Bolan-Beaty Boogie Visit Ancient Egypt and Speak with a Psychic Healer

Eygptian Painting

I just never know where Marc will take us and so today we are visiting a priest/healer/psychic in Ancient Egypt. We arrive and I see a man in a hat which has an eye on the forehead. It turns out that he wasn’t really wearing the hat, but wanted to show me that he was psychic. He certainly has a very interesting story to tell!

Diane: Marc, are we really going back in time or is he a spirit?

Marc: There is no time so this is happening now.

Diane: Right, okay. Who is this?

Marc: He is a priest and healer during the reign of Ptolemy. (I never got which Ptolemy). He would be the one who the pharaoh might seek religious advice from and would be fairly powerful.

(They are showing me that he doesn’t really fall under the category of a typical priest of the time as he was pretty hush hush.)

Diane: Does he have a name? Can we talk with him? Can he see us now?

Marc: Not with his physical eyes, but his telepathic abilities are pretty good. That’s one of the reasons I brought us here.

Diane: Can you get a name for him? (I said that with some hesitation, as understanding an Egyptian name probably wasn’t going to be too easy!)

Marc: Techata. (I think I got that right but if not, it’s very close to what he was spelling out for me.)

Diane: Can he see or hear me?

Marc: Try it.

Diane: Techata, can you communicate with us?

Marc: He is confused. He can sense us telepathically but isn’t able to understand who we are. He thinks that we are Gods! I guess we are going to have to try switching to his spirit self and see if he answers. I was hoping to connect with him in the physical because that would have been a more unique perspective.

Diane: Shall we try again?

Marc: No, he isn’t getting it. It is starting to frighten him. He can sense us, but in the physical isn’t at a level where he can be calm and figure it out. I suspected as much, but still wanted to try. Okay switching over to his spirit side. Techata, can you understand us now? We are visitors asking to speak with you.

Techata: Yes Marc. I can understand now. I’m sorry that in the physical, I was not able to communicate. I know that we had discussed the possibility before.

Marc: Yes, was it that you weren’t sure?

Techata: Well I knew there was the possibility but obviously, I need to work on those skills.

Marc: Hmm…interesting. All coming through alright now? So I guess we are still here with you in the physical but are talking with you from the spirit side.

Techata: Yes that is correct.

Diane: Can you please explain who you are?

Techata: I am a seer. Those seeking knowledge will come to me for my wisdom and predictions.

Marc: So you are psychic?

Techata: I have what I guess you would term “sixth sense”. I am able to see paths that might open for my visitors. I’m actually just tuning into their divine selves and their records.

Marc: Do you understand that in the physical?

Techata: No. I’m not aware of how I’m able to receive this information. I have had the ability to do this since I was born. As a teenager, I saw the outcome of a war ahead of time. My father worked for the pharaoh and told him of my prediction. Once it came true, I was called upon for answers to many questions – mostly regarding politics and religion.

Diane: Are you someone I could look up in a book?

Techata: I can be found four times in ancient text, but I’m not mentioned by name. I am kept quite a secret as they do not want my identity to be discovered as there would be danger for me. Enemies would either come to kidnap or murder me.

Diane: You are showing me UFOs. Are you telling me that you told them about this?

Techata: Yes. I saw (he is going into the past tense from now on) and could communicate on a very slight level with these beings. Basically, all I could get was that they were there. I was not able to get complex ideas or communications from them.

Marc: Did the people believe you?

Techata: Some did, but most did not. My Father did as he understood my abilities. They had been passed down from his side of the family. His Mother was a priestess and had the sight.

Marc: Did ships ever land?

Techata: Not that I saw. They were only in the skies.

Diane: We are here with you in the physical and it looks like you are in a wizard shop from Harry Potter! I see bowls with herbs and what looks like bags of tea, animal bones hanging from the walls and feathers. Did you use all of this to prepare remedies for people? Were you also a herbalist?

Techata: Yes. I would prepare remedies for illnesses, and I also prepared herbal mixtures for the pharaoh.

Marc: How did he use them?

