Bolan-Beaty Boogie Meet Jerieuse – A Pleiadian Who Tells Us a Past Life Story

Jerieuse Past Life Painting

Our Pleiadian friend, Jerieuse tells us a lovely story about how I first met her in the physical world. Instead of doing a representational painting, I felt inspired to just let the energy flow and paint whatever came to mind. After it was done, it dawned on me that the painting actually DID represent something to me – our spirits and how we all interact to create our stories.

Marc: Well Jerieuse has requested a visit from you.

Diane: Okay, we really haven’t mentioned her to our readers (other then our pep talk post from a few weeks ago). Can you explain who she is?

Marc: Well she is closer to you. She is a Pleiadian, who would be considered in your time from the future. You have a connection to her, and she would like to tell you the story now.

Diane: Do you know what it is?

Marc: Yes.

Diane: And you haven’t told me yet?

Marc: Never ask me to lie, and I’ll never tell a fib.

Diane: What does that mean, silly! Okay let’s go.

We meet up with Jerieuse on her ship.

Jerieuse: Welcome Diane and Marc!

Diane: Hello Jerieuse. Marc said you wanted to see me?

Jerieuse: Yes, we feel that this information will help in your quest for knowledge and truth – and to discover more of who you truly are.

Diane: Wonderful!

Jerieuse: In ancient times (approximately 500 BC), a war was looming and villages were being ravaged to the ground. You heard a cry and saw a lone child crying in a hut. It turns out that his family were taken for slaves by the marauding army and the toddler was left to die on his own as he was too young to be of service to them.

Diane: That is horrible!

Jerieuse: We are not here to judge. Though you were only a boy yourself, you picked up the child and decided to raise him as your own. Since the village was in turmoil, you travelled on foot, carrying the boy, in order to find a town where you could find safety. You had learned from your grandmother, who was a herbalist, how to make teas and which plants were edible. You survived by eating berries from trees and roots from the ground.

Diane: What is the reason for this story? (Marc always teases me about how impatient I am. I always want to get to the finish instead of enjoying the now experience. Can’t imagine where he gets that!)

Jerieuse: We are coming to that. After many weeks, you were both taken in by a blacksmith and his family and you learned the trade. Although the work was not something you enjoyed, you were grateful for the chance at a new life. They also agreed to support the child. Some time later, they decided that it would be best for the boy to live far away with distant relations. Back then, of course, it was very hard to communicate between towns. After many years, as a grown man when you were given the freedom to leave, you went to the village to see if you could find the boy. There was no trace of the child or his adopted family. You trusted that he lived to adulthood and became an honorable citizen. You hoped that he had found a good profession and lived in peace and harmony. Although you never saw him again, you always felt a inner connection to him and that you shared a bond that could never be broken.

Diane: Is there a reason you are telling me this now?

Jerieuse: Yes. I am the spirit of the boy and of your Mother in your current incarnation.

Diane: Really? As the man in that life, I thought we would never meet again?

Jerieuse: Yes but we are meeting now. You took care of me in that life. I took care of you in your present incarnation and we will both assist each other going forward. I am sharing this with you now to illustrate the continuation of the spirit and that the work we do now helps those in the “future” time continuum. (Although there is no time in spirit or alien life, she uses these descriptions to give us reference points.)

Diane: How lovely! Thank you so much for sharing our story with me!

We leave Jerieuse and Marc and I take a walk.

Marc: What did you think about your life that time around?

Diane: Very interesting! I was getting very clear images and if I want, I can feel the pain and hardships that I went through in that life.

Marc: But you don’t want to….

Diane: Oh no! That isn’t necessary. What the story leaves me with is a great deal of inner peace and wonderment knowing that I am creating and sharing with so many wonderful souls! Do you think we should post this? Would this really be of interest to our readers?

Marc: I think that we can let them decide that for themselves.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

July 26, 2017

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  1. This really makes me think that for every person in my life, I have met them in some other incarnations. So when I pass someone and it seems as though, “I know that person even though this is the first time I’ve laid eyes on them? It makes sense now🤔

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