Bolan-Beaty Boogie Speak with Lasso – The Source of a Parallel Universe


Marc and I have a new stomping ground! It’s a club in Spirit called Novella (more about that in later posts). A special event was happening and the guest speaker was very hush-hush. Was I surprised to find out that they are the Source of another universe! Here’s how we met them.

Diane: Anyone here whom you would like to talk with Marc? How about someone who wasn’t famous on earth, but is still very interesting?

Marc: Yeah, that’s what I’m trying to get you to tune into. Someone whom you haven’t heard of is coming tonight.

Diane: Gosh okay! Wait! I’m picking up that someone is the source of a parallel universe! Is that right?

Marc: Yes!

Diane: Well I would love to speak with them. They must be an extremely vast amount of energy?

Marc: They are.

Diane: Do you know what they are going to say?

Marc: I suppose they might talk about how they did it, what they are doing and how it feels?

Diane: I guess that about covers it huh? Okay I sense some excitement happening now. I see a very bright and strong energy which is clear and radiating arches in various shades of yellow, gold and orange. What is their name?

Marc: Lasso.

Diane: Have they started to communicate yet?

Lasso: Greetings to all who are present!

Diane: I feel like I’m swirling around them and it’s making me dizzy! It’s wonderfully exhilarating!

Marc: They are showing you themselves. Can you get anything about them?

Diane: They are very loving! I can’t really comprehend how intelligent they are because that’s going to be outside my current scope, it feels like. I see movement now in all different colors. It appears that they are condensing their energy to fit into the shape they are showing me, but I know that can’t be right.

Marc: That’s just an illusion. They are so vast, that it would be hard to understand just how big they are.

Lasso: Greetings to all who are present. Tonight we wish to take part with you and share with your own essence. We welcome an exchange of our energies with you and enjoy our coexistence. We open the floor to questions.

Diane: Marc is anyone else in the room asking anything? (I wasn’t picking up any questions being asked but there seemed to be a lot of activity.)

Marc: Oh yeah sure they are. They are getting their answers individually.

Diane: So this is an energy that humans haven’t heard of possibly?

Marc: It would be very unlikely.

Diane: Lasso, can you let us know why you are here?

Lasso: We enjoy partaking in pleasures such as these and to not be so grand. (They were teasing us.)

Diane: Well I’m getting that there are many energies that make you up?

Lasso: Limitless.

Diane: What are some questions that the members of Club Novella are asking you?

Lasso: They are asking if we are on the same vibrational level to our current position and we told them that no, we are not.

Diane: So your universe is not at the same energy level as where we are in Spirit?

Lasso: No because we are physical  – yet always in Spirit.

Diane: Marc, can you ask a question?

Marc: Is there rock n’ roll in your universe?

Diane: You always ask that same question! LOL So that means that I’m living in that universe too, I guess, since it’s a replica of ours?

Marc: Bingo!

Diane: Wow! That blows my mind! It might take me a few seconds to take that in!

Lasso: Please allow yourself all the time that you need. We are omnipresent so we will always be here with you.

Diane: Lasso, so you are telling me that your universe and the one that I’m presently knowing myself to be in, were created at the same time. Is there much difference between the two now?

Lasso: There are many differences. On Terra (their earth), they have much cleaner biofuels and waters. They do not run vehicles with fossil fuels and the transportation system is more advanced. They maintain much stricter ways of manufacturing fuels, but it is also seen as a commodity. They have in place companies that regulate it fairly, so no one is taking advantage of the wealth which is dispersed evenly.

Diane: So you’re saying that fuels are manufactured by a governing board and they regulate how it is done?

Lasso: Yes.

(Lasso said that the sun is called “Aetna” and the moon is “Luna”.)

Diane: So what other differences are there? What about the spiritual level of the people on Terra? Are they awakening to their Spirit selves like they are presently on earth? Are there religions there too?

