.

Diane: French Revolution Energy…can you speak with us in some form? If not me, then Marc?

Marc: It can speak with you. It’s coming.

French Revolution: Welcome and greetings! We are honored to be called upon by you for this communication. We are not usually brought forward in such a manner.

Marc: Are you willing to answer questions?

French Revolution: Most willing.

Diane: You are saying “we”. Are you a Collective?

French Revolution: We are all of the one, but we understand your meaning and yes. We would be considered a subset of the one.

Marc: Okay that’s getting somewhere. Where do you reside?

French Revolution: Mostly in the consciousness of those who participated in the collected events that make up our whole, as well as those who browse the history books.

Diane: So wait a minute….are you not a consciousness of your own? Do you only exist in others?

French Revolution: We are both.

Marc: So you exist as energy in many different forms is what you are saying?

French Revolution: That is correct.

Marc: Your energy is quite dense with much turmoil – yet calm. Can you explain this?

French Revolution: We are ever changing. We cannot be more or less.

This is a vast amount of energy and I ask Marc to help to monitor my space, as it was hard for me to concentrate.

Marc: Tell us more about yourself.

Diane: Yes, you say that you are a constantly changing Collective energy source – correct? Did you have a beginning since we are asking about a specific frame of time here in French history?

French Revolution: We understand the meaning behind your question – did we exist before the events and the answer is yes.

Diane: Well I know you as energy have always existed but more specifically before the French Revolution?

French Revolution: Yes, as we said, we understand your meaning and again, the answer is yes. We have always been in existence, but that expanded greatly around the time frame of the 17th and 18th centuries in your linear time on earth.

Marc: So as the thoughts of the people were changing, your energy expanded and grew. Was that the reason that the Revolution was able to occur?

French Revolution: Yes. If the focus of the group had not manifested to such the degree that it did, change would have never occurred and there would never have been enough energy in order for us to materialize in your 3D world.

Diane: So if the consciousness at that time (okay, I still see it as part of history) had not grown through mass effort, the Revolution would not have occurred?

French Revolution: Yes and this is true of any change that has taken place.

Marc: Would there have been a point in time where it could have been stopped?

French Revolution: The flow and focus of the energy was so strong that it would have taken quite a lot of energy in the opposite direction to stop it.

Diane: So the momentum was so strong, it gradually became the Revolution.

Marc: Those living during this time in the physical, Diane and myself included, would have agreed to be there to experience this change.

French Revolution: Yes. Obvioiusly it may have affected some more than others. There were those (he stressed the nobility) who lost their lives (like Marc) but then a peasant farmer on the land may or may not have seen that much change. Those who wished to bring about the change were very surprised that their everyday lives actually became more hectic and troubled afterwards.

Marc: So our readers can look in the history books to find out more about the cause of this event, but can you give us anymore insight?

They were showing me a sun rising in the morning.

Diane: Can you explain that please?

French Revolution: We exist now and have always existed because of the momentum of consciousness that wanted to expand and experience us and for no other reason.

Diane: So you include segments of energies from Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI and the leaders of the Revolution?

French Revolution: Yes and much more. Everytime someone reads a book or watches a movie and creates a new thought or belief about us, our consciousness will expand.

Diane: So you are saying that as universal consciousness expands, you will too?

French Revolution: Yes because we are part of the whole.

Diane: Marc, I think that we need to change our line of questioning as we are going in circles here.

Marc: Right! So how would you describe yourself?

We didn’t get an answer to that quickly. It’s as if it was thinking, and they actually showed me wheels turning!

Marc: I don’t think it’s been asked to describe itself before…..

French Revolution: Specifically we are a collective consciousness of every thought, feeling, pain, joy, hope, and despair of every molecule, plant, person, animal, building, tree, bug that has been experienced with us in mind.

Marc: Can you look into yourself and describe my experience in that incarnation?

French Revolution: Pleasure, beauty, music, love, fashion, pain, agony….death.

Marc: Well that about sums up my life that time around! Okay well French Revolution, Diane and I thank you for coming to talk with us. It was a very interesting conversation I’d say.

Diane: Very. I don’t think we’ve talked to something like this before Marc?

Marc: No.

French Revolution: We are honored to have been asked to come forward and were brought about by your shared curiousity which has expanded our consciousness even more and for this we are grateful.

As it left, I felt this very strong, odd pressure leaving my head. I’d never felt anything like that before.

Diane: Marc! What was that?

Marc: That was a massive amount of energy leaving your space Diane.

Diane: Hmm…well that’s a new one for the books. Maybe we should try and do other periods in time and see what we get?

Marc: Yeah let’s try a few more.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

July 19, 2017



4 responses to “Bolan-Beaty Boogie Channel the French Revolution”

  1. Wow, that was very cool 🙂

    It reminded of when I spoke to the Yeshua collective through a trance-channel and the Yeshua Collective said they enjoy the feeling of expansion. Here is also a little bit more of what he/they said in the session I had…

    He speaks to humanity as the Oversoul Collective (sometimes known as the name Sananda) He says he uses the singular pro-noun to refer to himself as ONE person because of the connection that humans feel to that one incarnation as Jesus Christ, but it’s Collective energy humanity is speaking with. He says “Understand that from our perspective, where we exist as the Collective we are, there are NO names. I ask him does he remember the Jesus life… He says.. “It is challenging for us at this point to differentiate between the many points of beingness that we once were as individuals and so it hard to say that ONE of us is the one that relates to the Jesus Christ incarnation but certainly there was that sense at one time of an individuated consciousness”
    I ask does he incarnate… He says.. “We are at the point where it is our primary purpose to send love, light and support and compassion to humanity”
    I ask about the different versions and stories of the Jesus story… He says…”.There were many different timelines of experience for that story and different people cross-connect to different pasts and your choosing which past you want to connect with and so for you the experience of that life time for Jesus Christ can be whatever you want it to be”
    I ask what do they do to have fun…. He replies “We watch all of you, there are so many beings in this Universe to observe like watching many many movies at the same time and having some of the Characters call out to you in the midst of it is quite satisfying and we also just enjoy feeling who and what we are and feeling the experience of expansion beyond what we have known ourselves to be, that is quite fun and enjoyable as well

  2. Wow , that was so cool, I never heard of anyone doing this, this was so nice to read I Loved it, could you do the American Revolutionary War . It would be interesting to see what comes up

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