Bolan-Beaty Boogie Meet with David Bowie in his Afterlife Idyllic “Shangri-La”


Diane: Okay Marc, so what’s on for tonight?

Marc: I guess that we could go somewhere and see whom we run into?

Diane: Sounds good to me!

Marc: C’mon.

Marc grabs hold of my hand and off we go again on another journey!

Diane: I see our protection fairies lighting our way again. They are so beautiful – swirling around us. They move so fast, I’m barely able to follow the path they make.

We are moving at a very fast speed, when all of a sudden, we slow down and come to a stop. It’s as if we are in a huge matte black box. I can’t see anything around me.

Diane: Marc, what’s this?

Marc: This is called “traveling through a vortex”.

Diane: What?

Marc: We are quantum leaping!

We start moving again slowly.

Diane: Gee that was odd…..

Marc: It’s the only way to get there.

Diane: Get where?

Marc: Not telling….

We pick up speed again and are moving at an indescribable pace.

Diane: Marc, I don’t get it. Shouldn’t we be able to just blink and be someplace?

Marc: We could but this way, you get to see where we are going and this distance is really far.

Diane: I’m really getting interested in this new destination!

Our speed starts slowing down again.

Diane: Marc, so traveling like this is for my benefit, because I’m used from going from one place to another with an in-between?

Marc: It’s a little of both.

Diane: What’s the other part?

Marc: When you travel to certain places, there are better methods of getting there than others.

Diane: Okay…lead on! Drawing a blank now Marc. Is it because I’m so excited?

Marc: You often draw blanks when we get to a new destination. Just let it go and take a deep breath. Anything coming into focus?

Diane: Not yet….are we someplace?

Marc: Yeah. Can’t you tell that we stopped moving?

Diane: Yeah sure….I can tell that.

Marc: Open up to it. Take it in. Ask it to introduce itself to you.

Diane: Okay! Hey new location! I’m Diane…nice to meet you…can you please show yourself to me! (I say this in jest, but it worked!)

All of a sudden, one of the most beautiful places I’d ever seen pops into view. It’s like Shangri-La! On both sides are extremely tall mountains, covered with green trees and waterfalls. I see a large bird flying overhead. It looks like something out of prehistoric times. I peak at the ground below and see a yellow ground cover with tiny leaves. I’m wearing a pair of wooden Asian sandals.

Diane: Marc, OMG, where are we? Is this a creation of yours or is this a real place?

Marc: This is a real place. My creations are real places too.

Diane: I know.

I see a house high up in the mountains. Towards the right, I see a path lined with wooden planks.

Marc: Yeah..that will take us to our destination.

We start to slowly ascend up the mountain.

Diane: Marc, if we can get this far, why can’t we just plop down to where we are going?

Marc: Well then, you wouldn’t have seen the beautiful valley from this angle.

Diane: That’s true and thank you for that. So I suspect, we’ve come here to meet someone.

Marc: Yep.

Diane: And you’re not going to tell me who yet?

Marc: Nope.

Diane: Well Dave Bowie just popped into my head, so I’d be surprised if he wasn’t here.

Marc just smiled….

We finally reach the house made of what looks like beautiful cherry wood with large pane windows. As we get closer, a large glass door slides open and sure enough, I see Dave Bowie greeting us at the door with a large smile. He is dressed in an extremely beautiful cream silk kimono embroidered with flowers. It was stunning!

Diane: Marc! I was right. It IS Dave!

Dave’s smile is very warm and he gives me a hug!

Diane: Oh Dave! It’s so wonderful to see you again! Per usual, Marc didn’t tell me where we were going or whom we might be meeting. Sneaky!

Dave: He likes to surprise you doesn’t he?

Marc is all smiles. Every time I’m with them the energy between the two is wonderful. They are so comfortable in each other’s company. I have read snippets about little spats between them when they were both in the physical. But when you see them now, it all seems so trivial and not at all a representation of how they truly felt about each other.

Dave motions us to sit down on fluffy cushions. The view towards the other end of the house shows a tranquil backyard with a trickling waterfall.

Dave: So Marc thought that you might like to visit…

Diane: Oh is this your home?

