Bolan-Beaty Boogie’s Afterlife Interview with Katharine Hepburn & Spencer Tracy

Hepburn & Tracy

Marc and I both adore classic Hollywood stars, so we were thrilled when this duo came forward to be interviewed. Katharine Hepburn had been around me for a few days, but then Spencer Tracy suddenly showed up! We have questioned a few actors from their era and it’s interesting to note that all of them had something to say about the old Hollywood studio system and the restraints placed upon them artistically and personally.

Diane: Hey Marc! So wonderful to be with you again. Do we have guests?

Marc: Yes Diane….we do. Two marvelous guests have agreed to join us.

Diane: Will you please do the introductions?

Marc: With pleasure. Miss Katharine Hepburn and Mr. Spencer Tracy!

Diane: Hello! Please come sit with us. I’m overwhelmed to meet you both – two Hollywood legends. Marc, can you please take over while I write this down?

Marc: Sure Diane. So I guess I will start by asking if you had reasons for coming to chat with us? While on earth, I don’t think that you were into giving interviews?

Katharine: Well…..

Spencer: Well…..

Katharine: You go Spencer.

Spencer: No you go ahead.

Katharine: Well Spencer and I talked about it and thought it would be an interesting idea to step back in time, so to speak, and revisit ourselves.

Marc: I think originally it was just going to be you, Miss Hepburn, then Spencer joined us. You are both in spirit together – isn’t that correct?

Katharine: Yes, that is correct – at least most of the time. We thought this interview would be extra special if we came together.

Marc: So what was it like in your incarnations as Hollywood royalty? Were they easy for you?

Katharine: Where would we start with that…..

Spencer: I had a hell of a time really – no it wasn’t the easiest of roles – literally – that I played.

Marc: Why do you say that?

Spencer: Well I think that people might assume that having a glamorous career in the movie industry was an easy life. But that wasn’t the case – for any of us really – especially with the studios running the show.

Katharine: Yes, we were both vocal about how we wanted to be treated and respected in a field where you were a commodity – chattel. Self respect oftentimes fell by the wayside for many of the actors. Many “stars” just gave in and gave up their dignity. Both Spencer and I were determined to hang onto ours at whatever cost necessary.

Marc: How was it then for you both? Was it difficult to be taken seriously by Hollywood studios – even if you were both stars and at the pinnacle of your profession?

Katharine: It was often difficult to hold onto your standards of what you wanted to achieve as serious artists amidst the bureaucracy of egos and people who were only interested in the almighty dollar.

Marc: Did you both have a main focus for coming into the physical that time?

Spencer: I had some demons (or energy) that I wanted to focus on yes. Authority and excesses. I had past lives where I was brought down by various religious zealots and in that incarnation, I chose to be brought up in front of it again. I was Catholic and felt too much guilt to divorce my wife. I usually covered that burden up with drink.

Marc: So do you feel that you were successful in expanding your awareness that time?

Spencer: Yes. I feel that although I was never free to marry Kate, we did have our wonderful life together – even though it had its up and downs.

Marc: Had you both planned on meeting up that time around?

Katharine: Yes. There were two paths that we had planned. On one, we would be together at all costs – which we chose – and another, where we would let the outside world would tear us apart.

Spencer: I’m glad that we stuck with our choice and didn’t back down. I don’t know how I would have made it through that time without your strength and guidance.

Marc: Miss Hepburn, was that support role one that you wanted to play?

Katharine: When you see someone you love in difficult times, which Spencer often was, there was nothing else that I could have done. I was there to be by his side and that is a place that I chose freely and lovingly to be.

Marc: So were there any perks to being an actor at that time?

Katharine: Yes, of course. Since we both had a certain amount of fame, we did enjoy some choice roles, but that fame was never steadfast. Your career could be over at the drop of a hat – no matter how popular you were or how many awards you had won. My career was almost over several times. It was by sheer determination that I kept going.

Diane: Marc, I believe that you were a fan of Miss Hepburn?

Marc: Yes I was Diane. I admired her intelligence and, of course, her style and talent. She seemed so comfortable with fame – not caring if it came or went. I wasn’t the same. Part of me never thought mine would die, but obviously I had hidden fears that it may.

Diane: Would that have been something that would have troubled you both – losing fame?

Katharine: Not at all. I was an actor – not a star. I studied intently and my soul was literally filled when I walked on a stage or movie set. It was as if a light was switched on for me and this overwhelming, otherworldly energy came forth and took over. Was it the same for you Spencer?

Spencer: In a way. I’d say that my energy was met with a bit more fog than yours, but yes. I did see myself as a serious actor, but I think that I was a little more concerned with reputation and studio politics than you. I had the added burden of causing a scandal because I was a married man.

Marc: So what are you both doing now in spirit? You said that you are often together right?

Katharine: We are.

Marc: What are you doing now?

