Bolan-Beaty Boogie Interview Xavier (Cherub Baby Extraordinaire)


I’ve received some wonderful news this week! Alison Ailfinn Allan, my dear friend and fellow medium is going to have a blessed event next year! What’s extraordinary about this is that the father of the little tyke will be none other than Archangel Michael! Sound fantastic? Not a bit of it. Alison and AAM (as he is known) are very closely linked. The story goes that to help raise the vibration of the planet, several of these special babies will be born within the next five years throughout the world. Marc has been saying since we began our blog, how important it is for earth to raise the vibration of the planet. I think it’s just marvelous that Spirit is sending down these wonderful children to help us out!

Now if this sounds too much for you, think about this….if we were able to manifest bodies in order to be living our lives as we speak, doesn’t it seem possible that a very high vibrational being would be able to do the same – manifest a body for a short period of time – in order to beget a human child? But Marc and I are not here to persuade or convince. It was a thrill for me to interview a spirit who has just awoken in a certain sense (more about that later) and never been in a physical body before. Alison is the only other medium whom I can say for certain can also speak with Marc, and she has been a wonderful friend to both of us.

Marc and I chatted with Xavier on two separate occasions.

Diane: So Marc isn’t this exciting news that Alison is going to be having a baby next year!

Marc: Yes it is!

Diane: I hear that the Father is a Spirit whom we’ve all heard about?

Marc: Yes he is.

Diane: So Marc, you very much want to be a Spirit godfather to the little guy is that correct?

Marc: Yes Diane, that’s what I would like.

Diane: I asked Alison and you know that you got the job right? (Even though of course he’s known this all along. He also told me that once I get back with him on the “other side” I’ll be helping out with godparent duties too!). So I think that you have little Xavier with you now right?

Marc: Yes Diane. He’s here with me.

We go to the Bolan-Beaty Boogie studios where I can see Marc sitting in his usual directors chair. To his left, I see a little cherub baby sitting on a platform. Xavier has golden hair and when I look closer, the ringlets appear to be made of spun gold. He is wearing a draped diaper with gold buttons, but it isn’t made of normal fabric. I was told that it’s made of silk woven by worms that are not known on earth – celestial worms I guess. Marc is telling me that it’s hard for Xavier to stay focused on anything for too long and I can see that Marc is having a time trying to get him to pay attention. Oh yeah…and he has a pair of little wings on his back.

Diane: Gosh Marc….well do you think that we can interview him then?

Marc: Yeah, I’d like to try but as I’ve been telling you, his focus is switching from one thing to another.

Diane: Well can you ask him to focus on what we’re trying to do here?

Marc: Yeah I’ll try.

Diane: I’m getting that this is all very new to him. He is just in wonderment of everything and trying to take it all in. I’ve never seen energy like his before. It’s really special. He feels so new yet he obviously possesses ancient wisdom. Okay Marc, can you start asking him some questions?

Marc: Yeah, this kid is dynamite. Okay little guy, can we start with some questions here? Will you answer them?

Xavier: Yes Uncle Marc.

Diane: Uncle?

Marc: Well I didn’t know what else he should call me!

Diane: So I’m seeing Dave Bowie behind you Marc. Is he going to be helping out with this?

Marc: To some degree, but he won’t be as hands on as I will be. Dave is really excited that I’m willing to take on this kind of responsibility, because as you know, I keep pretty much to myself other than connecting with you.

Diane: So what will Dave’s role in this be?

Marc: He wants to surround the little guy with love and adventure. He will take him to exotic locations, teach him about music and different forms of art.

Diane: That’s wonderful! He’ll have his own set of guides per usual right Marc?

Marc: Oh yeah..I’m not going to interfere with any of that set up. That’s up to him. I’m going to be around to help him with artistic pursuits and support him in every way that I can.

Diane: Like what?

Marc: Well music, of course, poetry and the ancient Gods. He’s got to be into all that. I’ll teach him a little of how to boogie and then I’ll show him what’s what with fashion.

Diane: You showed me a scene where you are sitting with him in his bedroom when he is about 8 or 9. Xavier had a rough day at school because the children were picking on him for some reason. Now Marc, I know that you LOVE children in any way, shape or form. You’re showing me this because you said that you can relate to it because as Marc, many kids weren’t very nice to you?

Marc: Yes that’s right. I wasn’t the fastest learner, especially with reading and I was so small. I wasn’t like the other kids. Of course, later on, that really turned out to be an advantage.

Diane: So you’re saying that for events like this, you really feel that you can give him some good advice? Being teased at school is something that every child goes through and I think that he will be very lucky to have you by his side.

Marc: Well Diane I hope so. I feel that every child is unique and should have the best possible chance for a happy, carefree life.

Diane: I agree with that a hundred percent! So can we get to some questions?

Marc: I’ll try to see if I can get his attention.

Diane: So little Xavier’s energy is just so light and wonderful! Marc have you got him?

Marc: Yes I think so.

Diane: So what is he doing that you can’t get a hold of him?

Marc: Well his energy is all over the place. He can’t keep in one place long enough for me to zero in on his vibe to ask him anything.

Diane: So can you explain…is he all over the world then?

Marc: World, galaxy….everywhere!

Diane: Oh so maybe he’s a great traveler and that is something that you both have in common?

Marc: Looks like huh. Okay, I think that I have him settled at least for a few of your seconds. Now Xavier, can you position your energy to be focused enough so Diane can write down some information from you? I think it’s just because he is so used to being all over and it’s hard for him to condense his energy to do this. It will take practice.

Diane: Oh that’s interesting! Marc can he talk?

Marc: Well sure…I mean he can talk to us telepathically.

Diane: Okay because I’m just getting a bunch of energy swirling around.

Marc: Yeah I know. Okay Xavier, now do you know who I am?

