Bolan-Beaty Boogie Speak with an Alien UFO Captain (A Time Traveller)

Commander Narius

So every night when I meditate, I take about 30 to 40 minutes to calm down, clear my thoughts and raise my vibration which makes it easier to speak with Marc. One night, I had just started my meditation when Marc interrupted me. He’d never done that before, so I knew it was something urgent.

Diane: Marc! I’m not done with my meditation yet? What’s up?

Marc: I know…but this can’t wait. Commander Narius is waiting to speak with us!

Diane: Commander who?

Marc: The captain of the ship – the time traveller. The ship is above earth’s atmosphere right now so the reception for you should be pretty easy.

Diane: Oh! Okay!

Marc grabbed me by the arm and the next thing I knew, we were walking down a narrow corridor aboard a space craft. It was all happening so fast, I wasn’t quite taking it all in. Marc was reading my mind.

Marc: I know…but he is very busy and doesn’t have long to talk with us.

There was a guard posted outside a door in a tan outfit with a little spike on his hat. He nodded to us and opened the door.

Marc: Commander Narius, I would like you to meet my friend Diane, whom I told you about. We realize that you do not have long to speak with us…..

Narius: That’s right. An honor to meet you Diane.

I was having a little bit of trouble visualizing him at first, but his energy hit me right away. A very intelligent and commanding presence. His complexion was a taupe/grey with large black gentle eyes. He was wearing a dark navy jacket with silver braids on the collar which represented his rank and a round medal necklace. He was seated behind a desk and never got up, so I couldn’t determine his height. Behind him on the wall was an award and on his desk, a picture of his family.

Diane: Very nice to meet you Commander. Thank you for speaking with us on such short notice. I’m sorry, but I don’t feel very prepared for our talk.

Narius: Well Marc was anxious to get started, as we will soon be out of earth’s orbit and many light years away from your planet. He felt it would be best to talk now.

Marc: See!! There was a reason I was being so pushy!

Diane: Okay…well again…thank you. Marc, can you start off with some questions as I take this down?

Marc: Sure! Commander, we visited Adventure Land a few days back. Did your team here have any part in bringing the earth information to them?

Narius: Not us personally. That was before my tenure as Commander, but my ship (he said what the name was in a language I didn’t understand, but they told me that it would translate into English as “The Star Queen”) has been involved in similar missions.

Diane: Commander, are you really speaking English as I can understand you?

Narius: I’m not technically speaking English, but as our communication is telepathic, I am adjusting my thoughts to be in a language that you can understand.

Diane: Oh thank you!

Narius: Can I ask what brought you both here?

Marc: Curiousity! Diane and I have, what they term, a blog on earth, and we travel here and there letting our readers know about places and beings throughout the galaxy. When we visited Adventure Land, I told her about Time Travellers, and she asked if we could speak with one. So here we are. I hope that it’s okay to keep this on an informal basis in order to save time.

Narius: Quite all right. Well that is an interesting story Marc. What questions can I answer for you?

Marc: Can you tell us where your next mission is?

Narius: I’m sorry, but that information is confidential, but it is as I mentioned….many light years from earth.

Marc: Okay then…can you share what the mission is?

Narius: To help a planet that is in distress.

Marc: How in distress?

Narius: There is a contamination leak in its atmosphere. There are already many ships working on a solution and clean-up. We are on what you could term “on alert as necessary” mode. I expect we will be called upon to relieve another ship very soon.

Marc: So you are a cosmic medic station too?

Narius: We can function as such, but it’s not normal procedure. This is a rare occurrence.

Marc: Diane…are you with it enough to ask any questions?

Diane: Not yet. I want to make sure I get this information down. Please go on.

Marc: How long have ships like this been flying around the galaxy?

Narius: In earth terms? For thousands and thousands of years.

Marc: Do you have a specific planet that you are from? Do you ever get to go home?

Narius: My life is very much like a sea-captain. My home is wherever my ship is.

Diane: Commander….you seem very familiar with earth’s language and customs. How is that?

Narius: It’s my job. You see, the earth is one of our main touring areas. So it behooves me to know as much as possible about the beings who inhabit it and their customs.

Marc: What do you think of humans?

Narius: They are indeed a very fascinating race, I must say.

Marc: Is that evasion on your part?

Narius: Not at all. I make no judgments in my line of work. We visit many planets and civilizations.

Marc: How would you say earth compares to other planets?

Narius: It’s energy is very tense, but dynamic. There is always a buzz in its atmosphere. If you look at the energy radiating off the planet, it is much more electric than you see in most other planets.

