Bolan-Beaty Boogie’s Afterlife Interview with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

Liz & Dick

Marc and I continue our afterlife interviews with another of Hollywood’s great couples!

Diane: Marc, do we have any visitors tonight?

Marc: Indeed we do Diane. I’m just bringing them in for us….hold on.

Diane: Are they going to be sitting with us or just in the ethers?

Marc: That’s what I’m trying to determine. I don’t think they are coming to sit with us.

Diane: Okay….are they here?

Marc: Just coming. Okay got them.

Diane: I see Richard to your right and Elizabeth to your left but they aren’t at the same level as you and I’m just getting heads. Can you bring them in closer?

Marc: I’ll ask.

Diane: Okay, now I’m getting full bodies but you are sitting between both of them?

Marc: That’s how they want it.

Diane: Okay Marc, introductions please.

Marc: Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Elizabeth Taylor and Mr Richard Burton. I don’t think any additional information is necessary?

Diane: Definitely not! Welcome to you both and thank you for joining us. Your energy has been building up for the last several days in my space.

Elizabeth: Yes, we almost came through yesterday, but Marc said you were too tired.

Diane: Oh! I’m so sorry! (I would hate to keep anyone waiting, especially these two!)

Elizabeth: It’s no problem for us.

Marc: What shall we call you?

Richard: Richard for me please.

Elizabeth: Liz is fine for me. (She said for brevity’s sake. She said that she isn’t as particular about what she’s called now that she has passed over.)

Diane: Okay Marc, will you please start with some questions?

Marc: Right! Let’s start with our standard first question. Liz and Richard, why did you agree to come forward for this interview?

Liz: Well we didn’t have an agenda really. We don’t connect that often, so we thought it would be an ideal reason to meet up again.

Marc: So you aren’t together in spirit?

Richard: No, we aren’t. I wonder if many people will believe that?

Liz: I’m sure they will after all the stories of the knock down, drag out fights that were reported in the tabloids.

Richard: Well….they were exaggerated.

Liz: Were they? Not by much. (She says that with a smile.)

Marc: Let’s start with how you met up. Was it love at first sight?

Liz: More like lust at first sight (she giggled).

Richard: Elizabeth was the most famous woman in the world. To have possession of her for any man was the ultimate goal.

Liz: Possession?

Richard: I’m speaking in my male chauvinistic 1960s, ego dominated male voice.

Liz: Oh! All hell broke loose as we were both married at the time.

Marc: Well we don’t want to get too personal here, but a little bit of history might help with your story. Was this something you had both planned?

Richard: Meeting? Yes, that was definitely planned. The thunderbolt of passion is usually common when we meet up in the physical.

Marc: So this wasn’t your first time together in the physical?

Liz: Oh no – not by far. We meet up to grow in leaps and bounds. If you want to get to know yourself in the physical, introduce yourself to Richard Burton!

(They were showing me lightning bolts hitting the earth!)

Marc: So you are telling us that your meetings are usually very intense. As Liz and Richard, there were some unhappy times. Is that always the case with you?

Liz: Not always. Remember Richard, we had that life in Holland (they were showing me Dutch shoes) where I was very timid and you were the local policeman?

Richard: Yes that one wasn’t very exciting was it?

Liz: No so we really decided to test the waters and did a 180 degree turn.

Marc: Did you have a shared focus for coming together that time?

Liz: We did. To raise some hell on earth literally! No really, we had some subdued lifetimes and really just decided to change it – gain experience playing different roles. That time we were passionate, intelligent, go for broke, risk taking, no bars hold personalities. We pulled out all the stops. It was fun.

Marc: Did you both plan on the fame too?

Liz: Of course! What’s the point of being these extreme personalities without the limelight? It was par for the course and made it more exciting. At the time though, having our personal lives as tabloid trash in all the papers was not ideal. (Her energy dropped really low when speaking about this, and I had to wait until she brought it back up to continue.)