Lasso: The spiritual vibration of Terra is a bit higher than that of earth, as many are already tuned into their spirit selves and understand to a greater degree where they’ve come from and who they are. Yes religions are still a mainstay of many on Terra. They are slightly more advanced in equality among genders and races than on earth.

Diane: WAS Marc a famous rock start on Terra too?

Lasso: Yes of course.

Diane: So why aren’t you known on earth?

Lasso: Oh we are but not under this name.

Diane: Are you known more by science folk or spiritual people?

Lasso: Your scientists suspect and have some inkling of us yes. Your spirit people know about us too.

Diane: Are the countries on Terra the same as earth?

Lasso: To the most part, but they do have some that you don’t have and vice versa.

Diane: So I’m getting that the differences have to do with the outcomes of wars – same as on earth. So did they have the same major wars that we’ve had on earth?

Lasso: Yes, but we couldn’t, in the scope of this conversation, answer that question for you in detail.

(Lasso explained to me that countries and territories were divided up after wars – same as earth. They said that they did have an event much like our WWII (which was begun by a different country than Germany) that was just as devastating and most of the differences in countries are based on the outcome of that war.)

Diane: Does Terra still have poverty, crime and illness?

Lasso: Yes they do.

Diane: How about science? Is it more advanced? Do they have a cure for cancer?

Lasso: No they do not.

Diane: If they are more advanced, why wouldn’t there be cures for illnesses like cancer yet?

Lasso: Because as a whole, the human race is not yet ready to eradicate that illness.

Diane: Why?

Lasso: Because there is more to be learned from it.

Diane: Marc are you ready with some questions?

Marc: Sure! About the rock n’ roll, was I as big a star as I was on earth or a little bigger?

(Marc is so funny!)

Lasso: Your career was as bright and you lasted a little longer than you did on earth (they meant at the top of the profession).

Marc: Gosh! Maybe I should have traded up and gone there!

Diane: Well I guess you were there right? So Marc, what can YOU see from this other universe? What am I like there?

Marc: Well you look pretty much the same except your hair is darker and more red.

Diane: So Marc, if this is a parallel universe, there still seems to be many differences right, which makes sense I guess.

Marc: Well they were identical upon creation and were set to be on the same trajectory. What happens, of course, is that someone changes their mind and takes another path and that will lead everything into a different direction.

Diane: So there are people on earth who aren’t on Terra?

Marc: Well yeah because maybe two people decided to pair up – or not.

Diane: Are the land masses the same?

Marc: Well they are a little different because global warming isn’t so extreme. The glaciers aren’t melting as rapidly.

Diane: Okay Lasso, could you please explain how you were formed?

Lasso: We have always existed but not necessarily in the form that we now take.

Diane: Just like us all. It must be a very big job to be the source of a universe! How does one get that job? I guess as you mentioned earlier, there are many energies making you up correct?

Lasso: Yes you are correct even though we are talking as one. We are not actually separate energy sources as you would term it.

Diane: Can you explain that please?

Lasso: We can read your mind and you are envisioning one energy source next to another side by side, but that isn’t how we are made up.

Diane: Okay then how are you set up? (They are showing me a circle and all the energy is mixed up in that circle.) So it’s like when we go back home to Source? We can choose to just blend in with everything?

Lasso: Yes that’s right.

Diane: So the other sun is named Aetna? I think in Latin that means “the fiery one”? Are you content being what you are and how long will you stay in that form?

Lasso: We are, what you would say, content with ourselves. We can be no other way. We will be in existence in this form for eternity. Of course, we aren’t saying that parts of ourselves cannot change and be something else that we deem appropriate as well.

Diane: Well I’ve never talked to a source of a universe before. Are you condensing your energy in order to speak with me?

Lasso: No we are not condensing our energy. You are tapping into a part of the whole of us as to not completely overwhelm your own energy system. You would not be able to take us all in. We have adapted for this.

Check back soon as Marc and I have an afterlife interview at Club Novella with Agatha Christie!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

July 10, 2018

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