Bolan-Beaty’s Afterlife Interview with John Wayne (“Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover”)

John Wayne

Being a medium, I feel that my job is to bring forward messages from Spirit and stay neutral without judgement. I must admit that when John Wayne arrived, I had a bit of a challenge not letting my knowledge of who he was get in the way when he told us what he is now doing in Spirit. I don’t know too much about him, but am aware that his politics and beliefs would be considered ultra conservative. At one point, I had to stop the interview and regroup. Marc stepped in reminding me that I need to keep my mind out of the equation. Throughout the interview Spirit kept saying to me “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” Here is how our interview began….

Diane: I’m just taking a few seconds to see if I can interpret what you are showing me. Are you putting anything into my sight?

Marc: Yes I am. Can you see it yet?

Diane: I see someone far off in the distance riding a horse and he’s making his way towards me.

Marc: Can you see who it is?

Diane: It looks like John Wayne! Well this is a BIG surprise. Sure enough, I see him now walking into the Bolan-Beaty studio and sitting next to you Marc. Gosh he looks like he is about two feet taller than you! LOL

Marc: Well we have to keep everything in perspective here right?

Diane: I never expected him to show up here even though we are both fans of old movies. So Marc, are we going to do an interview?

Marc: Well yeah….John are you willing?

John: Yes sure Marc. That’s why I’m here!

Diane: Okay Marc…introductions please!

Marc: Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you a legend of the silver screen – Mr. John Wayne!

(Again, I hear wild clapping in the background! Marc’s sound effects!)

Marc: So is it alright if we call you John?

John: Yes Marc, that will be fine.

Marc: So John, Diane was very impressed on how you arrived. Are you doing much horse riding these days?

John: No Marc, I don’t get much chance for that, although I still enjoy it.  I’m doing other things right now.

Marc: Before we get into what’s going on with you now, can I ask what made you want to come on the Bolan-Beaty Boogie Show?

John: Well Marc, like many of your other guests, I like the idea of connecting with earth and letting my fans know what I’m up to now.

Diane: So Marc and John, I’m getting to bring up the fact that when many spirits return home, they aren’t really interested in what is going on with earth?

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s right.

Diane: So our guests generally have some kind of interest in what is still happening there right?

Marc: Yeah, otherwise they wouldn’t show up! (Marc often likes to point out the obvious LOL!) So it has been awhile since you passed back over John. (He died of stomach cancer in 1979.) What have you been doing with yourself?

John: Well I’m on several committees over here Marc and I want to tell you about them. I have work over here just like I did on earth.

Marc: What are these committees John?

John: They are groups that are connected to activities on earth, so that’s one of the reasons I felt I would be a good candidate for your show.

Marc: Explain to us more about them.

Diane: Marc, first can we ask John if he was spiritual when he was on earth?

Marc: Why is that coming up for you now?

Diane: For some reason, I get that whatever he is doing now doesn’t seem to fit at all with what he believed when he was here.

Marc: Well, let’s give him a chance to explain first.

Diane: Okay.

John: So my business now is expanding awareness and connecting with those in places on earth to bring light to our cause.

Diane: Sorry, but I seem to be having unusual connection problems here with this. Marc can you help me out?

Marc: Yeah just type what you are getting and don’t let your brain get involved because that won’t do you any good. Your logical mind will start to question everything. Don’t give it that chance.

Diane: Okay thanks….keep going.

Marc: John, can you give that to us again?

John: I’m bringing to the forefront the inequalities that some are shown on earth for being a different color, race or having a certain religion.

Diane: So is this coming up now because of all the immigration issues happening now in the US?

John: Yes it is.

Diane: Okay that makes sense. Forgive me for not knowing much about you, but I have the general impression that you were rather conservative. I guess I’m surprised to find out that this would be a cause that you would champion, even though I know you aren’t John Wayne anymore.

John: Well I guess what you are trying to get at is how can I behave and have such strong beliefs in one incarnation and then return to Spirit and do what appears to be the exact opposite?

Diane: Yes that’s what I interested in finding out.

John: Well Diane, it’s like this. As a spirit, I do not hold all the beliefs that I had as John Wayne. I was merely acting out what it would feel like to, in fact, have the complete opposite viewpoint that I have in the Spirit world – my true self.  None of us are always what we appear to be and remember, that was just a character that I was playing. I played many characters in the life didn’t I?

Diane: Yes, you were one of our most famous actors!

John: Right! I was an actor. I was playing a part and that was true as well as John. I’m not saying that some of the beliefs that I held as John still don’t hold true for me, but where I was politically is not where I am right now.

Marc: Would you be willing to go into more details about that?

John: Well as John, I felt that certain people had their places. I was not the most genuine of guys when I came to my beliefs.

Diane: Wait, did you say genuine?

John: What I’m trying to say is that I held conservative viewpoints about many things, but that isn’t who I am in Spirit.

Diane: So you’re saying that was part of the role that you were playing as John?

