Bolan-Beaty Boogie Speak with Spirits of the Titanic Part Two

Titanic Poster

In Part 2, Marc and I speak with one passenger who survived the wreck, to another spirit who needed help crossing over and the Collective energy comes back to say a few last words.

Diane: Marc, could we ask to speak with one of the passengers on the ship?

Marc: I’ll ask and see who comes forward. Okay, I have a lady here with me Laura.

Diane: Yes I see her. She is well dressed in a white blouse with a high collar and her sleeves are layered. She has a long rust colored skirt on with Edwardian boots and a small hat. She looks young.

Laura: That’s right – very good. I was a passenger on the ship.

Marc: So Laura, can we ask you….what made you want to experience this?

Laura: Well I had never in all my incarnations experienced something like this, so when the opportunity arose, I decided to do it. It was also a chance to shift global awareness at the time.

Diane: Shift awareness? You are showing me World War 1. What did this have to do with that?

Laura: Well nothing much as it turned out. It was a precursor. It was the opportunity for people to pull together during tragic circumstances and realize we are all one. It was a gift to them – from us – to help them understand this. But when the war came about, this was forgotten.

Marc: So now that you are healed from this event, anything you would like to say?

Laura: Diane has sunk into her lower chakras after that last question, so I’m going to let her raise her vibration again. I can understand that it might be hard to understand why I would choose to experience this tragedy.  I was a young, intelligent woman of middle class means. I was employed by a woman who was traveling to New York and you can’t imagine how thrilled I was. I secretly harbored dreams of being independent and becoming a writer. Although events like this are indeed very sad – almost too much to bear – they are being created by choice by the participants. If there is anyway that you can look at them from this viewpoint, we hope it will be easier for you to understand.

Diane: Would you ever want to experience something like this again in another incarnation?

Laura: Well, I can’t say for sure. A ship wreck – definitely not as I’ve done that. It was also a test to see how one would react under the circumstances. How would you treat one another? I must say that many people were absolutely stellar and very brave, but others, if they saw the opportunity to save themselves first, they took it.

Diane: So you got to look at all of this when you did finally pass over?

Laura: Yes, we all got to compare notes and stories.

Diane: Was it hard to be a survivor and lead as normal a life as possible after the wreck?

Laura: Yes that was something that we discussed beforehand too. How do you continue to flourish after such an event? It took many, many years for most of us to start leading normal lives. I still had nightmares until the very end and the visions never left me.

Diane: Well thank you Laura for coming forward and sharing your story. Anything else?

Laura: Not really. Thank you for the opportunity. We don’t get the chance to talk about this experience very often.

Marc: There is a little boy coming forward. He is acting shy and scared.

Diane: But he isn’t is he? He’s passed over right? No Marc, I don’t think he has. He’s all wet in a dark green outfit without shoes. His clothes are torn and dirty. Hello little boy! Are you okay? Marc, sounds like his name is something like Ramon? Were you on the Titanic?

Ramon: Yes I’m on the Titanic, but everyone has gone and I can’t find my family. I am looking for them in the water and I don’t understand where the ship is? What happened to the ship?

Diane: It sank many years ago. Where are you from? Were you going to New York?

Ramon: I’m from South America and I was going to New York to see family.

Diane: Okay Ramon….look around. Can you see a light in the distance – a wonderful white light?

Ramon: Yes I’ve seen that a few times. I think it’s one of the lamps from the ship. It doesn’t come around very often and then it goes away. Is someone shutting it off?

Diane: No, it’s a light that will lead you back to your family. Do you want to try to see if you can see it again?

Ramon: Really? It will lead me to my family? I feel so lost.

Diane: Yes, try to see if you can see the light again.

Ramon: Okay…I’ll look. The last thing I remember is the ship, panic and then there were no lights. It was quiet and then I was alone.

Diane: Right…well you died that night and now we’ll try to get you back to your spirit home where your family is waiting for you. Concentrate Ramon and look for the light. I’ll wait.

Ramon: No one has talked to me before this. Where are you?

Diane: Don’t worry about that. Just look for that light. It will come around if you want it to and it will be warm and welcoming.

Ramon: Okay.

Diane: Do you see it?

Ramon: Not yet. Wait! I see something! It looks like a light in the distance, and it’s getting bigger!

Diane: Yes! Can you walk closer to it and see what it is?

Ramon: I’m frightened! I don’t know what it is!

