Bolan-Beaty Boogie’s Afterlife Interview with Greg Lake of Emerson, Lake and Palmer

We continue our afterlife interviews with members of the 1970s progressive rock band Emerson, Lake and Palmer (see our interview with Keith Emerson from March 14th). Here Greg Lake, vocalist and guitarist of the band, joins Marc and myself for a quick chat. Marc was rushing me again, so that usually means we have a guest.

Greg Lake

Diane: So what’s up for tonight Marc? Do we have a guest?

Marc:  We might…..

Diane: Greg Lake is with you isn’t he?

Marc: Yes he is. Okay, let’s get this show on the road! Diane, are you taking this down?

Diane: Yeah. It looks like you just put one of those small old-fashioned mics around your neck?

Marc: Yeah…so what?

I see Greg Lake walk into the scene and sit on a stool next to Marc. He is wearing a white suit and smiling.

Marc: Alright then…Diane, I’d like to introduce you to Greg. I believe that you know who he is?

Diane: Yes, of course Marc. I really loved your music when I was a teenager!

Greg: Well thank you very much Diane. It’s really wonderful to hear that.

Marc: We just had your band mate Keith on the show recently.

Greg: Yes, I’m aware of that.

Marc: What did he tell you about his experience? Did he like us? Did he think we asked really good questions?

Greg: He didn’t go into that much detail actually Marc. He said that he really enjoyed the experience and it helped with his recovery. He hoped it would help anyone who might be suffering with depression.

Marc: Okay…let’s get started with some questions. Are we going too fast for you Diane?

Diane: No…I’m okay.

Marc: Let’s start out with one of our standard questions. Greg, what made you decide to come on the Bolan-Beaty Boogie show? We tried to connect with you when you had just passed over, but it was too soon for you?

Greg: Yes, it was too early at that point for me to discuss my life as Greg. I’ve been through several sessions of healing – lengthy sessions – done the soul spa for healing and feel in a much better place.

Marc: So some of our readers are very curious about the whole passing over bit. Can you tell us how it was for you?

Greg: Well…as you know, I passed from the physical with cancer (in December 2016). It felt like a lengthy process. I’m not sure if it’s better to know what is going to get you or have it happen all of a sudden? In any case, I did have the time to make peace with many aspects of that life, but I didn’t feel that I was ready to go. I was still enjoying my life.

Marc: How much music were you doing at that time?

Greg: Not much really in public. I would do the odd small venue or specialty concert once in a while, but nothing like it used to be.

Marc: Did you still enjoy performing or was that something you never enjoyed doing?

Greg: I didn’t enjoy the endless touring of the early days, that’s for sure – but it was an exciting time – being a rock star. I did enjoy seeing new countries. I remember thinking how large the US was.

Marc: What made you want to be a musician?

Greg: Well I loved music and found I had a bit of a voice. It helped me get out of myself. I had started writing songs when I was a young lad. It just seemed to come out of me. Once I learned to play the guitar, it sealed the deal.

Marc: What was it like for you when you became famous? Was that trip something that you enjoyed?

Greg: I didn’t enjoy my privacy being invaded. I had a young family and I liked to keep them out of the limelight.

Marc: The band was really big around the same time as me. We knew many of the same musicians and worked with them on and off.

Greg: That’s right. The British music scene back then was pretty small when you think about it now. ELP lasted a little while, but like most bands, some of the fans went elsewhere when our style of music started to become less popular.

Marc: Yeah man, you guys were into the one song per LP side. That’s what they were trying to get me to do.

Greg: Well it worked for us, but if you didn’t feel it, it wasn’t right for you.

Marc: That’s what I’m saying man….What was the best thing you can say about being a rock star?

Greg: The high I got from the audience when they expressed how much they loved my music. Of course, it’s nice for anyone when you realize that what you do – no matter what that might be – is enjoyed by others. I loved creating music, so it was really something when our music started to be played on the radio. Who doesn’t want fame when you are just starting out as a musician? There were some great times, but like most bands, we had some rough times as well – egos got bruised. Keith and I have met over here and we laugh about all the struggles we went through together. We agreed that things could have been much smoother, but it was what it was. Is that why you chose to be the head of your band Marc?

