Bolan-Beaty Boogie’s Afterlife Interview with Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash

I was really surprised when Marc told me that Johnny Cash was interested in being interviewed as most of our guests have been rock stars. I was equally surprised when he seemed more interested in talking about a future incarnation he is planning versus his life as Johnny.

Diane: Okay anything on for tonight Marc?

Marc: Well we could interview Johnny Cash?

Diane: I feel Johnny’s energy strongly, and I know that he was here yesterday so let’s ask him to come forward if he will.

Marc: Okay….I’ll get him.

Diane: This should be interesting because I don’t really know much about him.

Marc: Okay Diane, he’s here.

Diane: Yes I see him Marc. Are you guys going to sit on the stools again?

Marc: No, I think we’ll be more comfortable in chairs. (They both sit in chairs that look like they were from the 1960s).

Diane: Okay Marc….if you please…..

Marc: Let’s get this show on the road! Ladies and Gentlemen, we have in the studio today a country music legend, Mr. Johnny Cash!

(I hear the applause that has been greeting all our Spirit guests lately. Duh! It reminds me of the Muppet Show which Marc loved, so now that makes sense!)

Marc: So John, how was your trip over to our studio?

John: My trip went really well Marc – no trouble finding it. (Marc gets a kick out of setting these interviews up like you would see on TV.)

Marc: So John, we usually start out our interviews by asking – what made you want to come on the Bolan-Beaty Boogie show?

John: Well you are making a name for yourselves in Spirit, so I think that you’ll be finding that many “celebrity” spirits might be coming your way.

Marc: That’s cool! Did you hear that Diane?

Diane: Yes Marc! Very exciting! So Marc, can you please play host and I’ll jot down the conversation. If I have any questions, I’ll ask.

Marc: Right-ho. So John, it’s been awhile since you passed over. What have you been doing with yourself?

John: Well I’ve been working out the plans for a new incarnation, believe it or not.

Marc: Really?

John: Yes. I had done a long stretch before I came down as John, so I didn’t want to wait for a long time again. I want to get right into it.

(I was getting the image of a little girl, but wasn’t sure at this point, if that was going to be John or not.)

Marc: I know that you admired American music – like me. You were mainly known as a country musician, but did you do other kinds of music?

John: Yes Marc, I dabbled in rock and gospel as well as country.

Marc: Were you an Elvis fan?

John: Well, I knew Elvis pretty well. He was a great artist and a good guy.

Marc: So what were your musical influences John?

John: Well gospel was one of them – hymns that I heard in church.

Marc: So you were religious? Did you have a particular form that you followed?

John: I had a pretty wild life, as I think most of your readers will be aware of, but I did have strong religious beliefs, especially towards the later part of my life. During the time in America when I grew up (he said his family was Baptist), religion played a much more important role in everyday life than it does now.

Marc: Why do you suppose that is?

John: Well things were simpler back then and the world didn’t have information that arrives all over the planet in a split second. When you hear instantaneous news about horrible events that are happening all the time, I think many people tend to lose their faith in religion. They feel it isn’t working for them anymore.

Diane: John, do you think that their religious beliefs are being replaced because people want to find their own form of spirituality?

John: That would appear to be the case. That really wasn’t discussed much in my day.

Diane: Well I think it’s a positive step forward. Individuals are discovering that they don’t need the church to be between their Source and themselves. I think now is a very exciting time for us all. More and more people are speaking with Spirit and realizing we are all the same and the spirit world isn’t something to be feared. In fact, it’s our home.

Marc: Yeah, I think we all feel it’s a powerful time for those in the physical. So we sometimes ask questions about your last physical life, but John, you’ve made the request to focus more on your Spirit self? Why is that?

John: Because that’s who I am. I know that your readers may want to read about things that I did or felt as John, and I’m okay with answering a few questions about that.

Marc: What did you think of touring? Was that something you enjoyed?

John: Yes I usually did, but when I was just starting out as an entertainer, it was grueling. One nighters and not knowing where my next meal was coming from. It was a harsh life. I didn’t start really making money in music until I was older.

(He kept mentioning Sun Records so I’m wondering if he was signed to them. Also I’m getting that there was a lot of “grey” area to him in that incarnation and wonder if he will talk more about that.)

Marc: So John, you were known as “The Man in Black”. How did you get that title?

John: It was given to me…well because I wore black most of the time. I think that I did have an air of mystery to me which added to that. Somber was usually a good description of the mood that I was in. I wasn’t a light-hearted guy. I had some rough times.

Marc: So you tended to be more on the serious side?

John: I’d say so yes.

Marc: Did you like being a singer/musician?

