Bolan-Beaty Boogie Discuss Nature and the Art of Creation


Diane: Marc, what are we doing tonight?

Marc: We are going someplace.

Diane: Okay…I see a stream, a field with small yellow flowers and a green mountain in the distance. What happened here?

Marc: Have to find out….

Diane: Is this a blog post or just a day out in the country for us?

Marc: Not tellin!

Diane: Okay!

Marc: I want to talk about nature.

Diane: Okay?! Talk away.

Marc: Nature is a very complex entity.

Diane: Is it a mass of different energies?

Marc: Yes it is. It’s a whirlwind of different energies combining to make this wonderful array of seasons and weather. I used to love the wind as Marc. In fact, I still do.

Diane: Yeah, I know. So what else do you want to say about nature?

Marc: It’s natural.

Diane: Is that a joke?

Marc: Yeah kind of.

Diane: Silly! So if I looked at nature on a spiritual level, what would I see?

Marc: You would see masses of dense, differently colored energies stacked on top of each other.

Diane: Why is it like that?

Marc: Nature is a highly evolved spiritual structure that has obviously been in place for…well before anyone could really even imagine.

Diane: Yeah, but why is it stacked like that?

Marc: Nature is like time – always present and never-ending.

Diane: But did that answer my question?

Marc: Yeah…sure it did.

Diane: So you are showing me time, which I know doesn’t exist where you are. It’s vertical and you are saying nature is the same way? So is there a spiritual hierarchy of sorts with nature? Is it one “God” type energy and then that energy has created all the energies that make it up?

Marc: It’s a lot more complicated than that.

Diane: I would assume that the “God” energy that made the universe also created the wind and nature?

Marc: Yeah but there are a lot of subsets to that “God” energy.

Diane: Like what? Are they individual energies like the Ancient Gods?

Marc: Actually there are some similarities. I was always fascinated with the ancient Gods as Marc and when I came back over here, I understood all the truths to them. Most of the theories behind them are from Spirit.

Diane: Yeah they are real I know. But are you hinting at something else?

Marc: Well there were different deities right?

Diane: Yes.

Marc: Many were responsible for the thunder, the wind – the ancient Egyptians were also hip to this.

Diane: So are you saying that different energy sources are responsible for the wind, the rain – growing plants?

Marc: In a way, but they are all part of the same Source of course.

Diane: Yeah I get that. But obviously there are weather patterns and things develop. Isn’t that part of what is happening energetically on earth itself? Isn’t it part of earth’s ascension on a vibrational level? Doesn’t earth need to ascend along with the everyone who is on it?

Marc: A lot of questions Diane. Let’s just say that yes, what is happening with the planet is affected by all the beings on it. You are, of course, having a direct relation to how the planet is evolving – more than just on the surface. I mean more than just what can be seen.

Diane: Is nature not happy now? When I tune into Gaia’s energy, she seems very strong and determined to continue to succeed. She says that she has faith that we will not ruin her completely?

Marc: She is a very strong energy. She is optimistic, pure and loving, but she is still concerned.

Diane: Anything else that you would like to say about nature?

Marc: I want to say that the earth, it is being taken for granted. How often do people think about it other than if it will rain or snow and what they need to wear?

Diane: Yeah I think people get busy with their lives and if you have to be at work at 7 am during a blizzard, that might be rough. Was there another point to that?

Marc: Yeah man, but how often are people loving nature?

Diane: Explain.

Marc: Okay can everyone ask themselves when was the last time they went out in a forest, stared up through the trees and breathed in some fresh air? Can people ask themselves when was the last time they walked on a beach, put their feet in the ocean and held a handful of sand?

Diane: I love to do both of those things but you are right, I don’t make much time to do them.

Marc: I know and that’s my point. Nature wants to be shared. Nature needs to be loved and admired. Without it, nature will dry up. Nature is a sensitive body and it needs companionship.

Diane: I never thought about it like that before. Go on…

Marc: Okay so you are on a planet right now…how often do you think about that? How often do you look at the stars, the moon?

Diane: I look at them a lot. You know that I do.

Marc: I’m speaking in general terms.

Diane: So are you saying that the planet and nature feel that they are being taken for granted?

Marc: Yes I am.

Diane: So you are also saying that if we can focus more on nature – on the planet – it will help… well obviously it will, but you just want to bring this to our attention today?

Marc: Yes..that’s it. I want to bring it to everyone’s attention. If the collective body as a whole on earth is removing their focus from this energy and shifting it towards buildings, money, computers….that’s all you will end up with. Energy expands at a faster rate where the focus is most condensed.

Diane: I know. I grew up in the mid-west and the last time I was there, all the farm land was gone and replaced with housing developments. I’m sure that’s the same all over the US. I kept asking myself, where is all the food that was being grown here being grown now?

Marc: It isn’t. It’s being manufactured in laboratories.

Diane: Yuck! Anything uplifting in this Marc?

Marc: It can be. Just wanted to point out that nature needs your attention. If you can, take a day off and shift your focus towards it. Even if you live in a high rise and can’t get to a mountain – get to a park. From my point of view, I see masses of people in cars on highways or sitting at desks staring at computers.

Diane: That’s true. That’s what many have to do to live and survive.

Marc: Yeah I get that, but we’re not seeing as much down time here. After they get back from work, they watch TV. It looks like a very bleak existence to those of us here sometimes.

Diane: So are you saying that maybe if this is your life, think about if it’s making you happy?

Marc: Yeah and creative energy…ask yourself when was the last time you created something that really made you proud?

Diane: What do you mean – like music?

Marc: Yeah..whatever rocks your boat.

Diane: Maybe people don’t feel like they can be creative?

Marc: Everyone is creating something. They created their life.

Diane: I know… I meant like the Arts.

Marc: I’m talking about engaging your mind and soul into something you create. Spirits are creative beings and though you are creating every second of your life, maybe stop and reflect if it’s feeding your soul the way that you would like.

Diane: You mean that if some people made more of an effort to do something creative – like paint, sing, write a poem, that will help raise the general vibration?

Marc: Yeah stuff like that. Concentrated effort to create energy on a high vibration helps everyone.

Diane: You’re also telling me that if you love music, but don’t feel inclined or able to compose it, just take some time to listen to a beautiful piece of music. Let your thoughts create images and emotions that the music is giving you. That is a form of this creation that you are talking about?

Marc: Yes, that’s right.

Diane: So by shifting your focus more often to loftier pursuits, it will help us all?

Marc: Yes.

Diane: Okay, anything else that you want to say?

Marc: No, that’s it for now.

Diane: Thanks Marc for bringing this to our attention. I think that we are all aware of this, but it doesn’t hurt to get a reminder. I know that I always tell myself to take a day off of work – get out of the city and relax. Even though I’m creative in my work all day, I get what you mean. When I get outdoors in nature, it’s a different feeling, a different appreciation for beauty outside of myself. This is just a gentle reminder that as a planet, we still aren’t doing enough of this?

Marc: Yes….just sayin.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

May 17, 2018

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