Marc: Yeah man. I knew what I wanted and that was how it was going to work the best for me. So now that you’ve passed over Greg, what have you been up to? You said that you had been going through some healing. How is that going?

Greg: Things are much brighter than they were. It did take me awhile to adjust to my new surroundings here…to let Greg go. I know that for some spirits, it’s very easy for them to step out of who they were, but for me, it took awhile.

Marc: Are you doing any music or anything creative?

Greg: I am still interested in music, but I’m been dabbling in film as well. It’s not really “film” as they know it on earth.

Marc: Can you explain how it is different?

Greg: Well it’s still considered a visual art form – but there isn’t actually any film obviously.

Marc: What have you been “filming” then?

Diane: I’m trying to understand what Greg is showing me. I see him standing alone – outside – in stunning landscapes. I’m getting that he is using the scenery to aid his healing – equating the energy in each location to what he is feeling emotionally?

Greg: Yes Diane, that’s about right….yes.

Marc: Are you showing them to anyone yet?

Greg: Yes a few here and there.

Marc: Diane, do you have any questions for Greg?

Diane: Oh gosh…this happened with Keith. I couldn’t think of anything to ask after so many years….

Greg: Well, that’s okay. If something comes to you, let us know.

Marc: Did you have any spiritual beliefs as Greg?

Greg: I wasn’t religious if that’s what you mean. I had a few things happen to me – some of them were family things – that made me think that there was more to this physical life than most people believed. I had an inner knowing that this wasn’t the end.

Marc: So what are your plans now?

Greg: Well, I’m a bit in limbo right now – trying to figure out what to do next. I’m not making any decisions about anything – like another incarnation. There are still aspects of my life as Greg that I still want to look at. There is no rush, as you know.

Diane: I guess Greg, since I enjoyed your music, I was wondering how much you enjoyed creating it?

Greg: Well early on, I think I enjoyed it more. Then when all the record companies got involved and we were making them a lot of money, it became a business. That took some of the joy of out it for me. Music was how I expressed myself, but then it turned into a money-making adventure. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed having the money – that’s what you want – fame and fortune – so it’s a catch-22. Then of course, I got used to the rock star lifestyle, but when musical tastes change and you are no longer packing stadiums, that can be a hard blow to your ego.

Marc: So do you think that you will team up with Keith and do any music together?

Greg: Oh no! That’s not in the cards. I think we did our bit together last time.

Marc: Okay well Greg, I think we’ll wrap this up. Diane, anymore questions?

Diane: No I’m fine Marc. Thanks so much Greg for coming to see us!

Marc: Yeah man! Thanks for showing up! Any last words for our readers?

Greg: No Marc, I think I’m good. I just hope that if anyone out there is still listening to my music, I hope that they enjoy it. I had some songs that I was really proud of, others not so much, but it would give me a great deal of pleasure to know that they are still being enjoyed by people.

Marc: I’m sure that they are Greg! Thanks again!

Marc and Greg took off their microphones, shook hands and Greg was gone!

Diane: Gee Marc, that was so nice to meet him after all this time. It seems like many people had their favorite bands growing up.

Marc: Yeah, and I’m sure that T Rex was the favorite of many!

Diane: Yes, Marc…I know that you are being silly, but I think that you are right! I guess it’s up to each spirit how much and fast they can let go of the life they just left? Is it often hard to let go?

Marc: Well it really depends on the individual. I’ve had it both ways. Some are so relieved to be back in spirit and don’t give the life they just led another thought. But for others, it take a little longer.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

April 10, 2018



2 responses to “Bolan-Beaty Boogie’s Afterlife Interview with Greg Lake of Emerson, Lake and Palmer”

  1. I have been working on this for a week, 🙃

    I have finally worked up the nerve to drop you a line.

    Hope you are both well.

    I love the posts of your spirit adventures .

    I strangely, but not so strange in our world, was led to your site through Benjamin Orr (Orzechowzski), formerly known for his fantastic musical talent with the band The Cars.

