Bolan-Beaty Boogie Have Another Afterlife Chat with David Bowie (and get an update on Bowie TV and more!)


Marc: Okay Dave…thanks for showing up. Diane got some requests for us to speak with you. People are interested in getting an update on Bowie TV and what you might be doing artistically.

Bowie: Well Marc…I’m really flattered that people are interested in finding out about my activities. As you know, there is nothing I’d rather talk about than Bowie TV.

Marc: Can you give us an update on how that is going?

Bowie: Well right now my attention is focused on increasing the bandwidth.

Marc: Anything else? Where have you been rallying to get this project more attention?

Bowie: Where haven’t I been is more to the point!

Diane: Dave how are you getting other races/planets/spirits involved?

Bowie: Through entertainment. We give them a theatrical event and then I give my speech about what I’m trying to do and see if they will come on board with it.

Marc: So right now, your focus is getting the word out on a wider scope. I think that last time we talked, you were more in the planning stages?

Bowie: That’s correct.

Marc: Now about the bandwidth that you talked about…is that literal or did you mean in terms of spreading the word?

Bowie: It’s a little of both. The more interest we can get behind this only builds up the focus. Focus is energy and energy is power.

Marc: So in terms of what you set as your goal, how far are you?

Bowie: About 15% but that is quite a ways considering the short time my focus has been on it.

Marc: Can you remind the readers what Bowie TV is and your goal for it?

Bowie: To build a platform where anyone in the galaxy and spirit realm can communicate with each other. If you can communicate and see each other face to face, the chances of misunderstandings and fear can diminish.

Marc: How will this work for places like earth that aren’t technically advanced enough for this?

Bowie: They can work towards the same goal. Releasing fear and replacing it with compassion and love is something that everyone on earth can do right now. Instead of judging each other, try to find out who the other person is and why they may feel differently than you. Open communication on earth may appear to be in the distant future, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s up to everyone there to decide where they want their planet and race to be – living in fear or living in love. The former will only delay the path that you are going towards. It’s a cosmic “done deal” that we all must move forward and raise our vibrations. It’s up to you how fast you want that to happen.

Diane: Dave in the past, you’ve shown us massive screens that you envision using for this. Have any of these been constructed?

Bowie: Yes Diane they have. We have several already in place throughout the galaxy. We have five major key supporters who are testing them with us.

Diane: Can you explain how it works?

Bowie: Sure. I would stand in front of the screen and “tune into” the energy of the individual or group whom I wanted to contact. They will telepathically receive a message that I’m trying to connect to them.

Diane: I see you touching the screen (He was showing me a personal sized version of it. The screen was vibrating and lighting up.) So can you power the large screens yet?

Bowie: That is what we are working on now.

Diane: So I’m a little confused. As a spirit, can’t you call upon Source energy to power something like this? Isn’t energy unlimited?

Bowie: You would think that but the focus isn’t there yet.

(I was told that an individual spirit – unless at a highly evolved vibrational level – couldn’t do all of this on their own.)

Marc: This is a massive undertaking Dave. How is the pressure going for you? You are also doing some music on the side?

Bowie: That’s right Marc. You’ve been by to hear some of the songs. What did you think?

Marc: I thought that there were a few that could make it as a single…yeah.

Diane: Marc and I went to one of your recent performances. It was very low-key. You were wearing a unitard that had brown & green swirls. Was this for a character or just a stage costume?

Bowie: I’m still in the planning stages but the inspiration for my new show is introspection. If you remember, my prior performance was looking outward to the galaxy and planets. I’ll be calling on all my past and future lives – many of which have been/will be rather eccentric and bringing them forward to be participants.

Marc: I didn’t see that bit. When did you start doing this?

Bowie: When you weren’t looking…..

Marc: Oh.

Diane: Is this a tour?

Bowie: Not yet. I’m still working on the songs, music and visuals. It’s not going to be over the top.

Marc: Yeah man…you’ll get back stage passes for Diane and myself right?

Bowie: If you give me some for your next gig!

Marc: But I’m not doing any!

Bowie: I know…and what is up with that Mr Bolan? Time you got out there and made some more music.

Marc: I’m not in the mood right now. It takes too much out of me.

