Bolan-Beaty Boogie Speak with Spirits from the Titanic Part One


With all the recent tragic events, I decided to send out a request to the Spirit realm to ask if there was energy that would like to come forward and share healing words of wisdom with us. I specifically wanted to speak with anyone who had gone through similar circumstances while in the physical. Much to my surprise, energy from the Titanic came forward immediately. In Part One, we speak with its collective energy and the ship’s Captain. In Part Two, we talk with a spirit who was on the ship and even help one of the souls cross over!

Diane: So Marc, I’m seeing these huge dark clouds forming. Isn’t this kind of energy already formulated or does it whip itself into some kind of shape when it’s called upon?

Marc: Well, it is formulated, but energy is always changing so it’s collecting itself into its most current form. Then it has to be able to talk with you. The visual you are getting is just a visual.

Diane: Okay Marc, as you know, there have been many tragic events happening on earth lately with the hurricanes, the shooting in Las Vegas, and the fires on the west coast (in fact, as I’m typing this, I can smell the smoke from the Napa fires). I thought maybe we could look at something similar – not as recent – to see what this energy looks like. I’m hoping that it will help all of us here better understand why these kinds of events occur. Do you already know what it’s going to say?

Marc: I have some idea, yes, but let’s get going.

Diane: Marc, can you start with a question? I’m thinking that this will be a collective energy much like we saw in the French Revolution and Woodstock?

Marc: Yes it will be to start. I guess I’ll find out if it’s ready. Titanic energy – have you collected yourself?

Titanic: Yes Marc. We are ready to speak with you.

Diane: Marc, already it feels to me masculine – old – with a very powerful vibration?

Marc: Yes. So let’s start with asking…what are you composed of…..what energies are you?

Titanic: We are a collective energy of the physical and spiritual aspects of the event that you are seeking to address.

Marc: So you are not only the spirits of the victims, but also include physical energies – like the ship itself and the water around it?

Titanic: No, the water that encompasses the ship is, although all is one technically, would be considered not of this that we consider ourselves.

Diane: When we spoke with the French Revolution, it said that it was energy that included the most current thoughts and energies about it. Would you be the same?

Titanic: Yes, that is correct.

Marc: With the recent events on earth, many there are questioning why? What is going on? Can you give them an answer of why these kind of tragedies happen? Where many souls choose to leave at the same time – often in horrible circumstances?

Titanic: To expand awareness.

Diane: You are showing me a tree and you are saying that every time something like this occurs, it builds another ring around the trunk?

Titanic: Yes, so the collective energy builds upon the knowledge base that is already vibrating in the current existence.

Diane: Is it necessary that we have to keep having these things happen?

Titanic: “Necessary” is not the terminology that we would use. Nothing is necessary. Expansion is always based on choice.

Diane: Well for a human, breathing is necessary.

Titanic: Yes but you are breathing because you choose to.

Diane: Okay, yeah…right…I want to stay alive.

Marc: I think what Diane means is – in earth’s eras, it seems that many major events like you happen. How much more do they need?

Titanic: Well let’s look at the difference in some of these energies first. Everything has a cause and a reason it exists. A “natural” disaster is more about the mass of energy on the whole and where it can go to find release. In the case of the Titanic, it wasn’t quite as massive an amount of energy – at least at its conception and was constructed by a set group of individuals. Of course, after the event, the world mourned and expanded upon what was already there.

Diane: So all of this is caused by energy and its quest for expansion and to learn more about itself?

Titanic: Basically…yes.

Diane: I know it’s true, but sometimes it feels too simple for all the suffering that is caused.

Titanic: It’s what was asked to be experienced. It will continue until the collective consciousness wishes to no longer experience or expand using this method.

Diane: So are you now showing me that with all these kinds of events, “time” as we know it on earth – has a way of – maybe not causing it to be forgotten – but thankfully, it does make the pain go away through further generations who aren’t as close to it?

Titanic: Yes, someone who is in the physical when an event occurs will probably have a more sympathetic viewpoint towards it, even if they weren’t in it personally versus something that happened a hundred years ago.

Marc: I think that what we can look at here are the degrees to which things happen.

Diane: Marc, so are you saying that the more evolved a planet or civilization is, the less kind of tragedies like the Las Vegas shooting will occur?

Marc: Yes.

Diane: So I guess it takes a lot for people to smarten up?

Marc: It does unfortunately.

Titanic: Humans are still a very primitive society and the actions of a few will have effects upon the whole until the whole understand that all are one and the same. Until there is no longer the thoughts that govern which say that one is different from the rest. Progress on earth is being made, but this is how progress begins.

Diane: Is it possible to speak with the energy of the ship?

(I got this enormous rush of water and the feeling of the massiveness of the ocean. Although the ship is huge, the energy there was that it was no match for the power of the water it now sits in.)

Marc: Okay Diane, try communicating with the actual ship. (Marc is always encouraging me to practice looking at different kinds of energy.)

Diane: All I’m seeing is the builders making the ship, the labor involved and the people who produced the components that went into it – like the steel and bolts. Marc, can we ask if there are spirits who are still there? Anyone who might need help crossing over?

Marc: Yes, I’ll ask. I was told that there are, but not very many. Most of the souls have peacefully crossed over and are healed or being healed in subsequent incarnations. There are a handful that have yet to make the transition.

Diane: Marc, can we speak to the Captain?

Marc: Okay, here he is.

Diane: So Captain, you are showing me that you were more than just the Captain of the ship. On the spirit side, before coming down, you were also the group’s leader? You are showing me scenes where you are telling the souls preparing for this journey what they can expect to experience. It looks like a school room. Am I getting that right?

Captain: Yes.

Diane: So this was planned as a shipwreck? It wasn’t like you could have all passed over in an earthquake instead?

Captain: Yes this was planned as is.

Diane: So it’s almost like a movie script being played out is what you’re telling me.

Captain: In a way, but with a cast of thousands and something even Cecil B Demille couldn’t have adapted successfully.

Diane: There are people here who may have relatives in the wreck or visit some of the graves of victims. Anything that you can say to them that might help?

Captain: All but a very few of the souls which perished are home, well-loved and happy with new incarnations or the work that they are doing here. Please let them know that they no longer feel pain or suffer.

Diane: Thank you Captain. Marc, that was quick! He is gone!

Marc: Yes, well that was a fair amount to take on Diane. How do you feel?

Diane: Well I feel that we only scraped the surface.

Marc: Yes, you are right.

Diane: I think that we could interview energy like this everyday, but I suspect that they would all tell us pretty much the same thing.

Marc: I think you are right again.

Check back with us soon for Part Two, where we speak to a young woman who was on the ship and help a soul cross over!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

October 11, 2017


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