Bolan-Beaty Boogie Chat with the “Council of Seven”


The “Council of Seven” has answered many questions that have arisen for me in the past. Here Marc and I chat with them and receive information that we hope will help us all. They said that they are happy to return whenever called upon, so I’m sure that we will be hearing from them again in the future.

Diane: Hey Marc! What’s up for tonight? Do we have any guests who want to come forward and talk?

Marc: How about talking with “The Council of Seven”?

Diane: Oh! Are they here!

Marc: Yes, they are willing to talk with us.

I see seven figures standing in an arc pattern. To the far left is a man, a woman, a man, a man, a woman and two men. They appear, at least to me, in a wide range of ages, wearing robes in varying degrees of white (my painting is a vibrational respresenation of them). They have pendants around their necks and their facial features are a mix of human and alien.

Diane: Marc, can you please introduce?

Marc: Diane, these are members of the “Council of Seven”. You’ve met them before in previous channelings.

Diane: Yes Marc, I have. Is it okay to speak with them directly?

Marc looked over to them and one of the older looking men nodded.

Diane: Marc, do you know why they’ve come?

Marc: Yeah sure….to speak with all of you.

Diane: Okay, I’m ready to write it down.

They told me – at least for this session – that one would act as their representative and speak for the group. They said that this may change with future channelings. They told me that for today, their speaker would be “Arthur” who was holding a scroll.

Arthur: As members of the “Council of Seven” we wish to impart our blessings to you. You honor us with your presence.

(Since I’m fairly new to speaking with them at any great length, I ask them to help me read their energy better. They said that the more practice I have speaking with them, the easier it will be. Marc telepathically asked them to let me know why they have come now.)

Arthur: As your physical incarnations are becoming more in tuned with that of your Spirit selves, we are receiving more inquiries for assistance. Many on your planet are becoming increasingly confused as the two halves are being joined. We come forward to say that this is natural occurrence for this time and place. No fear need be associated with this transition.

Marc: So you are saying that you are seeing more confusion or fear?

Arthur: Both.

Marc: So you’ve come to help huh?

Arthur: Yes, if we can.

Diane: Yes please let me know what you want to say Arthur. I’m trying to tune into your energy more, so I can if you can help with that frequency….

Arthur: I would be delighted!

Marc: Okay, I think she’s ready. Try and do some more.

Arthur: We would like to say to those who are feeling uncertain at this time, to understand that it is natural and that you are not alone. Many on your planet are experiencing these same states of confusion, uncertainty and doubt.

Marc: Yeah so why is this happening now for them, and what can they do to make it better?

Arthur: By understanding that this is a planet wide vibrational shift that is necessary at this point and time to occur. We ask you all to stay strong and firm in your conviction of self and to know your true worth as one who is Spirit in human form. There is no end to you. You will continue your thread of existence forever. You are not doing wrong. You are living your lives as you predestined them. We say that the time is now to lose your fears regarding this and many other aspects of perplexity. Be calm and peaceful with the inner knowing that all is as it should be. If you are experiencing strife or discomfort, look within and locate the disconnect from your Source. You are there to experience and find love. There is no other path that you need to follow as the path of love is all. You do not need to achieve anything. You are whole and complete as you are. We see that many of you feel incomplete. You are seeking to find a part of yourself that you fear is lacking. We tell you now that this cannot be so.

Seek what fulfills you – the knowing that you are perfect and fully loved as is. There is no lack. That is an illusion. We know that to many, this may appear to be a fallacy, but we can assure you…it is not. If you are perceiving a lack in your life, know that it is not a part of your true Self. The unhappiness on your planet comes from fear which is the opposite of love. There is a misconception in your world that there is a great distance between the two, but there is not.

Marc: Can you give some suggestions for those who might want to eliminate any fear that they might be having?

Arthur: It would help them to understand that anything that does not feel whole, from love is a disconnect from your Source Self and this is an illusion. You are free to experience that which you will, but if you are unhappy and wish to change that, seek that which disconnects you from yourself. Ask yourself questions and listen for the answer. It is not always easy to hear what you have to say to yourself, but if you are not fearful of the answer, it will eventually be revealed to you.

Diane: What if someone says that they try but don’t seem to get an answer?

Arthur: Please tell them that they are receiving an answer. The universe will always give you what you request. Let them know that there is a reason that they do not want to hear the answer.

Marc: Do you have any suggestions for those who feel that the world is an unkind place with many who are suffering?

Arthur: Yes, we would tell them this….that though it may appear to be like that to them, and indeed there is much perceived suffering, unfairness and inequality on their planet, that they have chosen to experience their existence at this time. It has been agreed amongst you all. No one is there against their will. You all knew that many of those with you would be at different spiritual levels of growth. You understood that all would not be pleasant. You also knew that there is much beauty, love and opportunity for expansion – and that the gift of this life was to better understand whom you are and whom you want to become. What would be the sense of coming into a world where everyone had the same agenda and all felt and thought the same way? You came there to experience variety – to come across differing view points. Some of these opinions can be wholly removed from your current way of thinking – so much so that it is hardly bearable for you. But again, remember that this is the experience that you chose to have.

Marc: I think many in physical also feel that things are happening around them that they are powerless to change. What would you say to that?

Arthur: Again, we would say that this is an illusion – a fallacy – a fear. We understand that they may see themselves as only one person who cannot make change happen. We would say that they should ask themselves, why do they not remember their true power? Did they forget that they are part of everything that is and although they can choose to feel that they are alone or unwanted, this is not so. We cannot stress enough to our physical friends how much of an illusion this is.

Marc: So some uplifting thoughts might be in order?

Arthur: Feeling as if you cannot change what is in your experience – that you are subjected to a reality that is not pleasing to you – we understand that this is not a pleasant existence. We are trying to impart the realization that only you can change anything in your life. That if you do not like something, you have the power to create something new for yourself. Many either let life bring to them what it will or rely on others around them to do it for them. Yes, you will receive change and events will occur, but they may not be those which will bring you comfort and joy. Many have lost or forgotten that they have created their current lives and this makes them powerful beings. Why would they now, for whatever reasons (fear, caring what others think etc), think that has changed? It hasn’t! You still possess that which you had before you incarnated. We ask them to bring back to themselves that feeling of oneness – ask it to join you again.

Marc: Okay Council, I think Diane is getting tired, but we thank you for coming to talk with us, and we would be very happy to have you come again.

Arthur: We are pleased to have had the opportunity to come speak with you. We hope that our words will bring peace. We are always here to talk with those who wish to connect to us. For those who may feel that they have asked questions, but do not feel that they have received a response from Spirit, please trust that this is not so. Spirit will always respond.

Marc: But what if they still feel they didn’t get a message back?

Arthur: Then they must ask themselves why they are not choosing to hear the response.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

April 26, 2108

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  1. Great stuff, its good to re connect to the truth i already know..i constantly need reminders as finding life hard but it is the way in which i am percieving life and of course I have chosen to be here at this wonderful time of ascension..The earth has dramatically changed in the last 30yrs and i do notice many are at so called different levels of development, often still in nursery but hey ho, i try not to judge. I need reminders of who i am and what i am here to do…i forget very easily as apparently past lives havent been easy and this one i chose 100% either. hands up i accept its all my perception of what is happening to me. blessings to you both, Xxx

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