Bolan-Beaty Boogie Visit an Alien Catacomb


Marc is always looking for interesting places for us to visit. Here we travel in time to discover alien catacombs and speak with a spirit who tells us the story.

Diane: Anything on the agenda for tonight?

Marc: Want to take a trip to space?

Diane: Yeah, that’s fun!

Marc: Okay let’s go! Take my hand!

As we are traveling, we see our Galactic Hummingbird friends light our path. These are light beings who travel with us for protection and love. (For their story see our post Bolan-Beaty Adventures Take a Tour of Space – Trip #1).

Marc: Yeah, they will light our path energetically.

Diane: Really?

Marc: Really.

Diane: Where are we going Marc?

Marc: I’ll tell you once we get there.

I see a large mass of jumbled metal floating about in space.

Diane: Marc! What’s that? It looks like weird space ship debris.

Marc: It’s weird space ship debris.

The Galactic Hummingbirds form a pattern like a spiral tunnel for us to travel.

Diane: So they know where we are going?

Marc: Yes, of course.

Diane: I can’t make out where we are. Where is the earth in relation to us?

Marc: Behind you.

Diane: All I see is black!

We arrive at our destination, but all I see is mist.

Diane: Marc…getting nothing. Where are we? All I see is mist.

Marc: This is Misty Mountain Hop!

Diane: What? Isn’t that a Led Zeppelin song? Can you help me tune in?

Marc: Sure….focus your third eye like a camera lens.

Diane: Okay, now all I see is you jumping up and down and sticking your tongue out at me!

Marc: Well at least you are seeing something!

Diane: Okay…wait…are we at the alien catacombs again? Oh geez…well I guess third time is the charm.

Marc: That’s what they say.

We had been to this location several times already. Each time we left, I found myself asking for more information, so I assume that’s why we have returned.

Diane: Okay so we are in a cave and nothing here but these ten alien pods that we saw before. I think that last time we were here, you said that they were Nordic hybrids. So why are we here again?

Marc told me that while he was looking for places for us to visit, he had come across these alien pods (he says using his “funked out radar device”) and thought it would be interesting for us to discover what we could about them. He showed me how he did it. He said that he scanned locations and picked up heat energies from their bodies and quickly they stopped so he figured something had to have happened. Last time we came, I looked inside of one of the pods, but I could only make out the jaw line of someone as the glass was iced over. If you touch the pod, energy about who was inside and their history started playing out like one of those devices you’d see at a science museum.

Diane: Well since they don’t appear to be conscious or alive, how can we get more information about them? Can we contact one of them via the spirit side and ask questions?

Marc: Bingo! (He has been saying that a lot lately!)

Diane: Okay…I see the spirit of a young man approaching – very tall in a blue cape with a yellow aura around him.

He bowed his head to us.

Spirit: You have requested my presence, and so I have come forward to answer your questions.

Diane: Marc….can you take over please.

Marc: Hello! I’m Marc and this is Diane.

He just bowed his head again.

Marc: We are sorry to intrude here, but I had come across this location and we were wondering about what happened. Are you one of the bodies here?

Spirit: I am.

Marc: So can you tell us about this place?

Spirit: It was a rescue station.

Diane: So I’m getting that you came here when your planet was in peril or no longer safe?

Spirit: We came to seek refuge as there was an asteroid that was in the direct flight path of my planet. We were doomed. It was either take flight or perish.

Marc: So you took flight. Obviously you had the means to space travel?

Spirit: Yes we did, but were not prepared for the journey nor equipped to travel far. We made an emergency landing here.

Marc: So you were not able to travel far or to transmute a signal to get help?

Spirit: We tried to send out a signal. Everyone we knew on our planet was gone.

Diane: So you saw it destroyed?

Spirit: We did.

Diane: I’m so sorry!

Marc: Now that you are in spirit, you are well and happy?

Spirit: That is so.

Marc: So how long were you here and why the pods?

Spirit: We took the pods as we knew that they could prolong life, but unfortunately, once our source of power was gone (the energy that we were able to bring in the ship), it exhausted our means to keep the pods operative.

Marc said something to him that I didn’t quite make out.

