Bolan-Beaty Boogie Take a Tour of Space

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As you may know, Marc loves to travel – especially in space. In fact, many of his songs are about planets and traveling throughout the galaxy. So we thought that we would start a series of adventures and describe whatever we run across. Marc is excited about this, because he wants to remind us that we aren’t alone, we can all do this and that the galaxy is a marvelous place! He says that one of the joys he experienced as a rock star was going to new countries on tour.

We start this adventure by running into what I can only describe as a “black blob”.  It appeared to be moving very slowly, but I’m sure that was just my perception.

Diane: Marc, what is this, and does it do anything besides move through the galaxy?

Marc: We can ask it.

Diane: Oh! Will it communicate? I think that in the past, we saw a purple mass, but you said it never spoke to you?

Marc: Well….this one will.

Diane: Gosh Marc…is this an individual?

Marc: No it’s a group.

Diane: Can you ask what it is? This isn’t a ship of some kind is it?

Marc:’s made of naturally occurring elements found in space. It says that its purpose is to travel, evolve and expand – enlarge itself physically as well as vibrationally.

Diane: It’s already pretty large. In fact, it’s massive!

Marc: It says it’s a nebula. Okay…I’ve got someone here. Nebula Cluster…can you communicate with us?

Nebula Cluster: We can. We are an intelligent species well adapted in many forms of speech and telepathic communication.

Marc: Yeah great. My friend Diane and I are here to speak with you and find out more about you, if that’s not too presumptuous?

Nebula Cluster: We have not seen this form of thought pattern before. Information may have to be gathered, sorted and transmitted on a slower than normal basis. (We were speaking with the spirit collective that composed it. Once they understood the way you communicated, it was in their memory banks so communication with them would be instantaneous going forward.)

Marc: Fair enough. Do you travel all over the galaxy?

Nebula Cluster: We do.

Marc: For what purpose?

Nebula Cluster: To expand our awareness and seek our vibrational nirvana.

Diane: Their what?

Marc: Vibrational nirvana.

Diane: What’s that – in their terms?

Marc: I’ll ask. Can you explain please.

Nebula Cluster: Our vibrational nirvana is the meeting of our yin and yang and there our search will end.

Marc: So you are seeking to find a part of yourself or another?

Nebula Cluster: Our quest is to merge, expand and grow with another whom we seek for just this purpose. Although we are whole as we are – as is everything in the universe, to expand and be whom we wish to become, we must meld ours with another of like substance.

Marc: How do you know that there is someone out there for you?

Nebula Cluster: Our knowing is complete.

Marc: So I guess they are saying that they know this other part is out there.

Diane: So Marc, it is searching for something so it can transition into something else?

Marc: That’s what it sounds like. Nebula….how do you know where to find it?

Nebula Cluster: Our course has been charted.

Marc: How do you know it’s still there?

Nebula Cluster: All is as planned.

Marc: Well at least they are sure of themselves.

Diane: So Marc, have you seen this before?

Marc: Yes, but I haven’t tried to communicate with it. There is a lot of stuff out here floating around. Take your pick. Nebula…do you consider yourself masculine or feminine?

Nebula Cluster: We do not go by a specific gender.

Diane: Marc…when you see something like this, can you tell if it will communicate with you right away?

Marc: Yes.

Diane: Have you made a lot of friends that way?

Marc: Not really. Stuff like this isn’t really in a friend making mode. It usually has a purpose and doesn’t deflect from it. At its core, it’s creating more of itself.

Diane: So no dinner parties with nebulae?

Marc: No.

Diane: It’s quiet in space.

Marc: Yes, but there are energies so strong that they pulsate.

Diane: What else can you tell us about traveling in space?

Marc: It’s wild! You can’t imagine how beautiful it is! Everything sparkles! Everything vibrates! Everything has its own agenda and it works together beautifully! The colors are outta this world (haha)!

Diane: Do you run across other spirits up here looking around too?

Marc: Sometimes…but like I said, it’s pretty massive.

Diane: How do you know where you are going?

Marc: I have built-in GPS.

Diane: Seriously?

Marc: Seriously.

Diane: Do you ever get tired of your travels?

Marc: No because there is always someplace new to go or someone to meet.

Diane: So do you see alien ships fly by?

Marc: Yeah, I can pick them up.

He showed me what they look like – which might be hard for me to describe. It looked like a narrow slit of yellow energy that moved so fast, it was barely perceptible.

Diane: How do know what it is?

Marc: You get used to what everything looks like.

Diane: Can you tell who is in the ship?

Marc: Oh yeah.

Diane: Could you go aboard it if you wanted?

Marc: That depends. I’m not really into popping in on anyone without letting them know.

Diane: How would you go about that?

Marc: I could send out a communication and they would pick it up. They have staff for just such a purpose. They monitor all incoming communications.

All of a sudden, these wonderful gold balls starting flying by us! They looked like Tinkerbell but didn’t have a formed figure.

Diane: Who are they Marc?

Marc: They are crystalline fragments of love.

Diane: What? Can you talk with them?

Marc: They don’t communicate with a language. They just send me love.

Diane: How wonderful!

Marc: They are my traveling companions.

Diane: Wow! They are beautiful! I’m getting that they offer you protection and that you have a past life connection with them?

Marc: Yes I was a war lord and I spared their village.

Diane: How many in the group?

Marc: About twenty usually but sometimes the numbers change.

Diane: It must be great to be a spirit and have access to so much knowledge?

Marc: Well you have access to it too, it’s just tapping into it. But it’s true, you can’t play stupid here even if you want to – won’t wash.

Diane: Like you were ever stupid!

Marc: I was good at playing innocent!

Diane: Okay I believe that.

One of the sparkles flew close to me. Its aura was about a foot around it. I tried to touch it, but it flew away. It created a buzz in the atmosphere.

Diane: They kind of remind me of a galactic hummingbird. Do they always travel with you? How do they find you when you want to take a trip?

(Marc said that on a spirit level, I’m very familiar with them as they travel with us. It’s something that I wanted to remember again.)

Marc: Yes, they are pretty much always with me. On the grid, they map out automatically where my energy is. Talk about built-in GPS! They are masters!

While they were traveling with us, they swirled in amazingly complicated patterns on both sides. They would come very close but never ran into each other. Beautiful!

Diane: Does it make you feel safer having them around?

Marc: Well….I enjoy their company. They do help pave my way and get energies out-of-the-way, but I never feel scared to travel.

Diane: So have you tried to follow them?

Marc: I have, but they can move faster than me.

Diane: Maybe they like T Rex music?

Marc just laughed and said “Maybe, but I don’t think that’s it”.

Diane: I think it’s odd that they don’t communicate verbally with you.

Marc: What can you do? That’s their thing.

Diane: Does Spirit (his dog) ever travel with you?

Marc: He does especially when I go see Dave (Bowie). He loves him.

We left our travels at that point, but check back with us soon to see what we discover on our next trip.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

January 24, 2018

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  1. I love Marc with all my heart and I feel like I know him personally. I know this is weird coming from a 63 yr old grand and great grandmother. I have had t-shirts made with photos of him on the 4 all different with t rex pic on back. He was born on my dad’s and sons birthday 9/30. He was only 5’4″ and I am only 5’1″. I truly talk to him at times which is odd I know. It’s like I feel him near me. I am a very sain down to earth person. All my grandkids make fun of me. He is the most beautiful man that ever lived!

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