Diane: Be calm. Don’t be frightened. Maybe if you can go closer and let it come to you, you might see your family?

Ramon: Okay the light is getting bigger.

Diane: What does it feel like?

Ramon: It feels like it wants to ask me a question.

Diane: Maybe it does. Do you want to see what it wants to ask?

Ramon: This is too weird. Why would a light want to ask me a question?

Diane: Well let’s just play a game and see what it wants to say to you. Can you play that game?

Ramon: I can try. Light…what do you want to ask me? It isn’t saying anything!

Diane: It’s showing me…..and this is about the funniest thing Spirit has ever shown me….a black blob moving around at its bottom…and then out popped a big black “Welcome” mat!!

Ramon: What does that mean?

Diane: It means that it would like you to take a trip with it to see your family.

Ramon: Does it know where they are?

Diane: It does.

Ramon: What if it’s wrong?

Diane: Well can you ask your family to come see you? Ask your Mother and Father to show themselves in the light.

Ramon: Okay! Mama and Papa…are you there in the light? Can you come get me? You are right! There they are! Bye! Thank you for helping me lady!

His parents waved to me and then the light vanished but not before I saw Ramon wave goodbye.

A few nights later, Marc and I check in with Ramon to see how he was doing. He appears as a young man.

Diane: Okay Ramon, well you look much different – suave, sophisticated. How are you doing?

Ramon: It has been a joyous reunion! I can’t thank you and Marc enough for showing me the way home.

Diane: Our pleasure! But didn’t you realize that was the way home?

Ramon: I did and I didn’t. I was afraid of it being more disaster. I was just not trustful.

Diane: But surely guides and your parents tried to contact you. Did they ever come to you visually?

Ramon: They did, but I thought it was just my imagination.

Diane: You didn’t know you were dead?

Ramon: Well I knew something wasn’t right, but I also imagined that the ship was still afloat and everything was okay. That dream was more powerful for me.

Marc: Ramon, I think Diane is trying to find out more about your mental state. What caused you to not cross over right away?

Ramon: Well at the beginning, I wanted to stay with the other passengers to see if I could help. On the spirit side, before coming over, that was going to be my job – to help people survive.

Diane: So you knew as a spirit you weren’t going to make it?

Ramon: Yes, that was how it was planned.

Diane: At any point in the physical, did you think you might live?

Ramon: Yes..well..I had every intention of surviving. You always hope so – but the more time that passed, the more I realized there wasn’t any hope. Like I said, I assisted other passengers and then left it too late. I was from a proud family and I would never have thought of saving myself before anyone else.

Diane: So how has the transition back been for you?

Ramon: There has been a lot of catching up to do.

Diane: Have you had your life review yet?

Ramon: I haven’t had a formal one yet. So far, I’ve just been celebrating my return. Because I chose to stay so long, I’ll have a longer review to find out why I didn’t cross right away.

Diane: So that wasn’t planned?

Ramon: No. I have to see why I reacted that way and why I hesitated. It will be good for me to look at that for future incarnations.

Diane: Marc, anything else for Ramon?

Marc: Nope, I’m fine.

Diane: Well thank you Ramon for coming back. I guess it’s too early to ask what your plans might be?

Ramon: Yes too early. I have to discuss things with my group here and will probably need some therapy work.

Diane: Marc, so are there any other reasons why these kind of things occur? I understand that it’s due to expansion, learning more about yourself and growing awareness for all, but anything else?

Marc:  That about covers it. Are you expecting more?

Diane: Not expecting but maybe we can speak with the Collective energy again?

Marc: Yes, it’s here. Titanic – Diane was curious if there are any other causes for these kind of events other than what she is already aware?

Titanic: As you say, there are many collective and individual causes for events such as these to happen. To expand awareness for individual souls, the Collective consciousness and the universe. These are all valid reasons. I can give you no additional ones at this time.

Diane: So is it like a soul would take this off their bucket list? It seems to me that after thousands of incarnations, surely we’ve all experienced everything imaginable? I asked Marc about this and he showed me a beach full of sand and said that every grain was another possible expansion point (or scenario) for me to learn and that I would never be through. Also because everything around me is changing and since the universe isn’t stagnant, there will always be endless possibilities. Kind of boggles the mind.

Titanic: What he told you is true. There will come a time when you will cease with physical incarnations, but there will never be a time when you cease to expand, experience, share and love.

Diane: I’m fine with that.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

October 18, 2017





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