Bolan-Beaty Boogie Travel to Base Camp Level 7

Base Camp Level 7

Marc took me to a very interesting place – Base Camp Level 7. Bare with me for a bit, as it took me a while longer than normal to ascertain what goes on there. This story brought back a memory for me. I was reading one of Michael Newton’s books about lives in-between lives. One person had been regressed back to the time he was a spirit and saw a spirit friend thinking very hard. All of a sudden, a frog appeared. It wasn’t quite right, so the friend kept at it and multiple frogs were jumping around. The person asked his spirit friend, “What are you doing”? The friend said, “I’m making frogs. They start you out with easy things first”. The guy said “I thought Mother Nature created frogs?” His friend said, “Well who do you think Mother Nature is?” Sometimes you just never know what goes on behind the scenes.

Diane: Alright Marc…what are you showing me? Is this some kind of think tank?

When we arrived, I saw a room full of different colored lights, all joined with one red horizontal light. I asked to see the energy in shapes that would be more familiar to me and saw outlines of bodies with colored lights inside. They were all joined around the temples with the red line that looked like an electrical spark.

Marc: This is Base Camp Level 7.

Diane: What goes on here? Is this the spirit world?

Marc: This is spirit.

Diane: They are sitting in a big room with their eyes closed. It looks like they have invisible computers in front of them.

Marc: Try colors.

Diane: Oh okay…interesting…it looks like they are pushing squares and rectangles of colors around? Are you going to tell me where we are? I can see that they are working with energy. Once in a while, they pull a block from a higher level and blend it with the ones at the lower level.

Marc: They aren’t just working with it.

Diane: So the energy in front of them could be thoughts, feelings or emotions and they are passing them onto the next individual?

Marc: That’s right. Now can you make out the purpose?

Diane: No…not picking that up yet.

Marc: Think about it. Walk around and feel the energy in the room.

Diane: They seem very happy and serene. The energy is telling me that they enjoy this work and do it freely.

Marc: Go on…

Diane: Still don’t get what they are creating.

Marc: Ask the energy….ask it to show you more.

Diane: Do they know we are here?

Marc: Yes, of course.

Diane: But no one has looked at us?

Marc: They are in deep meditation. They don’t have to see you (even if they had physical eyes). They read energy – that’s their job.

Diane: We’ve seen a network of figures like this before. It was when we channeled Woodstock. The spirits joined together in a long line in order to make themselves a strong force and show that they were united.

Marc: That’s right.

Diane: Okay so I’m seeing blocks of energy and one spirit takes one from the spirit next to them. They add to it, the color changes and then passes it to the left. The mystery still is what are these energy blocks?

Marc: Keep working at it.

Diane: Can’t you just tell me?

Marc: I could, but you want experience looking at energy right? If I tell you everything…..

Diane: Yeah okay…I know….

Marc: Don’t rush it. They have all the time in the world.

Diane: Yeah, but do I? Now I’m being shown the scene at the end of the “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” where the Whos come out and join hands in the town square. They are so happy it’s Christmas morning, that they don’t even realize that the tree and presents have been stolen. That’s what changes the Grinch’s heart. He understands that Christmas doesn’t have to be about things but about love, being together and creating joy.

Marc: Yep.

Diane: They are creating joy, love and being together?

Marc: You are getting closer…keep going.

Diane: Can I get another image please. I see other spirits walking around in between the lines.

Marc: They are monitoring the energy. Don’t draw a blank and don’t think too hard. Let the information flow to you.

Diane: I’m feeling the wind, the breeze, a sunny day, the scent of a beautiful rose, the laughter of children on a playground, the babbling of a brook in the woods and the sound water makes when it goes down a waterfall. I see people celebrating a baby’s first birthday party.

Marc: What else?

Diane: Bells are ringing high on top a mountain and the sound filters down to the valley below.

Marc: What else? Don’t fall asleep on me!

Diane: I’m not! I’m just trying to take it all in. Now I get the feeling on a summer day when the sun is warming your face and you hear the sound of bees collecting pollen. Now I feel like I’m floating on my back in a lake and the waves are gently lapping up against the side of my body.

Marc: Okay now tell me what they are doing?

Diane: Are they creating all this?

Marc: No, you are reading the colored energy blocks in the room.

Diane: Are they pulling these thoughts and feelings from the Cosmic Consciousness?

Marc: Yes…keep going.

Diane: So is one figure building upon the next?

Marc: Not really. They are just keeping the energy active.

Diane: Wait! Are they transmuting the energy?

Marc: Bingo!

Diane: But this energy already seems beautiful?

Marc: Raise your vibration a bit more. Come join them. Sit down with them.

I sat down with them in the line. I remembered doing this myself as a spirit.

Diane: So they are transmuting lower energies into higher vibrational ones?

Marc: Bingo again. Someone has to do the work.

Diane: I sometimes ask my guides to transmute thoughts I’ve had.

Marc: They can send them here.

Diane: They wouldn’t do it themselves?

Marc: They could but more than likely, they will send them to a place like this.

Diane: Why wouldn’t they do it themselves?

Marc: Because these spirits are trained to do the work. It would depend on the guide.

Diane: So where are the lower energies coming from?

Marc: From base camps below this one. They start with those and transmute them with a higher vibrational one and move it down the line until it’s ready for the next level. (Marc didn’t want to take me to see the lower levels. It wouldn’t be energy that I would understand being human and the energy can be difficult to handle.)

Diane: So this is an energy transmutation factory? But it hasn’t got a factory feel to it. Everyone is peaceful, loving and totally “zen” for lack of a better word.

Marc: It takes a lot of dedication to be here….and training.

Diane: I guess as a spirit, I know about places like this?

Marc: Yeah, you’ve done the work yourself. For the individuals you see here, at this stage, it’s really a calling for them.

Diane: It’s wonderful! I guess I never thought about who transmutes energy in the spirit realms…angels?

Marc: You’re looking at them Hon. They are angels in their own right, but they aren’t known like Michael & Raphael. The higher angels do come here often. They taught them what they know.

Diane: Thank you so much for showing this to me!

Marc: My pleasure.

Diane: But Marc…Base Camp Level 7 sounds so military. Nothing here is even remotely like that.

Marc: Because you are associating “camp” with military. Here “camp” means togetherness, joining with others, building blocks upon blocks. Ask for an image of what a base camp means to you.

Diane: Okay…so I see a group of people waiting at the foot of a beautiful mountain in a ski lodge. They are all looking out the window at the peak of the mountain. The sun is setting and the mood is peaceful. They share a collective goal to scale the top and work their way up to a higher plateau.

Marc just smiled at me.

Later on, I asked him to confirm if the higher blocks of energy that they were pulling from were higher in vibration and then blended with the lower. He said yes. I said this seemed like a lengthy process. I assumed that energy transmutation was done in an instant. He said that would have been impossible to show me. He also said that there are many ways to transmute energy. He said in the physical, it can be also be done by water and heat.

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January 15, 2018

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  1. This sounds so beautiful! I have one question, does Marc plan on incarnating into a human again in the “future”? If so, when in our timeline?

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