Bolan-Beaty Boogie Investigate the Meta-Dwellers


So what is a Meta-Dweller? Yeah I didn’t have a clue either when Marc started talking about them to me. I looked up the word “meta” and among the many definitions are “a change of position or condition”, “a position behind, after, or beyond”, “something of a higher or second-order kind” and “a prefix used in English to indicate a concept which is an abstraction behind another concept”.  Here’s how our story goes…..

Diane: Okay so should we get down to some work? Any ideas for the blog tonight? I was having a dream where I was taking a boat underneath the ground.

Marc: Well humans aren’t the only ones living on the earth, as you know.

Diane: Yes, of course, but who is living underneath the surface?

Marc: Well, alien civilizations that humans don’t know anything about. Well the majority of humans don’t know about them.

Diane: Who are some of these people?

Marc: You have an ancient form of aliens who used to live above the earth’s surface, but they had to move under ground. Now they are living at higher elevations.

Diane: Do you have a name for them?

Marc: Meta-Dwellers.

Diane: What kind of aliens are they?

Marc: Well they aren’t really aliens anymore, because they’ve been here about as long as humans (who are also a hybrid). They did arrive from another planet.

Diane: So I’m curious about that. Did they arrive on ships and why would they be living remotely now? Would they be highly evolved?

Marc: Most of your society would not consider them evolved, but they would be mistaken.

Diane: So what happened to them?

Marc: There was a natural disaster on earth and they had to retreat underground. They lost the connection to who they are and had to adapt to their new surroundings.

Diane: How are they now?

Marc: Assistance from their race on their original home have come and taken most of them off the earth.

Diane: So are there any of them left?

Marc: A few…about 30-35.

Diane: So I get that they are surviving in caves and don’t spend a lot of time outside during the day? Do they have their own language?

Marc: Yes they do. It’s a very complicated form of sign language, but they can also communicate verbally.

Diane: So if they went back to their planet, how would they adapt?

Marc: The ones on earth now will probably not be going anywhere. They have lost contact with their planet. Their relatives keep an eye on them, but they are not aware of them.

Diane: Oh so they beamed up the majority of them awhile back? Are they nice?

Marc: Well yeah, sure they are nice.

Diane: Do they know about humans? How can they keep hidden?

Marc: They are protected you know Diane. There are humans who know about them and they shelter them.

Diane: So they are protected by both the aliens from their home and humans here?

Marc: Yes that’s right.

Diane: Anything else that you can tell us about them?

Marc: Would you like to meet them?

Diane: Oh yes!

So I hold Marc’s hand and we feel like we are spiraling down a chute of some kind. We end up inside a cave and we can see Meta-Dwellers at work. They are using rocks and tools to flatten what looks like metals. They are also gathering herbs and plants. I can see the daylight and green grass if I look out towards the front of the cave. The atmosphere is peaceful and the energy is very loving.

Diane: Marc they are fairly hairy and wear very basic cloths. Where do they get the fabric?

Marc: They make it from fibers and they do trade with other communities.

Diane: Gosh since they’ve been here so long, I’m rather surprised that they live so simply?

Marc: Well they are not part of “normal” society. They don’t have access to what you have and they don’t feel like they are missing anything either.

Diane: You know I saw a show on TV where these people live up in Greenland or someplace and they haven’t any computers or phones. They are sheep herders and travel where they need to go in tents. I thought that must be a very interesting existence, but I think that it would be hard if you’ve been living with all this technology.

Marc: Well think about some of the older members of your society. Remember your parents didn’t know how to use a computer and they did okay.

Diane: Yeah I remember when there weren’t computers in every home. If you wanted to get information, you went to a library or looked in a book. I have to admit, I like having information at my finger tips. So is someone showing up now Marc? He’s an alien and not a spirit.

Marc: Yes he just showed up and he wants to speak.

Diane: Okay let him. Can you start a communication with him?

(While Marc fades out to speak to him, I’m trying to get an image of what he looks like.)

Diane: Marc, can you bring an image of what he looks like closer to me or ask him to tune in better? It’s not very clear right now.

Marc: Sure just making contact here. Okay so the individual here says his name is “Massie”.

Diane: Okay great! Nice to meet you Massie and thank you for coming. So you are a relative of the Meta-Dwellers?

Massie: Yes Diane, that’s right.

Diane: So Marc was telling me that at some point, the majority of them were taken back home but some wanted to stay.

Massie: Yes that’s correct. Those who wanted to leave were brought back to their home (although he said that they wouldn’t have recognized it as they were born on earth).

Diane: So I’m seeing this whole exchange and I think that there was some difficulties at first with communication?

Massie: Yes when we came to get them, they ran and didn’t understand who we were. We spoke to them telepathically, as is our custom, and since that was in their genetic make-up, we were able to connect to them at some level.

Diane: I’ve been told that they have a sign and verbal language, could you have not spoken to them in one of those?

Massie: Well yes, but our vocal cords are not what you would see on earth. We do not really use them or need them. (So he was saying that they have evolved from using any vocal language.)

Diane: So it’s evolution. If something is no longer needed, then the body gets rid of it?

Massive: Yes much like that. So it was better for us to speak with them telepathically.  You humans don’t realize that you have your own sign language. Just watch what your fellow beings are doing with their hands. Of course, humans have a stronger verbal communication system and though you are telepathic, most of you do not perceive yourselves as such.