Marc: Okay let’s change to another topic. Did you both plan on being actors?

Richard: Yes we did. That was part of the story, so we would have the opportunity to make sure we met. We needed the fame and the same profession. No chance of us not meeting up.

Diane: And you were both British?

Richard: Welsh thank you! Well Elizabeth left England early but with the amount of fame we had planned, it would have been hard for our paths not to cross.

Marc: Did you both learn anything new about yourselves or each other in that incarnation?

Richard: Extremes! We learned just how far we could push each other before exploding! We didn’t really have any patience with each other. It was up and down all the time. It was complete passion or the bottles would start flying across the room at each other. (He said that Liz could give as good as she got.)

Marc: On a more positive note….

Liz: Love. A passionate love affair in the physical – that is so wonderful. Although we had our ups and downs, we did truly love each other. Sometimes these extreme affairs just burn out. It’s hard to maintain that degree of intense passion.

Marc: Tell us about your acting careers. You were both very successful. Was that a common thread that you enjoyed sharing?

Richard: It was. Elizabeth (he still won’t call her Liz) wasn’t often seen as a serious actor. The first thing that people noticed, of course, was her extreme beauty.

Liz: Why thank you kind sir.

Richard: In “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” some critics had to swallow their pride and admit she had talent.

Liz: I know it’s a cliché, but it is very difficult to be taken seriously as an actor when your looks get in the way, especially if you are a beautiful woman. People assumed for some reason that I didn’t have a brain in my head. Once they met me, I made sure I changed their opinion!

Marc: So having the same profession brought you closer together?

Richard: It did. I respected Elizabeth’s talent and she respected mine. She was more of a film star and I preferred theatre. We had that mutual admiration for each other’s abilities and careers.

Marc: Would you have liked to have been in another profession?

Richard: I loved to read so I could have been a scholar or teacher but it wouldn’t have held the same excitement. I don’t mind being alone. (He was telling me that he enjoyed reading the texts of plays and books and trying to ascertain what the author or playwright had in mind – what they wanted to say to us at the core level.)

Liz: Movie star suited me just fine. I didn’t really have any interest in another profession. Once I got involved with my AIDS work towards the latter part of my life, that became my main focus.

Marc: Liz, you were one of the first leaders in the fight against AIDS. Tell us a bit about that.

Liz: It was the last great passion of my life. To see people and my friends, my closest friends succumbing to this horrible illness was more than I could bear. I felt helpless at first. I had to do something. Obviously I wasn’t a doctor, so I couldn’t help discover a cure from a medical standpoint. But I had fame and money and I used it to the best advantage that I could.

Richard: You raised millions of dollars for AIDS awareness and research.

Liz: I did. It was the most important thing that I did in that life – other than giving birth to my children.

Richard: You should be proud Elizabeth.

Liz: I am. I hope that I truly made a difference.

Marc: Was that also a focus for you both? To come to earth and make a difference?

Liz: Doesn’t everyone hope that their lives – however brief – will make the world a better place after they have left it? To make a difference to humanity on the whole because you were there, yes that was a focus for me.

Marc: You both parted for a while then got back together?

Richard: Yes but it didn’t last. We finally gave up the ghost and went our own ways.

Liz: That was very hard for both of us but probably for the best.

Marc: What are you both up to now?

Liz: I’m continuing with my AIDS awareness and research from here. In fact, I work to help irradiate debilitating diseases – especially any that have a physical deformity.

Marc: That is a very interesting point seeing as you were physically perfect that time.

Liz: Exactly and although that opened many doors for me – gave me my career – one of the main reasons for that was so I could fulfill the work that I’m doing here – spreading awareness of these illnesses. Asking people to not judge others because they have are considered different. I remember reading about and hearing people say painful things about people with AIDS. It almost made me give up hope. I was also a friend for people who felt different in other ways. (She was showing me Michael Jackson and James Dean.)