    I loved the Cars and the music of the 70’s/80’s growing up as a teen as I went through some very interesting journey’s on this go round back on the planet earth.

    I loved the music of the times and your band’s creative music as T Rex as well. I remember The Sweet – Rip Brian and Mic, David Bowie, the Eagles, David Cassidy, and on and on. I was very young when you were the scene. Of course bang a gong and 20 th century boy stuck with me to this day. They raise my energy levels😉

    Well lets see here. I guess I was brought back to music and the 70’s-80’s era for some reason. I have been dealing with an illness for years, and luckily never realizing that I had it after falling through many cracks since I was a kid. Now after 7 years of weirdness is the best I can say, the pathogens determined, caused a lot of havoc. I feel released now that I have the knowledge I do, and one of the interesting things is my direction back into creativity. I have been locked out of the non-ordinary for some time now. Especially for some reason the frequencies of music. I was transported back in my years to all those frequencies of song and music that had a profound effect on my early years and now I can go back a ways and start to see what it all means. Especially since the great awakening stage that is upon us on this planet now.

    I did not know Benjamin had transitioned nor you Marc or Brian Connolly, I was drawn in to researching and getting a glimpse into your lives.

    It began one day when All of a sudden out of no where, Ben’s energy geometry showed up about 6 weeks after I learned of the Rock n Roll Hall inductees for 2018. I started reminiscing when I heard my fav bands The Cars, as well as The Moody Blues, Bon Jovi and Dire Straits were the inductees. Most Probably the collective was boosted in a huge way. A month later I am chilling one evening and I am starting to watch – you tube videos of live music that you all performed. What a flashback to the days of my living those songs and of course my tumultuous growing pains lol.

    I felt Ben’s energy very strongly. I was thinking about a few top world musicians who had passed as well who share my bday as it was just past my bday in Jan. All of a sudden I was pulled into Ben’s world and I started researching more about the Cars and his life. I do not recall knowing much about bands and their members when I was young but I did have a dream that I did not know was Ben in it until I saw a photo of him when he was in France touring. It blasted me when I saw it and it was as if I was there while the photos were being taken in my astral form Then when I see it a decade later this present winter I was like what the😳. So i researched more and more and eventually this led me to your site and channelling, and voila. A Ben interview Jan 17 2017. And the day one of my niece’s was born to boot. So then I started researching you and your music history Marc, very interesting as well, which led to Bowie’s, Glenn Fry, Chris Cornell, Prince. Sort of gathering knowledge of your lives. So very interesting to see the dark night of the soul playing through you all and how everyone coped with it and how things ended up before passing.

    Through your work on your site I get to pick up and see how things keep evolving on the flipside of this planet.

    I at one point when Benjamin’s energy was present, started painting, and drew a head portrait of Ben with a crappy little pencil on some printer paper. Ive never done that, and a painting synchronistically matched a song as I ended up with an Orangey sky and sun portal. When L listened to song Bye Bye Love, he had sang vocals on there it was.😳. So I must say all I can figure is he is helping me out somehow. Thanks Ben, whatever the reason. I will keep working on the lyrics as well. I don’t write songs but it appears I started one lol 🤔

    Well thanks for reading about my short form version of the last 5 months experience. Strange as it is it is indeed intriguing. I really enjoy the channellings.

    Keep on rolling. Hug the trees and feel breeze. Life is all a miracle.

    Cheers, 😎👍🏾. V

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    • Wow! Thank you so much for taking the time and sharing your story with us. Marc and I love to hear from people and about their experiences, as we are just sharing ours as well. The main comment that we hear from people is that they are connecting to many of the spirits that we are bringing through in our interviews. No surprise as they are eager to help us and more and more people are tuning into the spirit side of themselves.
      Ben is a lovely spirit! I’m not surprised to read that he is helping you creatively. I think that he told me that he is doing painting now, so assisting you with that would make sense. When I first started communicating with Marc, I knew nothing about him, so it’s been a journey for me too! Take care and enjoy connecting with Spirit! They are there to help whenever you need them! Best, Diane

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