Dave: It’s one of them.

Diane: Well I can understand why. It’s a beautiful place (more so than I can describe in words). Do you return here after every incarnation?

Dave: Yes. I try to get here as often as possible. It’s not always the most convenient of locations depending on what I need to be doing.

Diane: So you’re saying that even for a spirit, this isn’t an easy journey?

Dave: No, it’s more involved.

Diane: Marc, you are uncharacteristically quiet? What’s going on with you over there?

Marc: Nothing! I’m just enjoying being here.

Whenever Marc and Bowie get together, Marc usually doesn’t say much and I know it’s because they see each other so often. He knows everything that is going on with Dave.

Diane: So Dave, we have gotten a few inquiries about your Summit meeting (see our blog post from February 2nd, 2018) where you spoke to members of various committees and star systems about Bowie TV. Marc told me that it was a great success. He also mentioned that though the questions put to you were highly technical, you were able to provide almost all the answers yourself? (Bowie has a group of experts whom he works with who help him with the technical aspects of the project.) That must have been a great feeling?

Dave: Yes..Diane…it was. It’s very important to get others involved and many at the meeting were key officials. I knew that this was a great opportunity, and I wanted to be as prepared as possible.

Diane: Marc said that at this point, you are meeting with those who showed interest in helping – such as setting up communication devices. How is that going?

Dave: Very well. What’s easy about it is that everyone who showed interest at the conference is genuinely committed to finding out more about what we are trying to achieve and how they can help. (For more information about Bowie TV, please see past blog posts).

I hear a loud squawking noise and turn around to see a large parrot-type bird fly over to Dave and land on his shoulder.

Dave: This is Mimic.

Diane: Mimic? Oh…you mean that the bird can talk? That’s a great name.

Dave put the bird on a perch and returned to Marc and myself.

Diane: So what’s your next step then? Are you taking a break and maybe a vacation?

Dave: I’m taking some time off but not for long. I’ll be doing more travelling soon.

Diane: So a rest now is in order? I see you are showing me some spa place that you go to rejuvenate?

Marc: That’s right! I’ve been there with him before. It’s where you can go and be pampered.

Diane: Sounds wonderful!

Dave: Just a short break and then I’ll be back at work on Bowie TV.

Dave steps out of the room and when he returns, he is holding an object wrapped in what looks like Japanese brocade. He unwraps the fabric and underneath is a small box. When he opens it, there are various tiny wooden flutes and whistles. He steps into the back yard and starts playing one. He said that each one corresponds to a sound that will call certain birds into the back yard.

Mimic started making loud noises. Dave said that his bird always gets excited when he does this, as he knows that other birds will be visiting.

Dave was right. When he used one of the smallest whistles, a very wee blue bird – not more than two inches tall, flew and sat on the side of a bird bath. Dave threw a hand full of food that he had in his pocket out to the bird.

Marc: Alright then Diane. I guess it’s time we were taking off. Dave’s got some things to do, I think.

Diane: Oh yes, please don’t let us hold you up. I’m so thrilled to visit with you and see your lovely home. What an honor!

Dave thanked us for coming and Marc waved to him and said “See you soon!”

Our trip back was instantaneous!

Diane: So Marc, it was lovely to see Dave again and in his home.

Marc: Well that’s one of the many places that he has, but he goes there when he really wants to relax and unwind.

Diane: So there is stress in the spirit world too?

Marc: It isn’t the same as in the physical world. Dave has been working on pushing Bowie TV and just needed to take a break.

Diane: I don’t blame him. He seemed so contented and peaceful.

Marc: He is….

Diane: Marc, I know you are telling me right now that you can take the “piss out of him”, but I’ve seen the way he smiles at you. I’m sure he can forgive you anything.

Marc: Yeah, he’s been a good friend.

Diane: Well, my heart just fills up when I see you both together!

Sometimes when days aren’t going so great, I know that I can look forward to an afterlife spent with Marc and Dave, and as things go, that isn’t so tough!

©Bolan-Beaty Boogie

April 19, 2018

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  1. Thank you so much Diane and Marc. What a wonderful experience that mush have been.I can just picture David in such a majestic place.

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