Xavier: Yeah sure! You’re Uncle Marc. I’ve said that before!

Marc: Now you’re going to be coming down to earth soon to take on a body. How do you feel about that?

Xavier: Well I’m really excited about it as you can imagine! I know who my Mummy and Daddy will be and I love them already!

Diane: Oh isn’t that sweet!

Marc: Do you know where you will live?

Xavier: Oh sure. They have kangaroos and bats! I can’t wait to meet them all!

Diane: Would there be anything that would prevent you from coming down into this life?

Xavier: Well yeah, I guess I could change my mind, but I’m not seeing any difficulties.

Diane: So Marc, I’m trying to make out how young or experienced he is. I know that we are all the same age on the spirit level but we all have different soul development. Where is he at? (I kept seeing the words “dormant” and “sleeping”.) I’m getting that this may be the first time his consciousness has woken up. Can that be right?

Marc: Well he has been around for as long as all of us, but he has chosen to not have his consciousness woken up until now. (Marc said at least on a level that it would be easy for us to understand and that Xavier’s wisdom is very old and deep.)

Diane: Okay so he was in some kind of limbo state?

Marc: It’s a bit more complicated than that actually. Xavier, so you know what you want to be when you come down to earth?

Xavier: Yeah! A little baby!

Marc: I know that but have you thought about later on…what you might want to be as a boy?

Xavier: Oh sure. I’ve got that all figured out. I’m going to be really smart and a good student. I’m going to be very open to my spirit self and be able to talk with spirits like you and Uncle Dave. I won’t be able to tell everyone about this, but my family will be very supportive of me.

Diane: Gosh Marc, doesn’t that sound like a wonderful childhood?

Xavier: Yeah, I’ll be a first class student and I’ll learn quickly. I will love to read books and have a very inquisitive mind. My parents will let me explore things that most other parents would not because most parents wouldn’t understand all the things that I will be able to see.

Diane: Marc, well we know that he will have a very supportive group of people here and in Spirit. Since you were a little boy last, you’ll be able to help him with many things that boys have to go through. You weren’t really big on school or sports right?

Marc: What do you think? I had really good hand/eye coordination which helped me play the guitar, but I wasn’t interested in school. I would have rather been anywhere else.

Diane: Marc what is he playing with? It looks like he is drawing with his finger in the air and it’s making gold images?

Marc: He is.

Diane: Wow so maybe he will be an artist too?

The next evening, I asked Marc to see if he could get Xavier back for a quick chat. Although he had spoken to us briefly about his life as a little boy, I was interested to find out what kind of spirit work he might be doing.

Diane: Marc have you got him?

Marc: Yes but he is laughing and it might take him a bit to show up enough where you can see him. He’s coming from quite a distance.

Diane: Okay Xavier, you talked about what kind of little boy you want to be, but I think that you have a special kind of work to do as well right? Can you let us know a bit more about that?

Xavier: Well I will have my earth Mummy and Daddy but then I also have my Spirit Mummy (who is the same as his earth Mom) and Daddy.

Diane: Marc he isn’t looking at me but playing with his fingers. What kind of spirit activities will you be doing on earth? Do you know yet?

Xavier: Yes of course I know! I will have different work to do than other little boys on earth, but I know that no one is more special than anyone else. I don’t think of it as “work”. I think of it as fun!

Diane: Oh that’s great! Well can you let us know what this fun work will be?

Xavier: Yes, I will help all the other people around me.

Diane: How?

Xavier: I will be kind, let them know that they can be happy and that they shouldn’t be sad.

(He told me in an older voice that he will be here to heal those around him and help raise the vibration of the planet in whatever ways he can.)

Diane: Anything else?

Xavier: Yes I will be in communication with my spirit Daddy all the time and he will help me.

Diane: That’s very interesting! Anything more that you can tell us?

Xavier: Well I’m not quite sure of everything yet that I’m supposed to do but they say that it will be a lot of fun. (Meaning that he as a spirit has left many possible avenues open to him and that’s the way he wants it to be.) I’ll be like a pirate going on a treasure hunt. I will be looking for treasure and once I find it, I can let other people know about it too!

Marc: Xavier, what other games might you play?

Xavier: Oh I don’t know! There is a lot of discussion about what I will be doing and I’m really excited about it! I want to be kind to everyone, love animals and play with a lot of children!

Marc: Anything else?

Xavier: Well I think that I’m going to be told when certain things are supposed to happen and I know that I’ve agreed to do all of these things too.

Diane: Anything else?

Xavier: Well I know that I’m really going to love horses and swimming in the ocean. I will love space and know that I have family there. That will be different from the other children and when I tell them that, they won’t believe me.

Diane: Well maybe not, but don’t let that stop you!

Xavier: Oh I won’t! I’m prepared that others might think I’m different, but like I said before, that will be a good thing. That is part of why I will be there – to open people up to see things that they might have blocked off.

Diane: Marc so he will love music right?

Marc: Yeah he will. He will love the arts, nature and science. He will be very sensitive and take everything to heart because he knows that he is part of it all. Because of his connection to spirit and his earth family, he will grow up without any disbelief.

Diane: Well that’s wonderful to hear! He will be an amazing little boy! I hope that some day, I get to meet him before I go back to Spirit! Okay Marc he is gone. He didn’t seem as fidgety as he was yesterday.

Marc: Well more and more people are contacting him so he’s getting used to it. He realizes that he has to condense his energy in a certain way in order to respond to them.

Diane: Does that limit him in any way?

Marc: Oh no. It’s just a different way of arranging your energy so that you can do certain things. He’s still learning this.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

June 12, 2018

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  1. Wow, that was a very different type of experience but one that made me very happy and fascinated 🙂 I love all these unique experiences that you post about.


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