John: Yes that’s right.

Marc: So John, what did you learn, if anything, coming back into Spirit after living that life in regards to this?

John: Well it left a bad feeling in my mouth. I knew as a spirit that it was just pretend and when I returned, I found out that I didn’t like that energy. Since I experienced those beliefs in the physical, I had more than just my knowing of it. I actually had experienced it as well. You see, when you are in Spirit, you can hold beliefs and think how you might react to certain situations. It isn’t until you get into a physical world and are confronted with many different viewpoints coming at you from everywhere, that you see how you would react.

Marc: So you came into that incarnation with the idea that you would like to experience something different from yourself?

John: Yes that’s right. I was playing a part from an entirely different angle than I normally operate from and it was a challenge for me.

Marc: So when you got back and had your life review, can you share with us what you thought about that?

John: Well I felt like I played the part really well. That’s what I wanted all along….to see how I would react.

Marc: So that was a success for you?

John: Well it was a success certainly in being someone I wasn’t!

Diane: I guess that’s a pretty common thing to do?

John: It all depends on the individual. We all have our personalities in Spirit as well. I think it might be rather dull to come into an incarnation playing yourself. That wouldn’t be much of a challenge would it?

Marc: So John, what type of things are you doing from Spirit to help with this cause?

John: We are positioning people who have similar viewpoints to our own in places where they might be able to make a difference.

Marc: Okay that sounds good. Anything else that you would like to tell us about it?

John: Well as you know, there is still a lot of injustice towards people of certain races and religions on earth.

Marc: Yep.

John: We over here in Spirit want to help raise awareness of this and to have people ask themselves if this is really how they think things should be going?

Marc: So let’s look back a bit on your time as John. We had Louise Brooks on the show and she mentioned that you were one of her fave co-stars. (See our interview with Louise from January 10, 2017)

John: Louise was a lovely lady. We had a very special connection and it was a pleasure to work with her. I was sorry that she wasn’t able to make a go of it in Hollywood again. She had ruffled too many feathers in the wrong direction with people in high places. They were never going to give her another chance. She told them basically that she didn’t give a damn about them and their system. They didn’t ever forget that type of thing.

Marc: Well how did you feel working within the studio system?

John: It had its challenges.

Marc: Even for a big star like you?

John: Yes even for a big star like me. It was like living in a cocoon. The studios had spies watching us at all times. It was wonderful to make all those movies, but we all paid a price for it in one way or another. There were a lot of suicides in Hollywood at that time because people were being black-mailed or afraid that their sexual liaisons would be discovered. You really didn’t have any privacy.

Marc: That’s what we’ve been told by other guests too. So did you really like making all those westerns or was that just something that you got sucked into?

John: Well was something that I kind of got stereotyped into that’s for sure. Obviously those roles were the most popular for me.

Diane: You didn’t really get to do many other kinds of roles did you?

John: A few, but they aren’t what most people would remember.

Marc: So did you enjoy them?

John: I did actually enjoy making those films, especially with John Ford. I knew that we were making quality movies that would change the genre and that meant something to me. It was a lot of hard work though. People can’t imagine how much we worked. It might be twenty hours a day if necessary. We weren’t really pampered to the degree that movie stars are today.

Marc: Would you have liked to have done more dramas or comedies?

John: Well yes certainly. Every actor likes to branch out and expand their craft. I don’t think that I was ever able to really stretch my acting wings as much as I could have. I got pigeonholed into being the good guy who saves the world. I would have liked more roles that dealt with different emotions and characters. I would have liked to have directed more too. I think that I had a really good idea of what directors did and would have liked more control over the films. Being an actor, you never really had the feeling that you had much to say about what was happening. So many times, a movie went in the wrong direction or got badly edited and it was a flop. Even though we did our part as actors, there was always the chance that for reasons outside our control, it would be panned and go no where. We made movies really fast back then, but it still took a toll and was disappointing when something like that happened.

Marc: So do you have any hobbies now John?

John: I still enjoy vast open spaces. I like being alone and traveling.

Marc: Do you enjoy any form of the Arts?

John: I do like to read and listen to music. I dabble in watercolors – well that’s the closest description I have to what I do that those on earth would understand.

Diane: I think that some people get confused when Spirits say that they do things that we do on earth. Like how can you watercolor when you don’t have anything physical? We’ve talked about that before right Marc?

Marc: Yes we have.

Diane: I guess I’ve always thought that why would we limit ourselves less when you are actually back home and have access to more? John can you please explain that?

John: Well we obviously don’t have 3D physical things, but if you can imagine that we have things that feel similar to us but they are just at a higher vibration. Does that make sense?

Diane: Yes because you’ve shown me things that you do over there and they look exactly the same.

Marc: Yeah it’s kind of hard to explain but go ahead John. Sorry that we side-tracked you. I guess we are just trying to get to the fact that there doesn’t necessarily have to be a lot of difference between the two realities if you don’t want there to be.

