Bolan-Beaty Boogie’s Afterlife Interview with Steve Clark from Def Leppard

Steve Clark

Marc and I got a request to see if we could get Steve Clark on our show. This interview was very interesting for me, because I had never heard of him, nor did I know what he looked like (although I kept getting masses of blonde hair with a tall, lanky body). Usually, a spirit hangs around me for a few days before they come to talk, but Steve showed up at the last-minute. Marc always enjoys it when we have a fellow rocker visit.

Marc: Welcome Steve to the Bolan-Beaty Boogie Show!

Steve appears to Marc’s right. I hear the clapping and cheering that I often hear when we introduce a guest.

Steve: Thanks Marc very much for that welcome. This is surprising for me to be coming forward like this actually. It’s not something that I would have thought of doing.

Diane: Marc…how did you locate him?

Marc: Ways and means Diane.

Diane: Okay Marc…take it away!

Marc: So Steve, I’m interested in why you said this is something that you’d not normally be doing. Why is that?

Steve: Well because I’ve been gone quite awhile in earth years. It’s great to still be remembered.

Marc: Diane isn’t familiar with you at all.

Diane: No I’m not. But of course, I’ve heard of Def Leppard and know a few songs.

Steve: Yeah..well..okay..that’s good.

Marc: So let’s get down to the interesting stuff, if you don’t mind – an ice breaker I guess. So man, you passed early like me. Would you care to share the reason for that or is it something that you prefer to keep personal? We’re cool with whatever is comfortable for you.

Steve: No I don’t mind sharing the reason. Well I left early because I was poisoning my system – my body – to the point that it could no longer function.

Marc: Was there an underlying cause for that?

Steve: Some of it came from my early years. Let’s just say I had “inner turmoils” that I never resolved in that incarnation. There was a lot of partying and drinking. I picked the right occupation in order to self destruct.

Marc: Was that planned before you came down or just something that happened once you were in the physical?

Steve: Self control was something that I planned to experience that time for sure. I bottled emotions up – didn’t let things go – it wasn’t second nature for me. I wanted to look inwards, but sometimes when I didn’t like what I saw, drink helped me not deal. (Steve passed over in 1991 due to alcohol and drug poisoning.)

Marc: Yeah, I had some of that too. I think that escaping from the physical life you’ve chosen can be seen as a negative thing, but I think it’s really up to the individual and what they choose to experience. Of course, it’s nicer to have the positive vibe experience, but that isn’t always the case.

Steve: Yeah I would agree with that 100 percent Marc. While on earth, people may see you self destruct and yeah it isn’t a pretty thing to witness. But it might be what they came down to do that time. I got caught up in so much inner conflict that I couldn’t let it go.

Marc: Well what was it like for you, man, as a rock star? Were there any aspects of that lifestyle that you enjoyed?

Steve: Being with my mates in the band. The feeling that I was part of a group. I tended to be a loner at times, so it was nice to feel part of something – but it was a whirlwind. I remember how big you were Marc!

Marc: Yeah…I was really big. So where did your inspiration for your songs come from?

Steve: Life really. We were a heavy metal band. We took the music seriously, but we also liked to party, have fun and play music.

Marc: Did you like to tour?

Steve: That made things more difficult for me as it added more pressure. I wasn’t the best at handling any kind of pressure. That usually brought on a long bought of self-destructive behavior.

Marc: So now that you are in spirit, all is well. Can you see any pattern there for you that you might want to share to help our readers?

Steve: It’s finding a healthy outlet for your fears. Man, I know that I was in a heavy metal band, and people who are in them probably wouldn’t be thought of as spiritually enlightened gurus. But covering up pain and emotions you don’t want to feel is only going to take you down a path that you might want to think twice about going down. I think that times on earth now are a bit different. People are opening more to other sides of themselves. Who knows, if I was down there now, starting out, maybe I would have chosen to do things differently. Rock music is a relentless lifestyle at times. I had people around me who tried to help me, but I just shut them out. I wasn’t going to be an office worker. I chose to live life the way I did, but I wasn’t there for long as a consequence. My body just couldn’t take it anymore. It gave up.

He was showing me a turnstile that he was saying he got on and couldn’t get off.

Marc: Looking back, do you have any regrets about that?

Steve: Well I left many sad friends, family and fans, but I did it because I learned a lot from doing it that way. I’m not sorry that I had the opportunity to be the person I was then. Everything is an experience. You build upon that every physical incarnation you take. There is no losing here. There is nothing to say that you were wrong or bad. It helps you evolve and it’s a priceless opportunity.

Marc: Yeah…I hear that man! So how was your transition over? Smooth? Bumpy?

Steve: It was quick. I didn’t really look back much. I did some well-earned and needed detox when I got back over. I got the chance to look at why I made the choices I did and what, maybe, I could have done differently. I could have handled certain situations in another way – developed more understanding instead of drinking myself into a coma.

Marc: Yeah..well that sounds good. Okay so what rocks your boat now?

Steve: I like to read actually.

Marc: Really?

Steve: Yeah really. I like to be quiet and introspective.

He showed me his peaceful existence. He was sitting in a Japanese garden wearing a kimono, oval glasses and reading a book. It was very serene and he was sitting next to a bird feeder.

Marc: Yeah, that’s really different.

Steve: I like to travel as well. I like new experiences. I’m really, at my core, a spirit who likes things tranquil and peaceful. Coming into the lifestyle as a rock star was a big change for me and was a life of great experience to see how I would handle it.

Marc: That’s a very interesting view-point. So you wanted to experience something very different from your normal self?

Steve: Yes, I set up certain perimeters for myself and I needed to have the means of bringing situations into my path that I could react to. Some of it came from me and some from outside sources. It’s hard to explain. There just wasn’t a cut off switch when I started drinking. I was interested in wanting to experience self-control.

Marc: So any words for your fans on earth?

Steve: Well I’m sorry to the fans for leaving when I did, but the lifestyle being so different from me, it was hard to continue with it. It was a novel experience for me, and I did give myself a few outs and chose an early one. I am grateful for the time I had as Steve, but enjoyed getting back to being whom I really am now.

Marc: So any plans for another physical incarnation?

Steve: I briefly incarnated as a girl but only stayed for about 10 years. I think that I’ll try sticking around for longer next time. That involves more planning and it does get tiring, but it gives you time to really delve into the experience that you are having. I tend to lose interest sooner than most I think.

Marc: Well Steve, we thank you for coming on the show. Any last words?

Steve: Well I enjoyed this Marc – this chance to speak. Like I said, I wasn’t really expecting it so you just never know what comes your way on this adventure.

Marc: Well thanks very much and good luck to you Steve!

Marc and I talk later….

Diane: Marc, what a really nice guy! He kept showing me the scene of the peaceful time he has now – sitting in his garden and feeding the birds. He kept saying “inner turmoil” to me and showing me this whirling ball inside. He was saying that he didn’t know how to dissipate it. He mentioned that he had issues with self-worth and wanting to prove that something he did had value. He said he chose to experience this because this is totally alien to you as a spirit. There, you don’t question your self worth and everything you do is valued because you know that you are contributing to the whole.

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February 27, 2018



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  1. (Tried to publish this comment last night. I don’t think it went through, but in case it did, my apologies if you see it twice.)

    When Steve said “I did give myself a few outs and chose an early one,” I know he is talking about exit points. Some spiritual teachers believe we get up to five of them when planning out our lives – five different ages we can choose to cross over.

    Was Marc on his final exit point in 1977 or was it an early one? Thanks.

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