Diane: I see that they responded and did not run?

Massie: Well they are naturally, what you would call, psychic and we could show them images of what their home is like. We did have someone on our team who could converse with them more easily so that helped.

Diane: How did you convince them to go and why?

Massie: Well we didn’t convince them to go. (He was explaining to me that as humans began encroaching on their territory, they were given the chance to leave earth, but some of them chose to remain as it was all they knew.)

Diane: Well that is amazing that they aren’t sighted more often?

Massie: Well we are cloaking them aren’t we. Plus they are in a remote location (he said somewhere in the Andes). The humans who are near them shield them from outside forces that would annihilate them.

Diane: So does this mean that you have a ship in their area at all times?

Massie: We are never far away. Of course, that doesn’t mean that we have to be physically around them all the time. We travel by speeds that would be hard for humans to understand.

Diane: So Marc has told me that there are very few left – about 30-35. Are the numbers going to dwindle more?

Massie: There is always the chance of that. Even the most remote regions of your planet are becoming less and less available.

Diane: Surely the government knows about them?

Massie: Yes but we have agreements with them to leave them alone.

Diane: How did you manage that?

Massie: We have representatives who are in human form and we play give and take. They leave our people alone and we give them things in return.

Diane: What kind of things?

Massive: Technologies in communication. It’s a two-way street, as you would say.

Diane: Very interesting! Marc, where are you in all of this?

Marc: How long do you plan on keeping them on earth?

Massie: At some point, we might have to bring them all back. We don’t really want to do that as they are happy where they are. It depends on their safety and if they are threatened.

Diane: You mean like a natural disaster or humans interfering with them?

Massive: Yes, then we will pull them out.

Marc: How long would they survive living with you?

Massie: They would need special equipment to adapt to our planet so it would not be an easy existence for them physically. That is the major reason that we want them to stay where they are. They aren’t physically able to live where we do naturally. (He was saying that if they wanted to stay on a ship forever, that would be easier, but probably not that enjoyable for them seeing as they have been living off the land for so long.)

Diane: So they wouldn’t be as comfortable?

Massie: No it would be a shock for them really.

Diane: Well how did the others cope when you brought them home?

Massie: Well they did have to be adapted with equipment that would allow them to breathe. As they mixed with their own race, the earth DNA was bred out.

Diane: Oh that makes sense. Can you tell me what race you are?

Massie: We would rather not share that information.

Diane: Oh why not?

Massie: Because we want to protect those who are still there.

Diane: Okay fair enough. Do you have anything else that you would like to tell us? Marc, can you think of anymore questions while I’m trying to type this out?

Marc: Yes, so how easy is it for you to “beam” them back home?

Massie: Extremely easy. It could be done in a matter of your earth seconds.

Diane: But you are keeping a close eye on them right?

Massie: We are. We will always protect them.

Diane: Well that’s good to hear. Marc, can you get some kind of name for the ones who are living here or the ones still in space?

Marc: All they are giving me is Meta-Dwellers.

Diane: Well I can understand that they don’t want to give out too much information but then why are they talking to us now?

Marc: Well it’s all about communication and opening up from space, the spirit world and yours. It’s bridging the gaps in all the societies to show that we aren’t separate and that we can all live harmoniously together, if we have an understanding about each other. Once we can talk and communicate openly, we will realize that we aren’t different from each other.

Diane: Yes unfortunately, I think that may be a hard concept for many humans to understand.

Marc: Yes many are not ready to understand this kind of thing, but there are many who are and that’s who we are trying to connect with here.

Diane: Well great Marc! Thank you Massie for coming to talk with us today.

Massie: Thank you Diane and Marc for giving us the opportunity to connect with you. We would like to share that we are one with the human race and we are not here to harm or destroy you in any way. Our hands are open to you as are our hearts.

He bowed and then it was like someone turned off an image on a TV screen.

Diane: Gosh Marc, what a lovely guy!

Marc: Yes they are very friendly!

Diane: I think that it’s wonderful that they are protecting their fellow beings here and that they want them to be happy. What kind of work do the ones on earth do?

Marc: They dry herbs and plants that they forage. They do trade with a neighboring village.

Diane: But how do they get food?

Marc: They have animals and eat plants.

Diane: Is it dangerous for them to be outside?

Marc: Well it can be, but like Massie said, they are cloaked so it’s very rare that one of them gets seen.

Diane: They look a little smaller than the average human but they do look different.

Marc: Yeah they are a bit.

Diane: So do the nearby villagers know their language?

Marc:  They use mostly sign language to communicate with them.

(Marc said that the nearby villagers understand that they are not quite like other humans. They have seen the ships but accept them for who they are.)

Diane: So they don’t want to leave and join the rest of the world?

Marc: They are a society completely different from your own.

Diane: Has anyone ever left to live outside?

Marc: Yes they have and they always have the choice to do that.

Diane: How would they make up for not being able to communicate?

Marc: There are ways. They can go to nearby villages and be taught.

Diane: Wouldn’t people wonder where they came from?

Marc: We aren’t talking about the US or Britain here Diane. Things are a lot more lax where they are, which is why they are there. It’s very remote and a lot of questions aren’t asked.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

June 19, 2018



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  1. That’s so interesting. I wonder if they are something we humans are familiar with but thought were extinct, like Neanderthals.

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