Bolan-Beaty Boogie Visit the Healing Caves of Delphi


So we all know about Delphi in Greece, but the caves Marc and I visited are in Spirit. Not being up on Greek gods and all their attributes, I was pleased to read after the fact, that Delphi is best known for its oracle dedicated to Apollo who is the god of healing and medicine. I never know where Marc is going to take me until we start the process….

Diane: So anything for tonight?

Marc: Let’s boogie!

Diane: Yeah fine….how? Do you mean that literally?

Marc: In a way….

Diane: How? Go someplace? I was listening to your song Universe today – “Hey there sister! Let’s face the Universe and dance.” You mean something like that?

Marc: Yeah that’s right!

Diane: So off the subject a bit. I’ve heard you called “complicated” when you were Marc. Would you describe yourself as that?

Marc: Well, yeah, I was in a way. I felt that I was easy to get along with but people kept telling me otherwise. I felt like others just didn’t understand me. I felt different. I felt more “special” than others, but now I know that can’t be.

Diane: So did you mainly come down to make your music and entertain?

Marc: Yeah and to enjoy the physical. I made sure that I chose a time where that would be plentiful – the swinging 60’s! Everyone was discovering themselves and trying to break away from the old establishment. This included not only your mind but your body. Expressing who you were via your body and sensuality – that was paramount.

Diane: So you enjoyed that time?

Marc: Oh yeah…I loved the freedom. No one judged you too much, at least not in my inner circle.

Diane: Okay so what other topic would you like to discuss?

Marc: Rembrandt!

Diane: Really? I think that you are being silly! Okay, mind going blank here. Now I’m seeing a wood.

Marc: Right. Is anyone there?

Diane: A lady. She asks me my name.

Marc: Give it to her (which I did).

Lady: Alright, please enter.

Diane: Marc! Are you here with me?

Marc: Always!

Diane: Yeah, I feel you to my left. So where are we? Walking in a wood, but the trees aren’t very tall?

Marc: No…not yet.

Diane: Okay, I see two paths – one to the left and one to right. Are these real or symbolic?

Marc: Is that what you are expecting?

Diane: Well, I’ve done enough energy exercises to think of that when I see two choices.

Marc: Let’s just keep going. Which path do you want to take?

Diane: Ugh! Is there a wrong or right (knowing full well when I said that there are no wrongs.)

Marc just smiled at me.

Diane: Well let’s take the one on the right and see what happens. I suspect that we are going to meet some interesting character.

Marc: We could…..

Diane: So now the terrain looks rather barren. Is that symbolic of something as well?

Marc: Could be.

Diane: Why is it that Spirit sometimes – in fact – most of the time – is vague and never gives direct answers (knowing again the answer – because then we would take what they said as truth and not discover it for ourselves). So is this a trip about me asking questions that I already know the answers to?

Marc: Seems like it so far doesn’t it?

Diane: So I’m seeing someone up ahead. He looks like a character out of a Thomas Hardy novel – a tinker – or someone like that.

Marc: Yeah…let’s go talk to him. Hey there! I’m Marc and this is Diane. We’re just passing by and want to talk with you. Can we ask your name?

Man: Lawrence.

Marc: Yeah…man. Nice to meet you!

Diane: Lawrence, what are you doing here? Are we supposed to meet up with you for a reason?

Lawrence: Well…yes. I’d say there was a very high probability that our paths were going to cross.

Diane: For what purpose?

Marc: So we could engage in a conversation with him.

Diane: Yeah, thanks Marc, but I figured that one out myself. (He was teasing me here so I teased him back!) Are you always here?

Lawrence: This is one of my favorite places…so peaceful and quiet. You do meet many interesting “people” if you sit here long enough.

Diane: Is that so? Have you met anyone else lately?

Lawrence: Well…no…not lately.

Marc:  So Lawrence, we’re just traveling to see what we can find. Anything interesting around here?

Lawrence: Well you could go to the caves?

Diane: The caves? Marc, why do I get the impression that you already know every place we go and everyone whom we encounter ahead of time?

Marc: Because I’m really smart and tuned in…..

Diane: (Sigh). Okay so what caves are you talking about?