Diane: Why would that be? You aren’t talking about our depleted ozone?

Narius: No…I’m talking about the energy that it radiates outwards. It wouldn’t make much sense for me to go into a long discussion right now about where earth has challenges because we are limited on time.

Marc: That’s right…we are. Could you share with us any other missions that you’ve been on? Maybe something top-secret?

Narius: Well maybe I can share something with you. Let’s see….

I took a little break in the discussion in order to visualize what he was showing me. I saw a ship much like the one you would see in a Star Trek movie going out of orbit in a second. Then I saw a beam of light cutting a large plate of ice.

Narius: (who was reading my mind) Yes but the ship on Star Trek would probably fit into one of our cargo bays.

Diane: How accurate was a show like Star Trek?

Narius: Pretty accurate for its time actually.

I was reading Marc’s energy and he was just so thrilled to be here.

Marc: That’s right! When I was Marc, I would have given everything to be where we are now!

Diane: So the mission you are showing me Commander….was it really a secret?

Narius: Fairly secret. We were sent to move a glacier that would have been very destructive to the planet it was on if it couldn’t be broken up.

Diane: How did you break it up?

Narius: With lasers. We were able to break it and shift it to a more secure location.

Diane: That’s unbelievable! Was this earth?

Narius: I’m not allowed to divulge the location.

Marc: Fair enough! Can you tell us how many crew you have?

Narius: There are around 500 but they also have their families on board.

Marc: So the ship is able to house a large crew. Do you need to dock somewhere for supplies?

Narius: That is not necessary. The supplies come to us. We can dock, of course, but there really isn’t any need.

Marc: Do you have a diverse crew?

Narius: We do. Specialists from all over the galaxy (and a few beyond) have joined us. We have crew who tend to the ship, cook, communicate with other ships and planets, and medical staff. My time is running out for the interview. If you have a few more questions?

Diane: Marc?

Marc: Oh…okay…have you ever heard of the rock band T Rex?

Narius: What?

Diane: Marc!

I looked over at Marc who was shrugging his shoulders up in the air with his eyes really large and he mimed to me “What?”. I’m still laughing about that. Ever the rock star promoting his band. He was joking in a way, but he is so proud of the music that he made as Marc and always curious to see how far it reaches.

Diane: Do the families help in your missions?

Narius: Of course. Everyone here participates to some degree. The children are taught on board and prepare to either stay with us or venture out into lives elsewhere.

Marc: How many missions do you participate in? Are you constantly out there? Do you ever take vacations?

Narius: Yes of course. We all take breaks, but the ship is never off duty.

Diane: So your crew would also have scientists and biologists aboard too?

Narius: Yes as well as spiritual teachers and healers. We even have movies much like you would see on earth and recreation facilities.

Marc: It’s basically a huge city in the sky.

Narius: Aptly put Mr Bolan. I’m sorry, but I must end our meeting now as we have to leave.

Marc: Well I thank you Commander for taking time to speak with us. We are honored that you have been so generous in sharing your knowledge.

Narius: You are quite welcome. Part of our mission is to instruct and share information throughout the galaxy to those who inquire.

Diane: Thank you Commander!

The guard standing outside the door came into the room and showed us out. The next thing I knew, Marc and I were at our regular meeting place.

Diane: Wow Marc…that was something! Why didn’t you give me any warning?

Marc: Because you don’t always open up to communication until a certain time and I got as close to that as I could. It isn’t always easy trying to work around your meditation schedule and space ships!

Haha! He was just teasing me. He knows that he can speak to me whenever he wants.

Diane: So what did you think of the Commander? He seemed very open and friendly for someone in his position?

Marc: Well he is very well-known and popular. His crew is one of the best and are very dedicated to him.

Diane: No doubt. I didn’t really get any sense of the rest of the ship. I know it’s vast, but all I saw was the hallway.

Marc: That’s all they would allow us to see.

Diane: Weren’t you able to see more? Can you go aboard the ship right now and look around it if you wanted to?

Marc: Not without being detected.

Diane: They would pick you up?

Marc: Oh yeah….believe me they can.

Diane: Interesting. He didn’t seem phased at all that there was a human and a spirit walking down his hallway?

Marc: With all he has seen, one spirit rock star and one woman in the physical wouldn’t bother him.

Diane: So how does he see you Marc? As lights or in a physical form?

Marc: He could see me either way, but I was projecting as Marc in a physical form so that would probably be easier for him to see us in similar shapes.

Diane: Well that was amazing! I didn’t think that you could get it set up that fast!

Marc: Your wish my dear……

Diane: So sweet Marc!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

January 8, 2018

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