Techata: The Egyptians believed that the pharaohs were Gods. He wanted to feel his height as a God. So I concocted what you would term hallucinogens for him that he smoked and drank.

Marc: So the pharaoh was stoned?

Techata: Yes…rather a lot in fact. He said that it allowed him to see into the future and he felt the power of his oneness.

Diane: Was this true or just the effect of the drugs?

Techata: I cannot judge what another experienced. It brought him to a place that was outside his physical self. He was communicating with other realms. Since my potions were completely secret, this kept me in good stead with him and it made me indispensable to him.

Marc: So you kept the pharaoh high in order to secure your position?

Techata: Yes, but I was giving him a tool that he could use and provided him with the possibility of inner insight that he might not have had without it. I did not force anything upon him.

Marc: Was he ever able to win wars or did anything ever happen for the good from this?

Techata: It gave him confidence in his ability as a ruler. It confirmed to him that he was a God.

Diane: How so?

Techata: Because he was told (not from me) that only a God would see any effect from these specific potions. A normal person would not.

Marc: Very slick selling point. So you were a bit of a charlatan?

Techata: A bit, but I was in a very precarious position. If I didn’t come up with the goods, so to speak, my own position might tumble. Pharaohs were not always the most rational of people. In those times, everyone was very suspicious and the religious beliefs were so convoluted.

Marc: So you feel that you did what you had to in order to preserve yourself?

Techata: Yes.

Marc: Did you really have any abilities then?

Techata: Oh yes I did, but I had to share with people without provoking fear. I was not as experienced in that life with my abilities, and I did pick up some of the fears of the society that I was living in. Although it was a highly intelligent society by some standards, it was still based in fear. No one was ever sure how long they would stay alive in the pharaoh’s household.

Marc: Were many people done away with?

Techata: Yes many.

Marc: Did you supply poisons to others for that purpose?

Techata: No. I strictly worked for the pharaoh and was not allowed to sell my wares to anyone else (even though he told us that he did in secret).

Marc: Were you paid for them?

Techata: A nominal fee. I had the protection of the pharaoh and my daily needs were met.  But I was not a rich man. I was still a servant.

Diane: Now you are showing me that you often met with the pharaoh. Was he asking your advice?

Techata: Yes. He would summon me to him to ask who his enemies were and if a battle was being planned, how to best go about winning it strategically.

Marc: Were you right most of the time?

Techata: Yes, but I also had many people in my pay who would provide me with secrets. I had my own spies.

Marc: So were you legit?

Techata: I was, but like I said, I needed the best security that I could get in order to keep my own head afloat. Everyone had spies then. I wasn’t any different. The pharaoh even had me watched. It was like living in a rat’s maze. You never knew which direction to turn and if it would be safe.

Marc: That is a pretty interesting life you had going for yourself!

Techata: Indeed!

Diane: Did you have a family?

Techata: I did not. I was kept a bit of a secret and didn’t go out in public much.

Diane: So how did it end for you?

Techata: The pharaoh was poisoned and died. The new one who took over did not want me around – nor did he trust me. He had his own advisors.

Marc: What happened to you then?

Techata: I was lucky to escape alive. I travelled very far distances and was forgotten after a while. I sold herbs and teas from town to town and never stayed in one place for too long for fear of being found. It was a harsh life and at one point, I accidentally took some poisonous plants and killed myself. (He said that he had a fever and took the wrong plant by mistake. Although he realized what he had done, it was too late.)

Diane: Oh dear! I’m so sorry to hear that!

Techata: Why? It was fine. I needed the exit point. I was tired.

Diane: Marc he’s gone!

Marc: Yep.

Diane: What an interesting man! How did you find him?

Marc: I’ve been taking out ads in the Spirit newspaper to see who might want to tell us their story.

Diane: Funny!

Marc: Ways and means Diane.

Diane: Well great. Thanks Marc for an amazing journey. I’ll have to think of a painting for this one.

Marc: I’ll leave you to that then.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

August 17, 2017

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  1. highly intreasting..I think many of us have lived in ancient Egypt in past lives.. i continue to be fascinated by it. I was told i was a renowned herbalist healer in a past life there…not sure how i passed over

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