Lawrence: The Caves of ………

Diane: The Caves of what? Marc, I didn’t get that. Did I hear the Amber Caves of Delphi?

Marc: The Caves of Delphi. They are made of amber and other precious stones. There you can revitalize your juices, so to speak.

Diane: Are they far from here? I’m seeing amethyst, jade and a black stone with gold running through it. Very interesting. I would love to go!

Lawrence nonchalantly pointed to the path behind him and said no more.

Diane: Is he the keeper of the caves then?

Marc: In a way.

Diane: This sounds like one of the books you would have liked to read as Marc (at least that’s what I’m picking up from you).

Marc: Yeah so you see the correlation….good.

On the way, I start hearing the trickle of water and see the beginning of a stream on our left side.

Marc: That leads to the cave.

The wooden area returns and up ahead I see the entrance to the caves. It was larger than I expected. As we get closer, I wonder why no one else appears to be around?

Diane: Marc, do we have to ask some kind of permission to enter?

Marc: No anyone is free to enter here.

The entrance is very dark, but up ahead, I see a pale blue light. It takes awhile to reach the center. As we walk, I’m looking at the sides of the cave which are made up of exquisite stones and rock formations. It’s sheer heaven! I can’t remember being in a place this beautiful before!

Diane: Marc, so you said that you can come here to revitalize your energy?

Marc: Yes, these caves are rejuvenating as well as healing.

Diane: So who else comes here?

Marc: Anyone who knows that they are here.

As we reach the center, I see where the pale blue light is coming from. Water is falling from the domed center and splashing down into a pool below. What I found interesting was that the water in the pool was a milky white.

Diane: Marc, why is that?

Marc: The pond is a precious milk that is used for mega energy cleansing.

Diane: Wow! I’m sure that I could use that!

Marc: Try it!

He told me to cup some in my hands and splash it over my face and hands.

Diane: Marc, will this help me more on the spiritual or physical levels?

Marc: It will help both but mostly spiritual which will trickle down into the physical.

Then a big bell rang in my mind! Oh course! This is all making sense! I’ve been going through a degree of distress over something lately and right before I started my meditations tonight, I asked Spirit to help me move that lower dense energy out of my space.

Marc: Yeah, this is just a fun way of doing it yourself. Now that you know that the caves are here, you can take advantage of them whenever you like.

Diane: Thank you Marc!! Why isn’t anyone else here?

Marc: Oh they are here, but when you come, its personal energy work.

He was telling me that though there isn’t “space” as we know it, everyone has their own vibrational level here that they can work in and you will not feel or see them.

Diane: What if you want to be with others?

Marc: The work here is done in solitude. There are other places that you can go where solitude is not a key element.

Diane: So what else can be done here?

Marc: Well, as I said, energy cleansing and vibrational uplift.

Diane: What’s that? Is it different from what it sounds like?

Marc: Not really. That’s when you’ve lowered your vibration – probably for a specific purpose – nothing too dramatic – and the atmosphere here will help you raise it back up again.

Diane: Anything else?

Marc: Those are the main reasons. This is considered a sacred spot – not in a religious sense, of course, but healing work is done here and whoever visits, respects that.

Diane: So there is really no set limit on the work that can be done here?

Marc: Yeah, that’s right.

Diane: So you’re also sharing this with me now so our readers will know about it and they can visit too?

Marc: Yes, of course.

Diane: So is this a popular spot?

Marc: It is.

Diane: So if someone wanted to come here, what would they need to do? Would they have to meet up with Lawrence?

Marc: Yeah that would work, but they will probably run into different spirits than the ones you were given because everyone is unique.

Diane: So Lawrence may not be there but someone else will be?

Marc: Yes to show them the path.

He said that if you want to visualize Lawrence, that’s “cool” and he will be happy to help anyone who comes to him. Marc was also showing me that the others who were there with us looked like they were in their own little cream colored rooms – piled on top of each other. I asked him if I was seeing that correctly?

Marc: That’s right. You are seeing that correctly.

He said that since this isn’t 3D, that is common place in Spirit.

Marc: I thought that you would like it here.

Diane: I love it here! Thank you Marc! Talk soon!

Marc: Yeah in about two seconds!

I took advantage of the healing waters and then we were on our way!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

April 2, 2018

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