Marc: Yeah, man….I’m asking if his transition was peaceful and how he is now. He said that this was many incarnations ago for him and all is well.

Diane: Marc can you ask his name?

Marc: Oh yeah…that was rude of me wasn’t it. (Marc whispered to me “Should I ask ‘Hey dude! What’s your name?” ‘

Diane: Whatever….

Marc: Sorry man, we didn’t get your name?

Spirit: Reku

Marc: Hmm…interesting.

Diane: Marc..since we have Reku here with us, can we ask some questions? If we go on top, would there be buildings or any kind of life?

Marc: Not here…no.

He was showing me what the surface looked like and it reminded me of a lunar landscape.

Marc: So man…were you able to live on this planet for any length of time? How long in earth terms did you last?

Reku: I am not familiar with the passage of time as they know it on that planet. But I will be one with myself, if you will be kind enough to wait for an answer.

He closed his eyes for a few seconds and then opened them slowly.

Reku: We lasted for fifteen of your earth days.

Marc: Oh man..not that long then.

Reku: We came to terms with our eventual fate and passed over peacefully.

Marc: Well that’s good to hear.

Diane: Reku, do you mind answering some more questions? We are very curious about you.

Reku: I am open to having an exchange of energy between us.

Marc: That means “yes”.

Diane: I know that!

Marc: So you all transitioned peacefully once in the pods. How did that happen?

Reku: The pods were initially used to allow us to survive on this planet and then used to gradually transition ourselves over to Spirit once our energy source was exhausted.

Marc: So it was painless?

Reku: It was.

Diane: So they felt nothing?

Marc: I guess not. Reku, are you in a physical incarnation now or only in Spirit?

Reku: Well, as you know, there are many dimensional beings that make up a whole in different phases of time. But if you are asking if I am in any physical incarnations at the current time as earth would know it, then yes, I am in three.

Diane: Well Reku, I am sorry that you passed over in this way. I feel a little awkward being here.

Reku: There is no need for discomfort. Marc, being in spirit, is fully aware of this as well. We must all transition to our natural state of awareness and compared to other incarnations that I’ve experienced, this was very peaceful.

Marc: So you came here to tell us that we are all one here right?

Reku: That is correct. We can incarnate, but we will all transition back to our true state of being well, love, light and to be one with all that is.

Marc: Well Reku, we thank you for taking time to speak with us.

Then…he was gone!

Diane: Marc, we’ve spoken to several spirits throughout our travels and some (including the Collective energies) seem to speak in the same way. Not to cause any offense, but they don’t seem to have what humans would term much of a “sense of humour”. You are spirit, but you aren’t like that at all. What’s going on with that?

Marc: That’s just the face that they want to show. I was getting that he was bringing forward a very small percent of whom he is.

Diane: So he didn’t have a lot of focus in this?

Marc: No….not much. It’s whatever they choose to project. You just have to take what you get.

Diane: Well, it was very nice of him to come forward at all. So why didn’t they send out some kind of communication signal?

Marc: I think he said that they did try, but their communication devices were damaged on the flight down and there wasn’t anyone around who could hear it.

Diane: Could the outcome have been different for them?

Marc: Well I think they did what they could with the time allowed. They chose to leave and see if they could make it.

Diane: So the reason that he came to us was to bring attention to the fact that as energy, we are endless?

Marc: That’s right. He came to tell us about what happened to them and let people know that his passing was not painful. He has had many incarnations since that one. It wasn’t the end for any of them, nor will it be for any of us.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

March 6, 2018

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  1. Very interesting. Yes, some of my spirit peeps are very collective in nature and don’t have what I would call a personal persona which can make them seem very blunt when one communicates and well not really human LOL. It’s like you are speaking to part of an expression of who they really are etc etc..

    Maybe you and Marc can ask more questions about being Collective?

    • Well he has told me that some Spirits who are in Collectives either haven’t been human or their focus is so far removed from any human incarnation that they may have had that it makes their perspective different from ours – so their communications with us might sound a bit stilted. He said that if their main focus is communicating with humans, they will “human it up” so we can better relate to them.

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