John: That’s okay Marc.

Diane: What other activities do you do John? Maybe people just think that spirits float around all day and don’t have any interests?

John: (He laughed) Well they would be wrong, so you can tell them that. We have full lives over there and stay very busy if we want to. Like we discussed earlier, many of us still feel an attachment to earth and physical worlds and want to help those who are still there. We choose to have that connection and that’s part of our work. There are, of course, spirits who don’t have that feeling and once they leave an incarnation, never have anything further to do with the physical.

Marc: Like we say here a lot, it’s all to do with free will. You have as much free will in Spirit as you do on earth.

John: That’s right.

Diane: So John, are you doing anything else to help raise awareness for your committees?

John: We do whatever we can really….pop ideas into people’s heads…put different scenarios into place to see what the outcome will be. We don’t interfere, but we have made agreements with people to work with them before they came into the physical.

Diane: So you wouldn’t be considered guides?

John: No it would be more like working with individuals to achieve their goals of what they want to do, while also achieving ours. We want to help make the earth a better place for everyone to live in.

Marc: That’s a noble thought for sure! So John, we have some standard questions that we like to ask our guests, if you don’t mind?

John: Ask away Marc!

Marc: Did you have any regrets as John?

John: Well I wish that I could say that I didn’t, but I did. I guess that I regretted spending so much time away from my families during all the movie making.  I didn’t really get to see much of my children. (He was married three times and had seven children!) I did have an ego and I let that get in the way of many things. I felt that I had to be a “he-man” and I realize that’s what was expected of me in the movies. I felt that men should be strong and not show their emotions or be vulnerable. That’s the way I wanted to play it. I’m not saying that I was right or wrong. I would have liked to be able to let my guard down more than I did.

Marc: I see. Did you have any spiritual beliefs as John?

John: Well no, not in the sense that you are meaning. I was Catholic. I had my religious beliefs and stuck to them. I wasn’t one to look inside myself too often to see what was there. I liked everything in black and white. I didn’t think a lot about what happened after you died. I believed in a stern God and the Bible.

Marc:  So any plans for another physical incarnation and if so, on earth or another planet?

John: Well actually, I am incarnate on two different places in the physical right now but neither is earth – what you would consider alien planets. One as a man and the other is a woman.

Marc: Wow that must keep you pretty busy?

Diane: Okay Marc, I think that it might be time to wrap this up? Any other questions for John?

Marc: Before we end our interviews, we like to ask our guests if they have anything that they want to say to our readers?

John: Let me see, I guess that I would like to say to everyone to just have a good time down there. I would also like to say that it’s important to look outside of yourself and see the people next to you. Are you judging them? Do you believe that they are different from you because they speak a different language or have different skin? I know that the majority of your readers will answer in the negative, but I think that it needs saying quite often. It’s important while you are physical to lose the judgement of others and yourself as much as you can. It will only hinder you in the long run. Another thing to ask yourself is, if you do catch yourself making judgements, is this truly what you feel in your heart or is that coming from outside yourself? (He means is it coming from your parents, friends or society?) I know that it probably doesn’t sound like something you would expect to hear from someone like John Wayne, but like I said before, none of us is always what we seem. If I’ve surprised you with this, then that’s a good thing!

Marc: Well thanks very much John for taking the time to show up and speak with us.

John: Thank you Marc and Diane for letting me come and tell you about what I’m doing now.

Diane: Thanks John! I really enjoyed meeting you!

After John leaves…..

Diane: Okay Marc, he is gone. I have to admit that blew my mind. I guess that I assumed that he would be more like the guy that he was as John even though I really do know better.

Marc: Well I think that he wanted to show us that we may all carry aspects of ourselves into each physical life that we create, but that doesn’t have to be whom we are in Spirit. When you come down to earth, you are more or less a slate wiped clean. You collect and take on beliefs that come your way from outside influences. They help mold you in that life, but you don’t have to hold onto any of them if you don’t want to. Once you leave the physical, you shed a lot of those ideals that weren’t your own. Of course, you can choose to hold onto whatever you want.

Diane: Yeah but what if whatever you’re holding onto doesn’t really benefit you in your higher good, so to speak?

Marc; Well that’s something that you are free to decide. There are friends to help discuss anything that you might want to talk about here just like on earth. Remember you aren’t alone. You have friends here too and if they tell you what they think, you can take it or leave it.

Diane: So you’re saying that we all have our quirks no matter where we are?

Marc: Sure. We are all different but perfect in our own right. We have the opportunity to change if we want in whatever direction we choose.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

June 26, 2018

Final scene in The Searchers where John returns Natalie Wood back to her family after having been kidnapped for many years.








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  1. The first movie I ever saw him in was The Quiet Man, and I was angry to see him drag Maureen O’Hara by the hair, and I could never stand to watch him in anything else. I wonder if the values he espoused in that incarnation caused him to rack up negative karma. I’m glad to hear he’s working on the side of humanitarianism now.

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