John: It suited yes, especially when I was able to make a living from it. My wife was an amazing songwriter, so we worked well as a team. She motivated me in my career. There were many times that I would have called it a day, if it hadn’t been for her. (I think he meant that in terms of his life as well. When he mentioned his wife, June Carter Cash, his energy completely changed and I could tell how much he loved and admired her.)

Marc: So what are you doing now – music? Singing?

John: I’m travelling a lot. I’m looking for the place where I would like my next incarnation to be, and I think it will be China.

Marc: So earth next time?

John: Yeah there is still a lot for me to do and earth is a good place to accomplish many of my goals.

Diane: So John, you were showing me a little girl earlier? Is that going to be you?

John: No, that’s the daughter that I’m going to have. I will choose to be a man again. I had an aggressive personality as John with mood swings. Like I said, I wasn’t the easiest of people to get along with at times. I want to try for a more even temperament and see if I can have a life without so many ups and downs. You learn quickly with that kind of experience, but it does take a toll.

Marc: How about your spirituality? Have you thought about that yet for this new life?

John: Yes I’ve gotten that far. I want to be open to new beliefs even though there will be strong ideals in the country. I will be raised with what my family believes, but I’m going to question that and search for my individual viewpoint. I think I’ll be going away from the family beliefs and I will be the first in that line to do that. (So he’s pointing out that he will be changing the beliefs of the entire family line when he comes down.)

Marc: So you’re showing us that you had it rough as a child as John, very poor and you want to bring your future daughter up in a home with abundance? So this will be another change for you? This is important?

John: It is. I want to be a good parent and experience a close bond with a child.

Marc: So anything else that you would like to share with our readers? What kind of activities are you doing now?

John: Well other than planning this new physical life….not much. I’m doing a massive amount of research on the DNA line of the new family I will be coming into and getting as prepared as possible.

Diane: So you’re showing me now that you are planning a close relationship with your daughter and this will be able to happen because your wife will leave the physical early. Is that planned?

John: Yes that is planned, so it will really give me the chance to have a close parent/child bond.

Diane: So are you allowing for any kind of plans if for some reason that bond isn’t successful?

John: No. I’m going to leave that open. I want to set up the initial scenario and see where it goes. I’m in communication with the Spirit who will be incarnating as my daughter and she is okay with the plans so far. They meet what she wants to experience as well. But of course, until you get down there, you never know for sure how it will all play out.

Marc: That’s right. You never do. Did you have any surprises in your life as Johnny?

John: Yes many. The fact that I lived as long as I did was one of them! I had a rough life, and it’s no secret that I was a heavy drug user.

Marc: So how was it when you crossed over?

John: I had a fair amount of healing to do. As I said, I wasn’t the best of people, but I certainly wasn’t the worst. I took advantage of many situations that I probably shouldn’t have. It was a very thought-provoking life. I knew going into it that it wasn’t going to be an easy one. So as I’m planning this new life, I want to be more at peace with myself.

Diane: You’re showing me that you won’t be doing music as a career, but that it will still be important to you?

John: Yes, that’s how I want it.

Marc: So this new life won’t be in the public eye?

John: No! Absolutely not!

Marc: Okay John, well thank you for dropping by. Is there any last words that you would like to say to our readers?

Johnny: Well I didn’t have a lot of peace when I was Johnny. I got distracted by the many different sides to my personality. I had fears and didn’t always make the best choices. I guess that what I’m saying is that there are – in reality – no wrongs and rights because you’ll be fine in the end. Try to live the best life that you can if that’s what you want. You will have endless amounts of chances to change and try something new. Don’t fear that you aren’t getting it right. There are many roads to travel in the physical and each one that you choose will bring you knowledge and experience. Don’t regret anything. I found that when I crossed over that was a waste of time.

Marc: Well thank you again John for taking the time to chat with us here at the Bolan-Beaty Boogie show. We wish you the best of luck with your new incarnation!

John: Thanks Marc. It was nice to meet both you and Diane.

Diane: Thank you Johnny! Take care!

After John leaves, Marc and I talk….

Diane: So Marc, he really wanted to talk more about this new incarnation. Why is that?

Marc: Because you can let go of the past life you led really fast here if you want. He’s setting up a new life and is excited to get it up and running.

Diane: Is it because he’ll be coming into a body soon?

Marc: Yes that’s part of it. He’s in the last stages of planning although he still has a bit to go. (Marc meant that he won’t be coming back into a body for a while yet because it takes quite a lot of prep work.)

Diane: He was showing me the very close bond that he is going to have with his daughter. It appears very deep and loving so I wish him every happiness with it. We haven’t had a guest who was in the midst of planning a new incarnation to this extent so that was very interesting for me.

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May 8, 2018

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