Diane: Dave, I think that you wanted to point out that Bowie TV has to travel between very great distances. Is that why it’s so vital to build up as much energy to get it up and running?

Bowie: That’s right Diane. We’re starting off with locations that aren’t too far away from each other.

Diane: So Dave, would you let Marc go on tour with you?

Marc: That’s not going to be happening. We haven’t always had the best results when we share a stage.

Bowie: Yeah, but we’ve always have fun!

Bowie left us at that point but Marc and I continue the conversation.

Diane: Gosh, Dave’s new show sounds intriguing. I would love to see all his personas coming forward.

Marc: Yeah…I think it’s a new angle.

Diane: So he’s being inspired by himself. He was also telling me that he has invited those spirits who have been with him throughout these incarnations to come and share in the performance with him. They are free to contribute however they are inspired to do so. He said that they helped shape him as a spirit and he wants to share this with them. Also, since the performances would be “live”, they would change each time depending on what the others wanted to do – so each one would be unique. He also mentioned that as Bowie, he was already pulling on past and future incarnations of himself. Marc, what forms of energy is Dave using for Bowie TV?

Marc: Gamma rays, solar rays, fossil fuels and the energy from every individual focused on it. If you think about it, when masses of individuals focus on something, it will garner power in that direction and cause it to happen. It tips the scales until at some point, it manifests.

Diane: Dave kept saying to me that he considers himself a “performance artist”. He mentioned that he wished he’d been able to do more of that on earth but the music was more accessible to people.

Marc: He likes to use all aspects of his spirit to express himself.

Diane: Is Dave a lot different as a spirit than he was when you knew him in the physical?

Marc: No not a lot. He is still very loyal. He truly cares about others. He won’t let you give up hope on your ambitions. If you feel discouraged, he will back you up and if you feel lonely, he will be by your side.

Diane: Anything else?

Marc: He still likes to use make-up.

Diane: He doesn’t have any plans to go back into the physical does he?

Marc: Not for a while.

UPDATE: Last night Dave asked us to join him very suddenly. He was excited as he had just been asked to be a speaker at a Galactic Federation summit meeting. We saw him talking with one of the Federation members. Dave will be brought aboard one of several ships that will be used for the meeting. I ask what other topics will be discussed.

Bowie: All kinds of topics. Discussions about energy supplies, who will be admitted into the Federation, what is going on in different galaxies. This is very special for me because I’m not someone who would normally be asked to participate.

Diane: They must feel that your communication system is worthy of a listen then?

Marc: Do you have your speech prepared? I’ve heard you rehearsing some in the past.

Bowie: I kind of go with the flow in this kind of situation, but I do have to cover key points. I call upon some other spirits whom I work with to help me out.

While Bowie is talking to the Federation member, Marc and I have our own conversation.

Diane: Marc, will you go?

Marc: If I am invited. If he gets uptight, I can offer a good giggle and ease the tension.

Diane: Does he go alone on these things?

Marc: No he has a group that he travels with. They keep his ducks in a row…his entourage. He had them on earth too.

Diane: You had people working for you as well.

Marc: Yeah when you become famous, that’s usually what happens. Part of it is for pure logistics. You can’t do it all yourself.

Diane: I think that you helped out people financially too right? Admit it, you could be a nice guy.

Marc: Oh yeah…I could be a really nice guy. I’m not ashamed to say that. I remembered what it was like to be skint.

Diane: Hopefully, we’ll be able to do a report on the summit meeting and let everyone know how it went. Best of luck Dave!

Marc told Bowie he would “see him around” and we head off back home.

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February 2, 2018






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  1. I would love to hear an update on David’s summit meeting and how Bowie TV is going! I am a huge fan and am not at all shocked he would be working on such an amazing project.

    • Hi Jodi – Okay so Marc said that the summit meeting went very well – better than Dave anticipated. He worked really hard to be ready to answer any kind of question that was put to him. For instance, although it’s his brainchild, he has a team helping him with all the techincal aspects of Bowie TV. He was really proud of the fact that he was able to answer all the questions put to him, except for one. Right now, he is meeting with those individuals and groups who have shown interest in helping out and working with him. When he has more to report, I’m sure he’ll come and chat with us again.

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