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When Marc and I were speaking with the energy of the French Revolution, Woodstock kept coming forward letting me know that it wanted to be heard. I thought “what could Woodstock have to tell us?” Though at first, it came through as a collective energy, some of the participants who are in spirit came forward and had some touching words to share with us.

Diane: Marc, Woodstock hasn’t really left since we did the French Revolution. It keeps popping up when I ask what should we channel. Shall we try it and see what we get?

Marc: Sure.

Diane: This is odd. I feel like I’m walking and walking for a long time. Okay, now I’m in the crowd.

Marc: Keep focusing.

Diane: I’m not getting the energy of the event. I just feel like I’ve been transported there.

Marc: It is gathering up momentum.

Woodstock: Peace! Love your Brother man!

Diane: Is this it Marc?

Marc: Yes. Let’s find out more. Ask it to give you a visual.

Diane: It looks like a big mushroom cloud – purple with green trim! Can that be right?

Marc: If that is what it wants to show you.

Diane: Are you seeing the same thing?

Marc: I’m seeing it more in matrix forms.

Diane: Ah yes. I can see that as well. Marc, ask it a question.

Marc: Woodstock, who are you?

Woodstock: Peace brother!

Marc: Are you going to keep up the hippie talk, because that was a bit before Diane’s time and that could slow us down here.

Woodstock: Very well! You have called us forward for a purpose? (I thought that was interesting, because it felt to me like it was trying to get OUR attention!)

Marc: Yes to see if we could communicate with you.

Woodstock: As you see…you can.

Marc: Are you a collective or an individual?

Woodstock: I speak for a generation of individuals and their hopes, dreams, loves and creative force.

Diane: I have to admit, I’m not really familiar with the concert. I think Hendrix was there and Joni Mitchell wrote the song Woodstock – “by the time we got to Woodstock, we were half a million strong….”.

Marc: It was a big deal.

Diane: But I don’t think it was supposed to be, was it?

Marc: Ask it.

Diane: Woodstock….how did you come about?

Woodstock: Through a network of communication – the grid working at its best.

Diane: It is showing me a long line of people – miles long – standing side to side – hand in hand. A yellow line of energy impulses from each brain is going down the arms and hands and up through the next person – and down the line to infinity.

Woodstock: It was a gradual growth that realized amazing heights of oneness. A period in “time” that will never be copied.

Marc: What prompted you into existence?

Woodstock: Hope. The collective energy of those who felt despair and the need for an outlet. Music was chosen to uplift and bring those who were vibrating on the same energy level a means of release – a new focus.

Diane: Drugs obviously played a big part in this. What are your feelings about that? (I was trying to get more focused information from it, but then Marc reminded me what it was and “drugged haze” was the term that came to mind.) But surely, all the energy from the event must have become something more than that?

Woodstock: It did. The meeting of the people brought about change. Many arrived with the sense that they were powerless. But afterwards, they understood that together they created this event. Many felt that if I can do this, then maybe I do have a voice. Maybe, if I talk, people will listen to my words.

Diane: You are showing me individual faces here. Are there participants now in spirit who want to come forward and share their stories?

Woodstock: Yes

Diane: Okay. (A woman named Sarah came before me. She said that she was in the audience.) Hello Sarah!

Sarah: Hello. I’m rather surprised to be asked to speak.

Diane: Are you in spirit now?

Sarah: Yes I am. It was decided that I would speak for many of us here.

Diane: What would you like to say?

Sarah: The Collective energy was correct when it spoke about how we felt at the time – that we were the silent minority. We felt that the elders who were in charge of the governments were corrupt and not seeing the needs of the people – only a small fraction. The majority of the people were being ignored.

Diane: So by gathering together there, you felt empowered that you could be heard? That you did count and could create this memorable event?

Sarah: Yes, that is how we felt – especially afterwards. Many left feeling that they had been a part of something that would never be forgotten and that made us think twice when we thought our lives didn’t matter. To some, it may have just been a concert, but to most of us, it was positive energy on an individual, spiritual and collective level and we were not the same afterwards. Of course, though it was a massive event, each individual took out of it what she or he wanted.

Diane: Anything else?

Sarah: Well we didn’t plan on this to be a speech about “never feel you aren’t empowered to do anything” but we are coming forward, I guess, to say just that. Feeling that you don’t matter can be a very sad existence. We would like to say that there is no need for anyone to feel this way. Whatever you do, think or say is heard throughout the universe. You are a glorious being and we are equally important. We are creating together. Not one of you is more or less important than the other. If you feel in despair or have lost hope, do whatever you can to change that thought to something positive – no matter how small it might be.

We say again, no one needs to feel alone or that you are powerless. You have brought about a life in the physical to experience how wonderful you are. Create glorious times for yourself and share them with those around you. Think uplifting thoughts – listen to beautiful music. If you feel lonely, go out and ask the world to show you a new friend. Look in the mirror and smile at yourself – pet an animal – start a garden. If you feel that you have stopped creating….change that. Paint a picture, take a photo (how easy is that nowadays) and admire your artistry. Again, share with those around you. They want to do the same with you. Join hands with them as we did long ago.

Marc: Thank you Sarah for sharing.

Diane: Yes, thank you Sarah! Marc, that was interesting and so lovely. So the overall feeling they want to express is one of empowerment and to share with those around us.

Marc: Yes

Diane: Also to say to those who feel in despair that you can change that energy. Take any step you can – even if it’s just to smile at yourself in the mirror. It’s a step forward.

Marc: Yes, if you are feeling that low, even small steps can build and push low energy into something positive. It can change really fast if you focus all your intention upon it.

Diane: Wow….well I was expecting to just get a story about a concert, but I came out with so much more!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

August 8, 2017


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