Richard: I am an author and playwright in spirit. I have been so in many past lives. Words in my physical lives have always been very important to me. Words are the manifestation of thoughts. As an actor, it was important for me to express these thoughts and feelings to the best of my abilities.

Marc: Do you do any acting in spirit?

Liz: Oh no! I loved being an actor, but it was mostly to put myself in a position so people would notice what I had to say.

Richard: No acting for me either. I am much more interested in the initial creative process – the inspiration behind the mask.

Marc: And you aren’t together?

Liz: Now and then. If we have an incarnation in the future that we feel will suit us to play roles together, we’ll go for it.

Marc: Are either of you in the physical now?

Liz: I’m not, but I am using my experience from my life as Elizabeth for planning my next incarnation. I will be a female medical researcher who will specialize in finding cures for diseases. (She showed me an image of her in this future life around 18 or 19 going off to college. She is beautiful in this one too!)

Richard: I’m staying put on this side for a while. If I did come back down, I think that it would be as a humble author – behind the scenes this time.

Marc: Okay well thank you both for coming to speak with us. Diane’s hand is getting tired, so I guess we’ll wrap this one up. Any last words that you would like to say?

Liz: Yes I would like to say – and I apologize if this sounds like a sermon – please do not judge another by whatever they might be physically on the outside. I know that the world has come a long way spiritually and it is changing, but you would be surprised how many people are still judged as persona non grata or less than worthy because they are missing a limb, in a wheelchair or have HIV. It’s still astounding to me that people are judged by their physical appearance, their religion or even their sex. Obviously there is still a long way to go, but please keep raising that Collective Consciousness. We need your help from here. If we all work together, we can truly make a difference.

Richard: I would like to second what Elizabeth has just said. I’m not as up front with my viewpoints, but her deep compassion for others, and her ability to help others when she is passionate about something, are traits that she carries in every incarnation. It’s always been an honor for me to know her and be by her side.

Diane: Marc…they are gone. I don’t think that I could have written much more! Two wonderful spirits – both passionate in their work even though they are very different. Their main themes in their life together that time seemed to be passion and awareness.

Marc: Yes. I was around when the scandal broke. It was in every newspaper.

Diane: I wonder if that was part of their plan?

Marc: If so, it definitely worked!

Sometimes I get information after the spirits have left. Liz told me that when she came into that incarnation, she knew that she was going to be a spokesperson for a humanitarian cause, but didn’t know what it was going to be.

She also said that she could have chosen to ignore helping but she’s glad she didn’t because that is the motivation for her next incarnation where she hopes to be able to do more from the medical perspective. She admits that she was indulged as a beautiful, famous movie star and often took advantage of that. She liked to have fun and be admired. She said that she was glad to be able to use her fame to help others.

Richard was not as outgoing a personality as Elizabeth and seemed more inclined to solitude. He showed me images of himself walking out on what looked to be lonely moors in the winter or sitting alone in front of a fire in a small cottage. He also showed me a theatre performance of one of his plays where the actors communicate telepathically to the audience. It seems that he is well known for his writing. His energy is very intense but in a completely different way than Elizabeth’s. It’s been such a pleasure to meet both of them!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

August 22, 2017

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  1. Thank you – interesting to visit with these two icons from my childhood! I was equally ‘impressed’ with the date at the end: August 22, 2107! 🙂

  2. Aww that was awesome 🙂 I love how Elizabeth Taylor has planned her next life 🙂 I think Michael Jackson should come and have a chat? He was very close to Elizabeth Taylor and probably still has the connection over there

    • I’m sure they are probably still connected. I too thought that it was interesting that her experience as Elizabeth is motivating her to come back down and do that specific work. I think Michael Jackson has been interviewed a lot since his passing, but I never know who will show up. I kind of let Marc handle that end of things unless there is someone I really want to speak with – then he’ll go find out – like Vivien Leigh and Tennessee Williams.

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