Katharine: We sit on some boards over here. We are mentors for souls who are seeking to come down for earth incarnations.

Diane: Would you be mentors to only actors or anyone?

Spencer: Anyone, but we do have a keen interest if someone comes to us and has the acting bug.

Marc: Is that your main focus now?

Katharine: It is really, but you know, there is so much that happens here that it’s just a drop in the hat.

Marc: Are you currently in the physical world now?

Katharine: No we are not. But we are planning our next incarnation together. We will be living in New York as a married couple with at least four children. This time, we get together right away and are happy. We have placed some challenges down the line in order to expand some experiences that we want to have regarding mentoring our children that will help in our work here. We will be conservative and religious which will be a change for me.

Diane: Marc, any other questions?

Marc: I was curious just how did you handle your fame that time? What inner strength did you use or call upon? I had a tough time when my star started to wane.

Katharine: By not taking it too seriously. I was a determined person and knew that fame was an illusion. I knew that if I had to go back to playing roles in a community theatre, I would. Luckily, it never came to that. I had a quick, intelligent mind that understood what was important to me. I loved my career, but the fame didn’t really mean that much.

Spencer: I didn’t have your strength Kate – not that time around. I think I did care too much what society felt, but I did have other causes that meant a great deal to me.

Katharine: Well you planned to have a bit more on your plate that time remember? One of the roles I chose to play with you that time was as a sounding board.

Spencer: Yes, the voice of my reason – and that you often were!

Katharine: We have both played many different roles throughout our lives together. I must admit that as Kate and Spencer, we were quite a couple!

Spencer: It was one of my favorite roles that I ever played.

Marc: Well we know that you were both very private about your lives, so we appreciate that you came here to speak with us. Is there anything else that you would like to say?

Katharine: Determination is a grossly overlooked quality in physical incarnations. People give up too soon. If you have it and never back down, you will find that most obstacles can be overcome. Just stick to your guns and remember that your life is there for you to experience the best you can – so don’t settle for less.

Spencer: I had a few demons that time around, but I had so much to keep me going. I loved my profession and I had the support of my wonderful partner. Though all was not ideal for me at times, I knew the force of what love could do.

Diane: Marc, is that it? It feels like they have left?

Marc: They have.

Diane: The energy just went completely flat. Marc, had you met them over there before? They seem like I would have imagined. Wow! Miss Hepburn was so strong and light at the same time. A driving force, I’d say.

Marc: No, I hadn’t run across them until now. I wish that I could have had their “fame” mentoring services when I was down there last. Could have saved me a bit of grief.

Diane: Aw Marc – you did great! All is fine now right?

Marc: Yeah Diane. All is fine. In fact, all is wonderful now!

Marc pointed out to me afterwards, that in spirit, they don’t have the same energy dynamic that they were talking about in their past incarnation on earth. One does not have to rely on the other for strength or approval as we are all self aware. What a treat that was to have them with us!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

August 2, 2017

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  1. I was curious, does Marc ever look in on Rolan and Gloria today? Would you be willing, in the future, to chat with Marc about them? Thanks. 💜

  2. Yes, relationships over there are not really limited like our Earth relationships, like one with another. They feel the Oneness with all beings. It’s that how Marc feels where he resides? and I assume there really is no Romance like it is on Earth. At least that’s what my guides have told me……

    • I asked Marc your question about does he feeling Oneness with all beings. He said “I do. But you don’t have to be where I am to feel this. You can experience it as well in the physical. This is not a dimensional concept.” He said that if anyone has forgotten this, you can ask your heart chakra to open up to it once again. You can repeat a phrase like “I am One with All” during your meditations. It’s really a wonderful feeling!

  3. Thanks……Oh, yes definitely have experienced that 🙂

    What does Marc say to the concepts of Twin Flames, Soulmates etc

      • Yes, I was just interested in what a spirit had to say about the terminology. Yes, there is so much mis-information out there to what is known as Twin Flames. I personally believe we can have more than ONE Twin Flame and the vibes would be because they resonate on the same frequency.

      • Okay well he says that there IS a lot of terminology about this and you will probably read or hear as many different explanations as you have sources for them.
        Diane: How can that be? Are there really that many explanations?
        Marc: Not really but it’s a matter of interpretation.
        So he gave his own experience as an example and said that it could be different for another spirit. He said that he chose his “Twin Flame” – and always said it with quotes because it’s really hard to give a name to this connection. He said that words are too limiting. He said that you aren’t really in the physical with them very often – not as often as you would think. He said that usually you have only one soul you are this close to, but you can have others in your soul group who feel like a “TF” because you’ve shared many lifetimes/experiences with them. He said that a “TF” relationship is more intimate than with a soul mate.
        Diane: Will you ever change your “TF”?
        Marc: No
        Diane: Is there a chance you would never connect again?
        Marc: No
        He described his “TF” relationship as “It’s the purest love”.

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